New Internet celebrity store vs. classic old store? Bay Area people who started SIP to avoid the epidemic can still eat like this recently

The temperature in the Bay Area dropped sharply last week,

From summer to winter in one second.

The epidemic situation in the Bay Area picked up again this week,

Dining in most parts of the Bay Area was closed again.

The plan to go out to eat a big meal on Thanksgiving Day is once again in trouble

Let’s be honest,

Nothing is more important than safety and health.

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I'm so kind that I can't eat in

Many dishes are not right when they go home

As a professional taster,

Old fried dough sticks with many years of takeaway qualifications,

I have cleared the mines for everyone.

A collection of what the team eats this weekend,

I summarized some takeaways for everyone and it doesn’t affect the taste.

The dishes are as good as dine-in restaurant dishes.

AndRecently, there are big discounts as low as XNUMX% on rice ballsOh!

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If you don’t know what to eat on weekends, just read this | The team’s weekly discount food and drink column is online, so spicy Sichuan and Hunan cuisine collection

薅wool 2.0|Use 6% off hot pot & incense pot to celebrate the success of autumn in the Bay Area

Cry cold! The rainy season in the Bay Area is here, and the hot dishes that are most suitable for the home to eat on rainy days are all for you to choose.

Discount eat, Cost-effective and safe.

Cold winter~ Let's have a good meal together


Excellent takeaway restaurant recommendation

Classic Old Store & New Net Red Store




8% off entire site


pc: IG Palette Tea Garden

Choi Garden

The little sisters who live nearby often go there.

In the Hillsdale Shopping Center,

The location is easy to find, next to the Apple store.

And San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

Palette Tea Garden is a sister shop,

They are all high-end Cantonese-style morning tea restaurants under Lei Yue Mun.

#pc: IG Palette Tea Garden

Every time I go on weekends, I have a lot of queues.

Currently only San Mateo is available for dine-in.

But recently the diagnosis rate is terribly high,

Or order the takeaway honestly,

Isn't comfortable at home fragrance?

# PC:IG Palette Tea Garden

Cantonese morning tea is my personal opinion

One of the most difficult items in the takeaway.

Refreshments are sent home and heated up slightly,

It doesn’t affect the taste much.

Even if you can't finish it, breakfast is good the next day.

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Liu Xiang


6.8% off entire site


Staying in Hunan can definitely afford the name of the Hunan cuisine industry.

Can eat authentic Hunan cuisine with such a high degree of reduction overseas,

Spicy star people were so touched that they cried.

They have eaten their dinner and work lunch box many times.

It is delicious without perfunctory!

For the Hunan team’s food quality

The rigorous persistence and carefulness of the taste praise.


Every time I don’t know what to eat or want to eat something spicy,

Liuxiang is always the first to appear in his mind,

Basically don’t worry about stepping on thunder~ The dishes are mainly spicy.

Taro chicken and small fried yellow beef are super classic

Taro chicken's soup is rich in chicken flavor

The small stir-fry is full of gas, super food!

Sliced ​​fish with chopped pepper, shredded belly in red oil, mixed with soy beans in snow red,

Hundreds of dishes that are not greasy, and there are often new ones

Take-out home does not affect the taste, and some are even more delicious.


It's a holiday soon,

Friends who have no travel plans during the holiday,

If you want to eat a big meal, choose it~

Sister Ding Kitchen


XNUMX% off


After talking about Hunan cuisine, let’s talk about northern flavors.

I don’t have time to cook and want to eat home-cooked and delicious dishes,

That's Sister Ding's kitchen.

The northern taste, the dishes are very solid, and the taste of home is solid.

Various simple meals of risotto, noodles, no time to cook for a meeting at noon

They all order simple meals from Sister Ding's house to satisfy their hunger.

Ground Sanxian, Signature Pie,

Large plate chicken, dry pot beef tendon, northeast pickled cabbage white meat pot!

This simple delicacy really won my heart,

Good quality and low price, many choices, suitable for takeout.

One Kitchen


XNUMX% off


No. XNUMX Kitchen is the original delicious Chengdu,

Old and new friends look over.

Speaking of his family’s most suitable dishes for takeaway,

That's so much, chicken wings and chicken pot knuckles are not to be missed.

Deep-fried pork ribs are fresh and fragrant, hin fragrant~

You can take it home and eat it in the oven the next day

Garlic butter crab,

Butter and garlic are intertwined,

The good taste is all in it.

Butter garlic noodles let you know that it smells good and tastes better


And the beloved sweet sticky rice,

After eating the salty one, I will have a sweet bite,

This meal is considered comfortable to eat~

There are also various Southeast Asian-style dishes in the store.

Both are worth a try.

Boiling Hot Pot Mala Tang

XNUMX% off


The weather is so cold, I just want to eat hot pot at home.

Speaking of the affordable hot pot route in the Bay Area,

The love of many Bay Area residents

Boiling hot pot Malatang must have a name.

Recently, boiling hot pot has launched Mala Tang! !

Super convenient when there are few people,

Or eat alone.

I miss the days when I can eat in the boiling hall!

The highest configuration of All you can eat,

The dishes are unlimited and the quality is guaranteed

No matter how many people eat together,

You can choose 4 different pot bottoms,

It's refreshing to eat once, so I forget the winter.


To say the most missed dining experience,

The boiling hot pot is really one of them.

Hey, the epidemic is repeatedly unstable,

Safety is the first priority, no gatherings of many people,

Then try the new product Mala Tang

 aka mini hot pot.

# Picture 01

Thick pork bone soup, Thai Tom Yum Goong,

A fragrant curry pot.Bamboo shoot tips, sauerkraut,

Kelp, beer beef, etc.

Does the combination into Mala Tang sound good?

If you miss boiling hot pot like me, why not check it out!

Old Hot Pot

XNUMX% off


Huoyan Pavilion has two stores,

A family specializing in Chongqing Jianghu cuisine in the Peninsula,

One is this old hot pot,

Make traditional Chongqing hot pot with peace of mind.

In fact, this shop is the same owner as Little Tail Sheep,

It's too experienced in making hot pot.


The weather in the Bay Area has been really cold recently,

Chongqing Butter Spicy Hot Pot

Served with top-quality fresh hairy belly, homemade slides, fresh goose intestines...

It can't be better than this.

There are also super suitable for winterSheep Scorpion Pot.

After eating something warm,

Good for fighting the cold.


Yuanbao dumplings


6% off entire site


Located in Sunset in the Chinese District of San Francisco,

A must-visit dumpling restaurant, when I lived nearby,

I have to go there several times a month.

When I went there for the first time, I just sat down after looking for a seat.

The cordial Northeast words from the waiter’s sister from the back kitchen,

My teammate and I looked at each other and smiled.

Years of experience tells us,

This must have come to the right place.


The dumplings are really upright,

Celery dumplings are my favorite, the meat is firm,

The seasoning is just right, and it can be made into soup dumplings

And his specialty fish dumplings are also worth trying.

The fish is finely beaten, with a smooth and chewy texture.

Dumplings with some cold dishes, absolutely.

The most important thing to praise is the dumpling skin of Yuanbao dumplings.

It's really up to the delicious level of the domestic standard.

I really want to know the mystery of making dough,

It’s really valuable to find a good dumpling shop in the U.S.

I have stepped on a lot of thunders, some of them are thick, and some are soft enough to collapse.

Yuanbao dumplings have thin skins and large fillings.

There is a feel of the domestic northern dumpling restaurant in one bite!Super satisfied!

ATM Tea Bar

XNUMX% off


Globally continuous milk tea online celebrity shop ATM,

Let's take a look at their two milk teas with a high remake rate.

Brown Sugar Popo Milk Tea, Milky flavor is dense,

The entrance is soft, the tea fragrance is sultry, just take a sip.

Fresh brown sugar pearls, freshly cooked that day,

I am really obsessed with this unstoppable taste and taste.


Rich milk tea?Want to try a fresh style?

recommendDomineering grapefruit.

The refreshingness of grapefruit infused milk tea with a special sweet taste.

Many young owners who drink milk tea all year round,

All attracted by this novel milk tea!

Fresh grapefruit, milk tea with a new taste,

Give you a completely different experience of milk tea!

That's right!This issue of high-quality warm heart and stomach restaurant

Can be sold at the rice ball

Don’t forget that there are exclusive discounts~

只在Rice ball takeawayYo!


Eat|Discount list

8% off for all at Caiyuan

Stay in Hunan with a 6.8% discount

Sister Ding’s Kitchen

6% off all meals at One Kitchen

Boiling Hot Pot Mala Tang with 6% off the entire site

6% off for all the old hot pot at Huoyange

6% off in yuanbao dumplings

6% off at ATM Tea Bar

Dine-in is closed,

The epidemic became tense again,
Greedy?Of course it's takeaway!

It’s better to relax at home and wait to eat.

Let the rice balls be taken out and deliver the delicious food to your home!

Worthy of being an infrared selling artifact in the Bay Area

⚡️It can be delivered no matter how far away ⚡️

⚡️Delivery speed is super fast ⚡️

⚡️Food delivered to your door ⚡️

⚡️Continue to add new Chinese restaurant ⚡️

Did several restaurants poke you?

In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg of rice balls. Do you want more wool?

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Food x exclusive benefits

Congratulations on seeing the end~

So this exclusive benefit is for you! ! !

This article curls up fat friends ⭕️

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Not much to say, I'm going to order takeaway

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