Relying on one's own strength to fill up the GDP of the United States!Taylor Swift concert, LA fans contributed $3.2 million!

To talk about the hottest thing recently
That must be Taylor Swift's US tour!
The Los Angeles tour has just come to an end
Family, have you gone yet?
Taylor Swift toured again after five years,
Look at this excitement is really real!
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Netizen: Mildew promotes the economy, better than Biden
Let's just say that the hot Taylor Swift concerts not only make the fans crazy.
It also attracted the attention of the Fed.because….onlyFan consumption in the LA area reached 3.2 million US dollars!It also created 3300+ jobs!
A report by the California Center for Employment and the Economy estimated that Taylor Swift's six-night stay at SoFi Stadium had a direct and indirect impact on Los Angeles' GDP of $3.2 million.
The air tickets, hotels, local tourism, and catering consumption driven by it are too numerous to mention.
Look at the queues waiting to get in every tour, I have to admit????
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And outside each concert, there is also a large group of fans who did not get the tickets and waited, singing along...
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Say herIt is also true that the entire American economy has been ignited by one's own strength.evenSome netizens ridiculed that Taylor Swift is more economical than Biden.
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The total profit is expected to exceed 14 billion, and prices in various places are soaring
According to the prediction of performance industry media Pollstar,The tour is expected to hit $14 billion, making it theWorld's first billion-dollar tour, will also win the global box office crown.
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Not only did Taylor Swift make a lot of money, but the cities where the concerts were held also gained a lot.
For example, a hotel:
Chicago's 4.4 hotel rooms were also filled during the tour, generating $3900 million in revenue in a single day.
For example a parking lot:
Take Seattle as an example: A few days ago at the Seattle venue, a fan deliberately drove 4 hours from Vancouver to chase stars across the country.As soon as I arrived at the entrance of Lumen Field, I saw this parking sign whose price had increased by 100 times.
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For example, secondary consumption:
According to QuestionPro's research, Taylor Swift's tour is expected to cost an average of US$1300 per person, 71% of people say it is worth it, and 91% of people want to go again.
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 And this is not just a concert for one person, it is a family event.
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According to relevant surveys????
  • Nearly 20% said they attended with parents, 31% with children, and nearly 20% with siblings;

  • The highest proportion of participants said that they went with friends (53%) or with their lovers (42%);

  • 71% said it was their first time attending a Taylor Swift concert, while 25% said they had seen at least 2 and up to 10 shows.Some super mildew powder (3%) has been in more than 10 times.

In addition to concert tickets, clothing, peripherals, food, drinks, and travel are the main consumption!
And the audience of Taylor Swift's concert covers a wide range of ages, about 58% of the participants are between 35 and 64 years old, 37% of the participants are between 18 and 34 years old, and 5% are under the age of 18 .
Even the President of Chile directly stepped in,
Writing to Swift for her tour in Chile!
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Let's just say that the fans cover such a wide range, even if the fans who are flying abroad are not counted, how can this consumption power not be fierce!
Fed Estimates, Taylor Swift Tour TotalWill generate $46 billion in consumer spending in the U.S., equivalent to the total GDP of 35 countries!
Really awesome~
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Recently, Taylor Swift announced that it has added 15 more tours, and this wave of Taylor Swift will be more economical, let us wait and see~
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Let's just say that the team leader is ready, so let's set up a milk tea and coffee stand at the entrance of the concert, maybe we can make a good performance~
Awesome Taylor Swift!
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