Los Angeles County can apply for catering special assistance from tomorrow: $30,000 per serving!Priority to open outdoor dine-in restaurants

Catering boss must read the blue words above

This Thursday, March 12, Los Angeles County began to acceptThe aid application for Keep LA County Dining specifically for the catering industry.Each aid is US$30,000.

Due to time constraints, and the application channel will be closed in advance when 2500 applications are submitted, please prepare the materials today!

For other local subsidies, please click to follow the [North American Food Test News], the news of the North American catering industry will be known for the first time!

application time

2020年12月3日(本周四) 12:00 A.M. 至2020年12月6日(本周日)11:59 P.M.or2500 applications receivedAfter that, the time when the first condition is met shall prevail

Application conditions

  • Your restaurant has a fixed physical store and a full kitchen (pop-up stores and food trucks are not eligible)
  • You have fewer than 25 employees
  • Your restaurant is located in Los Angeles County.Except for Los Angeles or Pasadena
  • You have no more than 5 business locations; only one application can be submitted if there are multiple locations but less than 5 locations
  • Your restaurant is not a franchise of a major company 
  • Your restaurant's current inspection grade is C or above
  • Your restaurant has opened before March 2020, 3
  • Restaurants that have received assistance from other Los Angeles County CARES programs are not eligible for the program
  • Applicants must ensure that if assistance is obtained, these funds cannot be reused for PPP loans already paid

How to filter?

The number of places will be evenly distributed to the various regions of Los Angeles County, and the application list for each region will be generated in the order of submission of applications!

Priority will be given to restaurants that are still offering outdoor dine-in on November 2020, 11, and they will be first-come-first-served according to the order of application submission;Restaurants that did not provide outdoor dine-in before will be ranked behind.

Where can the money be used?

Each aid is $30,000,Can only be used to pay for operating costs, such as employee salary expenses, purchase of ingredients, payment of unpaid bills, etc.

Application address

Identify the QR code below or pull to the end of the article and click to read the original text to go directly to the official application page

Note that after submitting the application, please pay close attention to the phone or email.If the staff does not reply within two days of notifying you, you will be disqualified.If you need additional materials, please complete them within three days at most, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Materials to be prepared

  • COVID-19 grant agreement

  • COVID-19 impact statement

  • 2018 or 2019 federal tax bill

  • Current business license; if the current business license is not available, the expired business license is accompanied by a renewal payment certificate

  • A copy of the inspection score card issued by the public health department

  • Photo ID of the person in charge issued by the government

  • Organizational documents: In order to issue grants in a timely manner, the information in the application submitted by the applicant must match the information submitted to the state government

  • IRS Form 2020 or salary documents for the third quarter of 941 to verify the number of employees

If the application is successful, what needs to be done?

After the first anniversary of receiving assistance, you need to report how the funds are used, the current number of employees and the status of business operations;Applicants must submit all receipts and other records for using the aidSave for five years.

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