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MentionLady MEveryone will think
Classic Melaleuca and Matcha Melaleuca,
Actually they also haveMany other flavorsCakes,

There will also be a variety of seasonally limited new products,

But maybe many people are afraid of stepping on thunder and play the safety card every time
This time we chose one of each and tested all of them.
Want to tryThat's right!

🤫In addition, in addition to the heart-to-heart evaluation,
At the end of the articleOverweight lotteryWelfare🎁,
A wholeOh cake!

We arrived at Westfield Valley Fair in the Bay Area

Lady M store on the first floor,

This store has not yet opened in the dining area.

But the clerk said that after the self-service scan code ordering system is completed

Will open indoor dine-in~

Limited new products



【Pink Checkerboard Cake】

Pink Checkers

This one isMay store onlyNew product,
Inside isStrawberry+Black cocoasponge cake,
The checkerboards are strawberry flavoredCream cheese.
The outside is a thick layerStrawberry glaze.
There is a circle at the topDried raspberries~

When the waiter brought the whole cake,
Pink and tenderThe girly feeling of rushing towards her face,
People raise their mouths unconsciously and look forward to it 🤩

After cutting open, you can see insideCheckeredSponge eggcake.
The color is distinct and exquisite too much
I thought it was thickStrawberry glazeWill be very sweet,
But it’s not too much, it’s moreRich fruity aroma~

sponge cakeSoft and fluffy, The sweetness is also very restrained,
It's just right together with the strawberry glaze

You can taste the strawberry cake in one biteFresh,
Black cocoa cakeMellow.
PlusSweet and delicateGlaze, slightly crispy dried raspberries,
There is a little sweet surprise in the softness,
Very romantic in spring~



【Popcorn Melaleuca Cake】

Popcorn Mille Crêpes

This one isOnly from April to JuneNew product,
In addition to store purchases, the official website can also be shipped across the United States
The top layer is goldenChocolate Caramel Ganache.
And a circle of fresh and crisp popcorn,
Each layer of Melaleuca is cream with popcorn crumbles in between

Seeing mediocre, even a little dark,
did not expectStunning entrance, No lightning points!
Also became Miss Zoe’s heartTop 1

You can smell the scent of popcorn on one end,
Caramel chocolate on topThick and dense.
A bit likeChestnut pureeThat slightly heavy taste~
The cream in the melaleuca has a light touchCaramel.
Still mixedPopcornBrittle, The taste is very subtle

Although popcorn isXiankouYes, but not at all obtrusive
On the contrary, the overall sweetness of the cake is well neutralized,
Sweet but salty, With a tempting nutty fragrance~
On a working day where there is no sense of boundary between "work and life",
A bite is like you have itholiday.
It's so likable!

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Other cakes this season

In addition to the classic Melaleuca, Matcha Melaleuca,
There are also chocolate layer, tiramisu layer,
Passion Fruit Melaleuca, Blueberry Cheese Melaleuca, Baked Cheesecake,
Strawberry Sponge Cake (Only Store Only),
Black Forest Cake (Only Store Only)

We chose 12 slices of cake in the store,
Let them assemble into a complete cake shape,
🤫Only stores can do this!

‍‍‍If you like to have multiple flavors in a cake,
You can also choose to order on the official website👇
Slice of the Best: Fan Favorites
(There will be Passion Fruit, Classic Melaleuca, Matcha Melaleuca
And Chocolate Melaleuca 4 flavors)

Because the classic Melaleuca, Matcha Melaleuca and
Chocolate Melaleuca is a popular flavor that everyone eats.
We will mainly help you to try other 👅


【Blueberry Cheese Melaleuca】

Blueberry Cheese Mille Crêpes

This is the flavour that Miss Lu will stare at as soon as she arrives!
The top layer is fullWith pulpOfblueberry jam.
Layers of blueberry sauce and cheese are layered on the inside of Melaleuca,
One bite down, that isThick blueberry jamthe taste of,
sour and sweet, Full of the aroma of blueberries,
Those who are afraid of sweetness and like sweet and sour taste should like it!


【Passion Fruit Melaleuca】

Passion Fruit Mille Crêpes

And Zoe prefers this passion fruit layer~

Added to the classic original flavorPassion Fruit Jam.
Sweet and sour, a solution to the sweetness of cream,
And better than the blueberryFruityacidityMore prominent,
Fresh and tastyI can taste the cream besidesSweet.
Tired of eating the original flavor, this is really good~


【Baked Cheesecake】

Gateau Fromage

This one feels like deja vu when you eat it.
is veryclassicThe taste of New York Cheesecake
Can eat richCheese Fragrant, The taste is alsoDense and solid.
But it will be a little bit sweeter and less sour~
Simply make a cup of coffee or black tea at home,
It's so delicious to have a small bite~


【Tiramisu Melaleuca】

Tiramisu Mille Crêpes

The top is a thick layercocoa powdercream.
There is a layer in the middleCoffee chiffoncake,
The slightly bitter cocoa powder and coffee cake make it
Taste better than ordinary Melaleucarich.northatSo sweet~
Compared to normal tiramisu cakes,
It doesn’t have such a strong coffee taste, and the wine taste is not too strong.
Fit likeRich chocolate flavorFriends~


【Black forest cake】

Black Forest

This is our photographer’s favorite~

The cream will be a bit sweet, but the chocolate chips on the outer layerFragrant and slightly bitter.
You can eat it in a soft velvet cakeCherry pulp.
There is a little cherry wine aftertasteMellow.
Is to compareTraditional authenticBlack Forest Cake~
But this one isStore limited.
If you want to eat it, you must buy it in the store!
(Because chocolate chips are too easy to fall off)

These cakes are inBay Area,new York,Los Angeles,
Boston,Chicago,DCAvailable in all stores;
Some of them are store-limited,
But most of them can be distributed across the United States through LADYM.COM~

👇Poke the QR code to eat your favorite cake👇

Eat so many pieces of cake at once,
I'm afraid we are going to burst the table
Everyone can collect this evaluation,
Pull the weeds slowly one by one~

If you want to seeMore detailOf the evaluation,
Can go to ourYoutube official channel????
[Chinese Foodie in the US]
Watch our shop exploring video!

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Refund, coupon payment)
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Move your little finger quickly,
Maybe you can realize cake freedom!

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