Heard that the rainy season is coming? Seize the last opportunity to enjoy the autumn in Seattle in 2020

It seems to be a momentary thing,

The entrance of the supermarket is full of pumpkins 🎃,

There are fourteen days before Halloween,

Seattle's autumn is here,

evergreen leaves start to become

Ragged red and yellow.

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Experts predict the autumn scenery of Seattle this year

The most beautiful time isJanuary 10-February 12

Winter will enter instantly after the 28th.Therefore,

 It's time to go to the park to enjoy the autumn scenery and to the farm to touch pumpkins.

What is missing,

Don't miss the most beautiful season in Seattle!

Autumn day


There are many changes in the opening of the park and farm in 2020.

The team is here to find a way for everyone!

Wear a mask and protect yourself,

Let's feel the autumn together!


Enjoy the autumn scenery on Route 2

Everyone loves California’s Route XNUMX,But those who love autumn will be fascinated by the No. 2 Highway in Washington State.In late autumn, I witnessed the changes of the leaves to varying degrees, various levels of golden and golden red.The ever-changing color matching,It was really driving into an oil painting autumn landscape.

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Address: Highway 2 between Monroe and Leavenworth

The heavy rain and the sudden drop in temperature this week are reminding me to seize the opportunity before winter comes.Drive the car and experience the feeling of Fenglin passing by your eyes!

Woodland park




Address: 1000 N. 50th St. Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 684-4075


开放 时间:Mon-Sun DivisionWed 9:30 am – 4:00 pm (Separate notice on Wednesday)

Wooldland Zoo has always been a good place to watch the autumn scenery. It is especially suitable for walking on weekends. It is time to breathe fresh air in the park when you feel dizzy.

The epidemic was open this year, but detailed prevention rules were also announced.Masks must be worn, sufficient disinfectant is available for everyone in the park, parking fees are paid without contact, entrances and exits are kept only one way, and indoor facilities are closed.

Because we have to control the number of people entering the kindergarten,Tickets are accurate to the minute. Visiting time is limited. Tickets are sold 30 days in advance. On the day of admission, guests are not allowed to enter the park in advance.(Up to five minutes in advance) Early entry is not allowed. If you arrive early, please wait in the car, knowing that it is your pass time to enter the park.The official website has more detailed rules, please check carefully before entering the park.

Washington Park Arboretum




Address: 2300 Arboretum Dr E, Seattle, WA 98112

Phone: (206) 543-8800

Official websitehttps://botanicgardens.uw.edu/washington-park-arboretum/

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9 am – 5 pm

The maple leaves in the botanical garden are red. The botanical garden was still open during the epidemic this year, butExcept for the garden, all buildings are closed. In order to control the flow of people, some parking lots have been closed at the same time. The Graham Visitor Center is temporarily closed..For more information about the changes, please check the official website,

The Botanical Garden has the largest Japanese maple leaf forest in North America. It is under the jurisdiction of the city (City of Seattle). An additional fee is required, but admission to the Botanical Garden is free.

Union Bay Natural Area




Address: 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: (206) 543-8616


Opening hours: open all day from Monday to Sunday

Discovery Park did not open this year, but fortunately the drive is about the sameUnion Bay Natural Area is still open 24 hours this year.

The Union Bay Natural Area Wetland Park, covering an area of ​​74 acres, will feel refreshed and entertaining when you walk around.

The entire wetland, the grass and trees have turned yellow, against the blue sky, a large number of birds inhabit here, animal photographers love it.

Figure|pc from the network

Bellevue Botanical Garden 




Address: Bellevue Botanical Garden, 12001 Main Street, Bellevue WA 98005

Phone: (425) 452-2750

Official website:https://bellevuebotanical.org/covid-19/ 

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9 am – 5 pm Saturday 9am-7pm

The garden that I want to see every year, taking pictures of maple leaves is extremely wonderful!It is the most popular small garden in the east of Seattle. This year the epidemic has cancelled all activities in the park.The visitor center is also closed

But I’m glad that the park is still open to the public, touristsYou must wear masks and maintain social distancing. Yao Garden is also open. Currently, there is only one channel for import and export..


Bob's Corn & Pumpkin Farm




pc: Bob's Corn & Pumpkin Farm Web.

Address10917 Elliott Rd, Snohomish, WA 98296


Phone (360) 668-2506

Business Hours | Mon-Sun 10AM–7PM   

Bob's Corn Pumpkin Farm,Seattle's oldest pumpkin farmUp.The entire farm occupies about 30 acres, planting more than 50 kinds of pumpkins, from super mini pumpkins to 200 pound giant pumpkins can be found here, pick melons and pick your eyes to bloom.

Bob's Corn will be open as usual in October 2020.And follow CDC’s guidance to maintain social distancing,Everyone who enters the park must wear masks, especially during special periods.For safety reasons, admission tickets for this year will only be sold online on the website.

pc: Bob's Corn & Pumpkin Farm Web.

There is no guarantee that there will be on-site ticket sales at the entrance of the park. If there is one, a convinience fee of 2 US dollars will be added.In short, for the sake of safety, it is recommended that everyone buy on the official website.https://bobscorn.com

Because of the epidemic, some projects in the park are not open this year.Corn Crib and Trike Track will not open this year, But there will still be a huge 10-acre corn maze!Holding a pumpkin and getting lost in the cornfield with the children is simply making up for the childhood.

pc: Bob's Corn & Pumpkin Farm Web.

Tulip Town Pumpkin Patch. 




pc: IG Tulip Town


Address: 15002 Bradshaw Rd. Mount Vernon.WA

Website: www.tuliptown.com

Opening hours: Fir-Sun noon -10pm throughout October

I only know that I went to Tulip Town to see tulips in April. ActuallyThe tulip town in autumn is also very interesting, the pumpkins in the tulip town are also ripe in the harvest season! The farmer in the small town on IG has already exposed the decorated pumpkin garden, waiting for the little masters to hug the pumpkins and prepare for the upcoming Halloween decoration~

Throughout October from Friday to Sunday, it is open to the public. Bring a mask, bring a little cash, and go to Tulip Town~ For more information, please check Tulip Town IG: tuliptown

Pumpkin picking

pc: IG Tulip Town

Gordon Skagit Farms

Website: https://www.gordonskagitfarms.com/

Address: 15598 McLean Rd Mount Vernon Wa 98273

Phone: (360) 424-0363

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-6PM   

One of the most artistic in the pumpkin garden, Seattle is about 1 hour and 20 minutes north by car. If you plan to go for a day trip to Mount Vernon Valley in autumn, then Gordon Skagit Farm is a good stop.The veteran pumpkin farm in the Mount Vernon Valley has been here for three generations since it opened in 1969.

It is highly recommended to bring some local apples,The big and sweet apples in Washington State are also in harvest season this year!More fresh and cost-effective than supermarkets!Eat one every morning~ it wakes up better than coffee!

Jubilee Farm




pc: IG jubilee-farm


Address: 229 W Snoqualmie River Rd NE, Carnation, WA 98014 

Phone: 253 227-5385

Opening hours: Mon- Fri 12pm- 5pm Sat-Sun 10am-6pm

After watching the north side, now let’s see where friends from east Seattle can go to touch pumpkins. Jubilee Farm In the Snoqualmie Valley just east of Seattle.It’s a 35-minute drive from downtown Seattle. It is the preferred pumpkin farm for friends living in the east of Seattle.

This farm has been in business since 1989. It is a comprehensive farm. Many projects have been cancelled this year. However, there are still some projects where epidemic prevention measures are taken to hold a big pumpkin~ The park also provides hot cider~

Carpinitio Brothers




pc: IG carpinto Brothers

Website: https://www.carpinito.com

address:1148 Central Avenue N, Kent, WA

Phone: (253) 854-5692

Business hours: October Mon-Sun 10AM-9PM   

I have introduced a few that are heading north and east. Friends who live in the southern district look here!It’s about 35 minutes drive from downtown Seattle,Carpinitio Brothers Farm is located in Kent, south of Seattle.CountIt is one of the closest pumpkin farms to the city.

This old family farm has a history of more than 50 years.The place is not big, but there are so many varieties to choose from, big, small, white, yellow, yellow, green and spotted pumpkins to choose from~

pc: IG carpinto Brothers

The above is our summary of the opening this year

A good place for a half-day trip on autumn weekends,

Whether it’s enjoying autumn scenery or going to a pumpkin farm,

Still the old saying,

Whatever you miss, don't miss the season.

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