Dessert Collection of Uncle Que De | Boba Ice Cream/Tidamisu/Strawberry Cheesecake, and New Portuguese Egg Tart Soul Wearing KFC

Spring is coming when a hundred flowers bloom

The air is full of sweet aroma

Unknowingly, dopamine begins to secrete rapidly in the brain

The season of harvesting sweet love is here~

but!For foodies

When the air is warming up, you should eat cold desserts.

One bite is sweet, two bites go to heaven, three bites full of happiness instantly!

And when it comes to desserts, how can the name of "Uncle Luck" disappear?

Let’s take an inventory with everyone

🍦Trader Joe's everyone’s favorite dessert🍦

Ice cream

Cold brew coffee ➕ Boba Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Cold Brew Coffee & Boba Coconut 

Non-Dairy Dessert

The latest ice cream product launched by Uncle Que De, just look at this title and it is already Wang Bo!Coffee-flavored ice cream has always been my favorite, because it can perfectly avoid the common problem of too sweet ice cream in the United States, and it is refreshing.

Image source: Xiaohongshu @Diane

The ice cream is paired with small boba, which is unexpectedly chewy, similarThe taste of QQ candy.This ice cream is made of coconut milk and does not contain dairy products. It is a blessing to the stars of lactose intolerant milk tea!I have been eating Chinese brand Boba ice cream before. As the first time I tasted American Boba ice cream, I was really surprised!

Matcha ice cream

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

It will definitely let Matcha Control buy back countless cans of ice cream!The entrance of this ice cream has the grainy texture of matcha smoothie, which is quite magical, not that the ice cream just melts in the mouth.The silky feel of the milkshake, In short, I like it very very much.The sweetness is moderate and not greasy, and the fresh tea flavor of matcha is also well done, the point is that it is not bitter at all.In spring and summer, life can indeed be lit up with a little green~

Mango Sorbet

Mango & Cream Bars

If matcha ice cream is in my heartNo. 1 in the canned ice cream world, Then this mango sorbet should be the king of the popsicle world.To be precise, this is not a popsicle, it is a combination of popsicle and ice cream, so the taste is really amazing.

The sweet and refreshing fruity flavor is paired with a rich milky aroma, and the balance of the taste is really the ultimate.This one also has a Raspberry flavor, which I personally think is very delicious, of course, the mango flavor is even better!

Sandwich ice cream

Thai tea flavor ice cream mochi

Thai Tea Mini Mochi

If you like Thai tea, please raise your hand!This Thai tea-flavored mochi is really special. I think there is no similar Thai tea-flavored dessert to fight with it. Mochi's ice skin is very Q-bomb, and the ice cream in the filling is also very Thai, and it will never be heavy.The sweetness is just right, it melts in the mouth and I really feel like drinking Thai milk tea.There are many other flavors of this mochi:Matcha, strawberry, chocolate, All are good, but none of them has the special taste of Thai tea.

Brownie Coffee Sandwich Ice Cream

Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches

Don’t miss those who like brownies and coffee!The brownie with coffee flavored ice cream is unexpectedly not bitter at all, but it is quite sweet 😂140 cards, If you are not a high-sugar lover, really eat it carefully, after all, the calories still make people tremble a bit.

Mini cone

Mini Ice Cream Cones

When was the last time everyone in the United States ate a cone?I really rarely eat cones in the United States. After all, it is easy to step on thunder, but this little cone is really worth it!It is not sweet or greasy, and the bottom of the cake is also delicious. The disadvantage is that it is too small, and one can be solved in a few bites. It is not good enough, but it isThere are 2.99 for a box of $8!There are many flavors of this mini cone, chocolate, vanilla, and a new coffee flavor recently. There is no thunder, so blind buying is not a problem~

Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Bomb

Vanilla Ice Cream Bon Bons

The name "bomb" is because it is really a satisfying and sinful one!The crust feels dark and delicate, slightly bitter, but this just neutralizes the sweetness of the vanilla filling, without the shortcomings of easy greasy chocolate, and it does not make the sweetness of vanilla extract too prominent.There are 12 in a box, a total of 740 cards, a small one, full of sins, you must control yourself when you eat.

Quick Frozen Instant Cake

Tiramisu cake

Tiramisu Torte

Image Source:Little Red Book@Huiru Oh Oh Da

This tiramisu cake should have the highest flop rate in the cake category.Put it in the freezer of Uncle Xie's. After you go home, you need to thaw it in the refrigerator or at room temperature for a while before eating.It is roughly divided into three layers. The top layer is tiramisu powder, the middle is ice cream, and the bottom is biscuits. The taste is distinct and harmonious. The flaw isThe biscuits at the bottom were crumbly wet and not crispy.

Image Source:Little Red Book@Huiru Oh Oh Da

This Tiramisu wins with ultra-low calories, only 80 calories!Probably because of this, the taste is relatively light and not too sweet.However, some netizens complained that because the taste was too light, they lost the top feeling of dessert.

Strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake

Image Source:Little Red Book@Deficiency uncle small fans

The spring breezy new product of Uncle Luck is mainly because the packaging is really small and fresh!It is also stored in the freezer and needs to be thawed before eating after returning home.According to the precise description of netizens, the taste is similarAlpine Strawberry Toffee, The sweetness is the flavor and taste, and most netizens reacted to sweetness and high calories.However, some netizens pointed out that if you don’t defrost and eat it purely as ice cream, the taste will be much more refreshing.

New York Cheesecake

New York Deli Style Baked Cheesecake

It is also a cake that is thawed in the freezer zone and ready to eat.The cake has two layers, Cheesecake layer and biscuits at the bottom.The cheesecake layer is moderately sweet and not greasy, it tastes goodThe taste is dense and delicate, It is indeed a qualified cheesecake, some netizens once entered the pit, unlimited repurchase.But I am personally disappointed with the crumbs of the biscuits at the bottom. It also has the problem of dampness. Maybe it is a common problem of cakes after quick freezing and thawing.But overall, it's worth a try.

Other desserts

Portuguese egg tarts

Portuguese Custard Tarts

This seems to be a new product in April. Someone in the Xiaohongshu book called it a "KFC egg tart", and just put it in the oven or air fryer.The custard crust is very crispy, withMelaleuca, It can be said that God restores KFC.

Image Source:Little Red Book@大王木木 is a Lin

However, some people complain about egg tarts and have a thinner heart, and they don't have the soul of egg tarts.Another special reminder, this tart contains cinnamon!Don't love cinnamonMay have to be cautious to unlock it~

Rice pudding

Rice pudding

Finally, Amway is one of my favorites!I haven't found a substitute for this pudding till now.For me, this pudding can go up to the sky with one bite. It has a strong milk flavor and a moderate consistency.Love milkIt's absolutely amazing for the people.But for those who don’t like milk, they may feel a little tired after eating too much.In short, the taste is very special.

Uncle Xie De has too many treasures and snacks

I believe that every foodie must have a list of wicked uncles

Attracting everyone to patronize and repurchase

Come and share the Desserts of Uncle Xingde’s Treasure that made you on top~

Written by | Agnes

❤️ Hope everyone bodyhealthy
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