Take you around Mario's new park in 5 minutes!The first Nintendo World in the United States is coming to LA!

As the number one fan of Switch, I play Mario Kart online with my friends when I am bored. Ever since I heard that Universal is going to open a Nintendo theme park, I count on my fingers every day when it will open...

finally!We have waited for the official invitation from Universal Studios~ The team of shop explorers will be the first wave of experiencers~ We will send you a hot "Playing Experience Guide"!

 Universal Studios  x  Mario 


Follow the guide signs in the park, walk for about ten minutes (a rare aerobic exercise), go down to the lower lot, and you can see the Nintendo theme park, the coordinates are next to Transformers and mummy.

You can see Nintendo's representative red, red, green and green from a long distance, it's not too dreamy! !

There is a green water pipe at the door where you can take pictures and check in. Next time you come, you must buy a hat of the same style as Mario to make a picture~

Well, get into the giant water pipe on the left, and the sound of chuchuchu's water pipe bgm~ Let's start our trip to Nintendo~

 Take you on an immersive tour of the park 

Imagine how it feels when the Super Mario world that you have played since you were a child suddenly appears in front of you!

【Super-reduced Mario World】

The overall saturation is super high, and the scene settings are exquisite and restored. As soon as you enter this new park, the familiar BGM appears. It is not an exaggeration. There is an illusion of entering the switch screen and playing a naked-eye 3D game...

As soon as I entered the door, I saw Princess Peach in the beautiful business. This is one of my favorite characters in Mario Party.But taking a photo with the princess is not so easy, you still have to line up~

【New Item: Mario Kart】

As the only Ride in the park, the expectations when queuing are all full.

There are a lot of Nintendo products in the corridor, which can be regarded as a small half of the Nintendo Museum. I guarantee that Nintendo fans will love living here, and you will not feel bored in the queue...

The design of this project is based on the same principle as Mariokart. Players wear Mario's hat (super immersive!) and AI glasses.

The size of the hat can be adjusted by yourself (this big head is friendly!) From the inside of the glasses, you can see the monsters to fight, the number of gold coins and props you get (special effects are also essential, of course).

Because we didn’t have many people this time, so the staff said that we can play again to experience it. This time, it’s hard to understand. Players need to use their heads to adjust the angle of fighting monsters, that is, to see where to fight, really Pretty smart!

After the end, many staff members with red and blue colors will clap their hands and applaud. There is a feeling of being a child~

[A bracelet that can collect gold coins]

In order to fill up the sense of experience, the first thing after entering the park is to buy a point bracelet on the self-service vending machine, 40 knives each (it can be used unlimited times).

There are currently six styles of wristbands. We all chose the most classic red and blue color Mario (similar to the Papa rings we played when we were young). Wearing it, you can start to score points, with a full score of 128.

You can collect gold points in real time by binding Super Nintendo World in the Universal CA app.

[Collect keys to defeat the cool bully! 】

Check out the four mini-games by breaking through the checkpoints (no spoilers, go experience it yourself!), just collect three keys, and finally have a Final Round battle with Kubawang.

You can challenge these small games in the park~

✨Press the alarm clock

✨hot wheels

✨Hit the turtle

✨ Flip gold coins

This feeling of becoming an NPC in the game is really novel~

[Mario's restaurant has a cute bite]

The theme restaurant is called Toadstool Café, and there are Nintendo characters from the decoration to the meals~

Including staple food, desserts and beverages, the overall pricing is relatively reasonable in the park, and you can be full~

[Mario limited buy, buy, buy]

Everyone really don’t just stare at the long queue at the souvenir shop in the Nintendo park, take a walk outside, there are many Nintendo souvenir shops in the entire Universal Studios! !

In the souvenir shop, you can buy star popcorn bags (it can be equipped with batteries to emit light).

There are also small Mario pendants, dolls, water glasses, brooches, etc. that can be bought for friends~ By the way, the mushroom cup that is popular in Xiaohongshu can only be bought in theme restaurants.

Write at the end...

The overall feeling after playing today is that the new park has a sense of technology, naked-eye 3D can be seen everywhere, and all the scene settings have deeply touched the hearts of Mario fans!

However, the park is not very big. It takes more than an hour to shop, eat and take pictures without queuing up. It is a new park worthy of everyone’s personal testing~ Everyone, hurry up and arrange it~

Picture | Brother Harry

Written | Hamburg

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