LingoAce hosts a screening of Jeremy Lin's latest documentary at Harvard University

Excited to support our brand ambassador, NBA Champion Jeremy Lin's latest HBO documentary (38 points, at Madison Garden)!


Last week, the LingoAce team hosted a screening and symposium of this documentary at Harvard University. It is very gratifying to see that "Linsanity" continues to unite and inspire Asians and the wider community.

Yao Hui, the founder and CEO of LingoAce, made an opening speech and introduced Jeremy Lin, who interacted with the audience through online access, and shared his pleasant experience playing for the Harvard Crimson team.


"Linsanity" not only represents the phenomenon of Jeremy Lin's rise as a superstar on the NBA court, but also brings continuous and far-reaching inspiration to Asians to break stereotypes:
Whether there is a glass ceiling for Asian achievements, the meaning of belonging and identity, these continue to affect the entire Asian community.
AsHui Yao, founder and CEO of LingoAceSaid:
"The story of Jeremy Lin transcends the boundaries of culture, race and country. It brings everyone together no matter what your background, race or identity. The courage, fighting spirit and empathy he displayed are just as important as ever. It’s what we as an education company hope to inspire and pass on to the next generation of learners.”


Click on the video to watch the on-site screening

After the screening, we invited authoritative American experts on democracy, civic participation, race and race relations to participate in the discussion.

They are Prof. Archon Fung, Dean of the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School, and Prof. Pei Family Political Science at Harvard University.Taeku Lee (Pei Family Professorship recently funded by Asian-American alumni to support research on this group),and the director of the documentaryFrank Chi, American Academy of Film Arts and Emmy Award winner is also the producer of the filmTravon Free,and producerSamir Hernandez.
During the symposium, everyone had a consensus that social groups with different backgrounds need more contact and communication so that they can understand and respect each other.
However, breaking stereotypes and building solidarity and friendship does not happen overnight. It requires continuous listening, understanding and education.
As summarized by Prof. Taeku Lee, "Change is difficult, but this is a process that accumulates and accumulates over time. The efforts of each of us are meaningful." 

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