Bakery treasures that you can't miss at Whole Foods in Los Angeles!

Since the beginning of the epidemic,

The love of Naigai for the "Monkey Father and Son" is increasing day by day.

Don’t have to be fully armed in the supermarket to be frightened,

Homestay can also eatSweet cakeand alsoSoft bread~

In order for all the foodies present to share the delicious food,
This high-definition, uncensored classmate milk coverTreasure Bread/CakeRaiders
Selfless sharing!

Cake articles

The cakes here in the United States are famous for their sweetness.
When you eat the whole foods
Not too sweetThe cake, moved so much that tears will fall,
High cost performance, Many also have slices for sale,
It's enough to solve the gluttonous~

Tiramisu Cake
Rated by the majority of netizens
The best cakes of wholefoods~
The cake underneath has a strong coffee flavor and a good wine flavor
The creamy finish on the top has the fragrance of mascarpone cheese
And slightly egg fragrant,Overall moist and smooth, rich in layers.
It’s not overly sweet, it doesn’t lose to professional bakery,

It is suitable for tiramisu lovers to buy a small piece to relieve their gluttons.
Or buy a whole big guy for his birthday and share it~
(It’s enough for one person to eat and buy a small slice,
I personally feel a bit tired after eating too much)

Berry Chantilly Cake

A very popular cake in the store~
Cream withRich almond aroma
(Those who don’t like the taste of almonds may have to mine),
The sandwiched blueberries and raspberries are sweet and sour,
It is just right to neutralize the sweetness of cake and cream~
Both appearance and taste, Very suitable to buy for birthdays,
For party~

Whole Foods Market
Mixed Berries & Cream Cake

It tastes a bit similar to the previous one, but also threeRaspberry Sandwich.

The cream also has almond flavor~
The difference is that there is a full floor in the middleCustard sauce.
The sweet and sour taste of the whole cake is more prominent,
Suitable for friends who like custard sauce!

Strawberry Shortcake
Wholefoods privately owned by the milk cover classmatesFavoritecake,
Occasionally share a roommate with two or three people~
(Sweets lovers can’t bear birthdays at all)
The cake body is not the chiffon cake we often eat in China.
It’s a solid pound cake, but dense and moist,
The taste is good~
The cream is very fresh pure animal cream,Rich milk flavor,
Just sweetness, I don’t feel tired after eating alone~
The sisters I saw quietly charge me, don’t make it too hot

Fresh Fruit Tart
Its fruit tart is also a must-have (that is, a whole lot of real tarts)
If there are few people in your family, you can buy mini fruit tarts in the supermarket~
The custard sauce in the middle is not too sweet and greasy,
With sweet and sour fresh fruits,
There are also tart crusts that are so crispy to scum,Rich milk fragrance, sweet and sour.
Make a pot of scented tea by yourself,
The top of the house’s afternoon tea is nothing more than that~

Whole Foods Market
New York Cheesecake
Its cheese cake is also recommended by many people.
All tastes are good,
The milk cover classmates will prefer New York Cheesecake
Rich cheese flavor, Not like cheese factory
The cheesecake is so heavy,
ButVery silky, melts in the mouth, I really love the taste!

But the Chinese stomach said it would still be a bit sweet and greasy,
It is recommended to have a small bite to taste,
It's beautiful with a cup of black tea/coffee~

chocolate mousse cake
The ratio of mousse and cake body of this cake is about 1:1.
The whole is not very dry or too soft~
MousseVery rich chocolate flavor, The entrance is melted,
It seems to be eating matsutake chocolate, the sweetness is just right~

The fly in the ointment is that the cake body is also a relatively American pound cake.
A little almond aftertaste
(But I don’t like the almond flavor or dislike it),
Take a sip,Smooth and soft, Cocoa and milky flavors,
Don't miss it if you like chocolate cake!


In the past, the bread bought in the local supermarket was forced to bake it before eating
(After all, it won’t be so difficult to swallow after baking 😭)
Until I met the famous Whole Foods family
Brioche bread, Sweet and soft,
One person can finish a whole bag in a short while~
Those who like the texture of soft bread must try it~

Braided Brioche
This is the most classic brioche toast.
The taste is very soft, gently breaking and drawing silk,
Especially after heating, the milk fragrant is rich,
Taste likeSoft as clouds, Eat with your hands, especially happy
doFrench toastIt is a must,
It's completely comparable to French toast in high-end restaurants!

Cream Cheese Swirl Brioche

This bread is not as dense as the classic brioche toast.
But it's also very soft, it's somewhere in between
The taste between cake and bread(It will be a bit fragile)~

Every bite can be full of cream cheese,
But the cheese flavor is not too strong,
More overA touch of sweet and sour taste.
Suitable for friends who like cream cheese/like sweet and sour taste
Cut a large piece for breakfast and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds,
Super soft,And the scent of bread is all stimulated,
Coffee/milk looks better~

Chocolate Swirl Brioche
Chocolate flavoredSlightly sweet.

The first bite may feel that the chocolate sauce is a bit cheap,
But don’t taste too good after the microwave is heated,
It’s absolutely right to eat this when you are greedy for chocolate~

Brioche Roll 6 Pack
This is a recent favorite!
Compared to the classic brioche toastOne more fragrance.
Full of air, It tastes as delicious as a snack~
And one small and one small,
It’s very convenient to eat whenever you’re hungry~
(Similarly, it’s better to eat after a bite in the microwave)

Except for brioche bread, it's super hot
And this croissant toast

Croissant Toast
I bought it and ate it as soon as I opened it.
I didn’t get the charm of it very much,
Eat it until you try to bake it and it's crispy, the taste is absolutely perfect!
The outer layer is very crispy and flaky.
It's still soft in the middle, with a bite, it's full of butter fragrance~
You can apply a little bit if you like it sweetNutella's Chocolate Sauce.
It's better than the chocolate croissant sold out!
Recommended for those who like salty mouthEggs, hameat together,
Wow, who knows the taste~

Dave's Killer BreadOrganic 
Thin-sliced ​​21 Whole Grains 
And Seeds Bread
If you think "Fat House Toast" is not suitable for you
/Don't dare to eat more willful,
ThisNet Red BreadMaybe it will become your love!
Low-calorie and high-nutrition ~ there are many mixed in
Nuts, grains,Very rich taste.
It's slightly sweet,The more you chew, the sweeterKind,
I personally think that the low-calorie bread tastes very good.
Use it to make sandwiches healthy and delicious~

Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Burger Buns
This is a relatively rare lye bread. There are two ways to eat it.
One is (sprinkle some coarse salt on the surface) into the oven
Bake a little bit before eating,
The outer layer is crispy, the inner layer is soft and firm, The taste is excellent,
The other is to simply heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds,
The overall taste is soft and soft,
People can’t help taking a bite and wanting to bite again~

The fly in the ointment is that it willSomewhat alkaline water

(Some friends may not be used to it),
I usually use it to make small hamburgers, I will squeeze a lot of sauce,
The smell of alkaline water was covered up unknowingly~

Egg Challah
If you don’t like too soft bread,
I can’t accept the soda bread with a little alkaline water taste.
You can try this hala bread!
Solider than briocheA lot, but overall it's still soft,
You can also tear it to eat~

Especially in the microwave oven for 20 seconds before eating,
Soft and stillWith a little bit of tenacity~
The bread itself willA little bit salty.
So it’s quite delicious to eat alone,
Of course, you can also bake it with cream cheese 
Or jam or something,
French toast also has a special flavor~

What other students have not discovered yet
Treasure cake/bread,
Foodie friends tooShare it 👀
Everyone, hurry up (zhang) and have fun (pang)~

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