2023 Universal Studios [Harry Potter Christmas Theme Night], make an appointment now

The squad leader went last Sunday

Hollywood Universal Studiosplay

have to say

ChristmasUniversal Studios during this period is really different from usual times!

As soon as you step into the park

Surrounded by a rich Christmas atmosphere

Flashing lights

Cheerful music echoes in the air

It's like walking into a fairy tale world

Universal Studios from23/11/24untilJuly 24There will be Christmas decorations all over the place. Friends who love taking pictures and checking in must not miss it! !

Business hours on green dates: 10am (Friday 9am)-6pm (7pm)

Yellow date: 9am-8pm (open until 24pm on Christmas Eve on the 8th and close at XNUMXpm)

Red dates: 8/9am – 9/10pm

Open until 31am on the 2st, there will be fireworks to celebrate the New Year~


Grinch Day

Grinchmas Celebration

tall christmas tree

and the lively residents of Hutang City

It makes me feel like I have entered a magical winter paradise

Super cute stuff everywhere in the storeGrinch's surroundingssell

It feels so cute and cute!

I really want to pack them all

bring home!

It is at the entrance of the parkGrinchmas Square

Here you can see the new Who-Bee Doo-Wops musical performance

You can also "meet the mean green one"

Take photos with the Grinch and his dog Max

And there is a super tall tree here"Grinchmas" Christmas tree

There are a lot of decorative lights and small pendants on it

It’s a very, very, very great movie here!

There will still be people here at night"Artificial snowfall"Oh

Snow in California is still very exciting~


Harry Potter Magical Christmas

A Magical Harry Potter Christmas

Then came the next oneThe Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hogwarts village decorated with Christmas decorations

Brightly lit

But what attracts me the most is the ones sold on the street.

Magic wandbutter beer butter bear

This butterbeer isAlcohol freeOh

So both adults and children can drink it with confidence

When the team leader came to play before, all he drank was ice.

This time in the famous

Three Broomsticks

Tasted hot butterbeer

Unexpectedly, it tastes very delicious too.

And on a cold night

It’s so healing! ! !

Very surprisingly

There were not many people in the restaurant in the afternoon

Just wait in line for 10 minutes and you're done!


The team leader also strongly recommended his productsribsRib set

Although it is similar to the ones bought at Costco

But it’s the most delicious in the entire park

The best value for money!

Christmas at Harry Potter Park

every nightHogwarts Castle Lights and Fireworks Show

Each performance lasts approximately 6 minutes

Each session is approximately 15 minutes apart

Until the park closes

Everyone can see the performance time on the big screen on the roadside!

The performance is really, really shocking

Definitely worth a stop for everyone

Standing on the street from all angles

In fact, I can see it very clearly.

The staff will also direct and arrange

Don’t worry that there are too many people and you won’t be able to see it.

There’s no need to go out of your way to grab a seat in the front row!


HelloKitty photo

The team leader is in the park

Also encounteredHelloKittyyeah! ! !

There were so many people queuing up to take pictures

But the queue is very fast

The staff was super enthusiastic in helping to take photos.

It’s also beyond the film~


Mario Park

Super Nintendo World

This oneMario ParkIt's been open for a while

But it’s still so hot, so hot

This is the place with the most people in the entire park!

Remember to be at the water pipe at the door

Check in and take photos!

If you want to eat here

That must beMake an appointment early

Once it’s past noon

It’s basically impossible to get a date.

You can search it onlineReservation QR code

Scan in advance

You can make a reservation on the website

In fact, it is also very convenient

But the team leader didn’t eat in the theme restaurant here.

When I arrived at the door at noon, I only saw a sign

It says fully booked today

Cry! ! !

Mini games throughout the park

All need to be done firstbuy bracelet

Wristbands can be purchased in the park

You can also buy it in stores outside the park!

But there are stillmario kart

Mario Kart does not require buying a bracelet

You can also play

But the queue may be longer

And Universal Studios express tickets

and alsoThere's no way to queue first here

Friends who want to play, please remember to set aside enough time.

The team leader looked at the guide online and said

When the park just opened and when it was almost completed

The fastest queue here!

Although there are really many people here

But if you can avoid the crowd

Taking photos is still super impressive!

The captain feels that he is dressed more cutely

Or buy a big hat in the park

It’s super cute to take photos!


In short, from now until January next year, the Christmas-themed Universal Studios is well worth a visit. You can go crazy and check out various rides, or you can just go shopping and eat at leisure. Everyone can choose the way they like!

But the team leader strongly recommends that you arrange at least half a day, and be sure to stay until night to watch the light and firework show!

Whether you are with children or without children

You can all rush!

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