Go to Burning Man for free?​Hot dance, streaking, arson, "big sex"... an existence that definitely refreshes your three views


I heard that you must experience it once in your lifetime:


🔥 Burning Man🔥

This section is like a mystery, I can't tell what it is, but the audience is crazy about it.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Google Chairman Schmidt, Meta founder Zuckerberg, etc.Silicon Valley bossare its pilgrims.

Musk even said:"I can't explain what this is to someone who hasn't been to Burning Man, you just can't get it."


Did not expect it!They all play wild~😈

Maybe there is a Burning Man Festival between you and the boss hhh🔥

So, today, let's take everyone to experience its charm in advance~

Only open 8 days a year, only 192 hours of carnival

in the summer desert"The Utopia of the Madman and the Artist"

Although it is hard to get a single vote, there are still more than XNUMX people who still rush to it.

The last Burning Man,Just received the invoice in less than half an hour.

3.8 ticketsIt's sold out...

(🎁There are free ticket benefits at the end of the article🧧)


 What is Burning Man?

Every year from the end of August to the beginning of September, the Burning Man festival is held in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA.The "Fantasy City" that only exists on Earth for eight days a year, After 8 days, everything will be burned, and this city that rises from the desert will be classified as a desert, as if it never existed. Does it sound very psychedelic?



The things here are only unthinkable but not impossible

(❌Except for hurting nature and reason)

it's here

Every day is unpredictable, strange, indescribable 😂

Dancing, streaking, arson...

All kinds of "large-scale" and strange things will definitely refresh your three views

Some people "run errands in the open air", and some people get married on the spot 💒

Outside is the elite of the industry, come here to become a cross-dressing boss🤵


Image source: www.boredpanda.com

Passersby soak in the open-air naked male and female mixed steam bath together 🧖‍♀️

Turkish boys teach you how to be a man and teach you to play SM😈

"Kissing Both" volunteers kissed 2+ strangers in 50 hours


Image source: www.boredpanda.com

Of course, there is no shortage of it, my personal favorite part

Definitely a proper installation art "ceiling" 🎨


The Temple of Transition, 2011

Photo by Michael Holden


Bliss Dance, 2010

Photo by John Curley

LOVE, 2015Photo by Gerome Viavant

Embrace, 2014Photo by Victor Habchy

Swipe to see more

(🎁There are free ticket benefits at the end of the article🧧)



 Themes for Burning Man 2022 🔥

This year's theme is to explore the transformative power of dreams,

Just hearing the name, I can't wait to get ready to go right away:

🌟 Waking Dreams 🌟

Echoing the witty saying in "Zhuangzi: Butterfly Dream": "In the past, Zhuang Zhou's dream was a butterfly, a lifelike butterfly. Butterfly's dream is Zhou Yu? Zhou and Butterfly must be divided. This is called materialization."

If the dream is real enough,

How can people tell whether they are in reality or in a dream?

It may also be a lucid dream about the "unity of man and nature"

Like Burning Man, it's true but false


The epidemic forced the closure of the Burning Man festival for two years, this year finallyIt's back strong!

It is destined to be a more crazy, laissez-faire and thorough carnival~


How to prepare?

A friend once told me: I spent 6 months preparing, and the remaining 6 months are all memories

I thought to myself: 6 months of preparation? !Wouldn't that be too exaggerated?How can ordinary people have such free time, plus,The desert environment is conceivably harsh:Extreme heat and sudden cold, sandstorms, storms, lack of water, darkness…If you live in a tent ⛺️, it's scary to think about it😨 Everything over there is temporary, and the conditions for accommodation, food, etc. are definitely not good... If it is the first time, it will not be very troublesome if you can't stand it. "? 😫

fortunately!That friend met a bunch at Burning Man

Friends with the most scarce and precious high-allocation resources in the desert:

RV 🚐

If you have an RV, don't worry!

(🎁There are free ticket benefits at the end of the article🧧)


In order to allow the fans of the food team to enjoy the "advanced" treatment, I specially helped everyone to ask for the contact information of the RV 🚐

If necessary, scan the code to consult customer service 👇


🎁 Burning Man is hard to come by!

Foodies and wild children are giving everyone tickets!

(Three seconds to the end of the article to participate in the activity)



About "Wild Child"

🌟"Wild Children" is a group of leaders who can play and know how to do things, and know more about the itinerary and schedule

🌟 Take you to a full range of in-depth play

🌟Take you a deep understanding of the local customs

🌟Take you to explore local roadside food shops, explore hidden attractions,

The same attraction has different gameplay and experiences!

For a crazy festival like Burning Man, it still needs such a group of teams who know how to play and play.

In fact, in addition to the Burning Man Festival, driving an RV to Yellowstone is a completely different experience!

Little O, I have always longed for the free life of "no fixed place" in the RV, running around in different corners, like picking a blind box, every day is a different surprise!The whole world is my backyard 😁


Image credit: All About RV's

Imagine camping in the RV Park with your good friends, building a bonfire at night, chatting and laughing, and encountering all kinds of wild animals. Isn't it much more fun than staying in a hotel!


Image credit: Wild Child

In addition to drawing up your own route to see the big rivers, mountains and rivers⛰️ & sun, moon and stars✨, avoiding noisy crowds and living comfortably, the most warm and unique thing about driving an RV 🚐 to Huangshi Park is to find a high place to stop at night. , together with friends/family, take out chairs and small tables from the RV, chat and laugh and wait for the sunset 🌄


Image credit: Wild Child

After the sun goes down, prepare dinner together in the RV, chat and play games until late at night.At this moment, the Milky Way hangs in the sky,Fall asleep with the starlight, and catch up with a sunrise the next morning, which is a brand new journey of exploration!


Image credit: Wild Child

Such a freehand experience can only be given by a RV~

(🎁There are surprise benefits at the end of the article🧧)


In addition to providing RV services, "Wild Child" has also prepared many different in-depth play routes for everyone.

I love to travel and I'm afraid of trouble,

Or want to meet friends who also like to travel,

You can rub the QR code below to consult customer service~👇


⛰️ Explore Yellowstone by RV!

Foodies and wild children send 8-day RV adventures!

(Three seconds to the end of the article to participate in the activity)



🎁 Exclusive benefits for small teams


🎁 Raffle Prizes

🔥 Yellowstone 8-Day RV Adventure, 2 places: valued at $3780

🔥 1 ticket for this year's Burning Man: $1500-3000


Sweepstakes rules:

1) Follow the official account of "Wild Child Adventure" on WeChat, and reply directly to "Yellowstone" or "Burning Man".

2) Follow "Wild Child Adventure" on Xiaohongshu, and directly send a private message to "Yellowstone" or "Burning Man".

In the above two methods, you can directly participate in 3 seconds, and then you can wait for the result.


➕Follow WeChat public account【Wild Child Adventure】


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