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Recommended from countless people"Ramen Isshin Ramen Isshin", The number one restaurant in Toronto all year round"Buca","IL COVO"Top Italian cuisine, andWellington steak....

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Seven days a week, see what we all eat!

on Monday

 Wellington steak

Beef Short Rib Wellington

By Oliver & Bonacini®

On the first day of work, I saved a weekend of chores... After a day of tiredness, I went homeOliver & Bonacini's Wellington steakReward yourself!


It seems to be easy to operate-unpacking, throwing into the oven... and it's over? ——Puff pastry, mushroom sauce...all arranged for you!

It tastes pretty good!The buttered puff pastry is burnt and crispy, very crispy and has a buttery fragrance!

It's wrapped in a super large piece of beef, the beef on the inner layer isBeef stew, Instead of the traditional half-raw beef; the taste is more soft and rotten, delicious, not woody or stuffy, very meaty!

Such a copyFor $ 34It is enough for 2~4 people!You have to add 0 for this kind of portion in a restaurant... The editorial department sincerely recommend it!

on Tuesday

 Ramen Isshin

Roasted Garlic Shoyu Ramen

By Ramen Isshin®

The temperature suddenly dropped today, so go home and quickly finish cooking the steaming steamingRamen Isshin!

Heat up the soup, cook a ramen...in less than 3 minutes, it will be out of the pot!

One bite into the soul!This side is really fragrant, almost restored95% of dine-in!

Large pieces of barbecued pork, corn kernels, seaweed, bamboo shoots...Some of the items in the store are ready!The soy sauce pork bone broth is rich and flavorful enough, and the ramen is crispy!

Ah~ Open your mouth, feed you this mouth!

Yes yes,Four boxes for only $52, I have already planned it while eating, and I will stock up a few more boxes next time!

on Wednesday

Pizza + Chocolate Croissant

Domino Effect 

By General Assembly Pizza®

Chocolate Croissant 

By Ricarda's Restaurant®

Pick a pizza to eat on Wednesday and bought it fromToronto's #XNUMX General Assembly Pizza!


After a few days of operation, I have mastered the lazy way of unpacking and throwing the oven.

Here is a crispy thin-bottomed pizza, grilled to curly small Italian sausage, served with a bit of sweet and sour pizza sauce & brushed mozzarella cheese...It’s no different from the one just baked in the store.!

Taste, you taste...


I lost a few while baking pizzaChocolate croissant from Ricarda's.

Super super super crisp-chocolate lava bursting liquid!The dessert is done together, I'm really a little clever.///


Jamaican Smoked Roasted Chicken Rice + Pad Thai

Jerk Chicken with Rice & Peas

By The Roti Hut®

Lemongrass Pork Chop Pad Thai

By Spoon & Fork®

The oven function has been lost after 4 consecutive days of continuous rotation... (I don’t want to wash the dishes!) Hand-pickedThe Roti Hut Jamaican Style Roasted Chicken Rice &

Spoon & Fork Thai Style Pork Chop with Fried Hor Fun!

Just turn around in the microwave and eat it!

The roast chicken rice has enough meat!Three big pieces! !The sauce is good!The chicken is super tender and delicious!


It is also served with classic black bean rice & side dishes, including meat, vegetable, and staple food. It is full and hiccups after eating.


This pork chop is really big enough, and it tastes like burnt and grilled. It's enjoyable to eat!

Stir-fried Hor Fun is also good, sweet and sour taste a bit spicy, not greasy~


 Lasagne + BBQ

Tomorrow’s day off, I called my friends to play together at home in the evening~

With enough stocks, I am full of confidence!It’s anxious to make a mess from the refrigerator after get off work~


Make a barbecue platter: the hottest snack bar in TorontoWVRST’s grilled sausages, The Carbon Bar’s Texas grilled pork chops, Neon Commissary grilled chicken wings...

Delicious! !A table of smoky barbecue, eating meat thief pulls cool!

Humhhhhh!The grilled sausages are also ready. We have also pushed the grilled sausages of WVRST family before 👇

Does it seem to be more fragrant than the restaurant?

Staple food is the number one restaurant in TorontoBuca's signature lasagna——This portion is honest, enough for 4 people, only $30!

The taste is also really not poking, Huo Huo, I can show my hands today (My friends exaggerated, thinking I was preparing for a whole day!)

After eating it for a week, it’s a small abacus,The price is much cheaper than the same takeaway!

No tip, no shipping, enjoy Toronto Top restaurants cheaper!


And one order canOrdering across restaurants : Japanese food, Korean food, Western food, Chinese food, Thai food... Eat whatever you want, whatever you want!


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⚠️: The website standard low price is $35

Discount time: 3.26~4.11

Stock it regularly once a week, and fill a refrigerator with delicious food, which is too happy ❤️

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