Joey Yung was robbed at an American airport...

Recently, Joey Yung, who was going to perform in the United States, was robbed by gunmen near an American airport.
 Joey Yung was robbed in the United States 
According to Joey Yung, she and her friends were waiting at the airport in the United States to return to Hong Kong, so they decided to eat around the airport.
team one personAt that time, the driver was left to look after the luggage in the nanny car.
And when they got back to the vehicle, they foundCar windows smashed, handbags robbedNow!
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According to Joey Yung's driver, when he was sitting in the main driver, there was a loud noise from behind. Looking back, he found that the thief had broken the window and snatched the handbag on the seat.
After the driver reacted, he immediately got out of the car and shouted at the thief, who immediately ran away.
Joey Yung said with emotion that if the driver hadn't discovered and reacted in time, they might have lost more luggage.
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It is reported that the stolen handbag was given to her by a friend of Joey Yung, which contained some documents and a little cash.
Joey Yung said in an interview that although she didn't lose much, this incident brought her a lot of shock and inconvenience.
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It is reported that when she took the train later, she was always worried about whether her things would be snatched by other people, and she was very nervous throughout the whole process.
In fact, Joey Yung is not the first celebrity to be robbed overseas.
As early as a few years ago, the famous Hollywood actor Daniel Wu was also robbed in the United States!
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As a Hollywood Chinese actor, before moving to Los Angeles, he settled in San Francisco with his family and encountered thieves with poor local law and order.
According to Daniel Wu’s post on Ins, two bags were stolen by thieves smashing the window of his black SUV on the side of the road.
(Source:sohu, the copyright belongs to the original author)
If he and his friends could run 5 seconds faster at that time, they could have caught the thief on the spot.
This scene was also captured on CCTV and shared by Wu Yanzu on social networks.
Wu Yanzu called on anyone who saw the thief's green car to take a photo of the license plate and pass it on to him in the message.
(Source: sohu, copyright belongs to the original author)
He also said that if the thief is caught on the spot,Let him taste the power of the martial arts expert Sunny he played in the American drama "The Badlands"!
While unharmed, the experience still left a deep impression on him.
In addition to Wu Yanzu, American socialite Kim Kardashian was also robbed at gunpoint in Paris.
Source: wangyi
At that time, Kardashian was staying in a hotel in France when a group of gunmen entered the room and robbed her.
Then Kardashian, who was only wearing a bathrobe, was pushed to bed by the robbers who forced their way into the house, tied them up, and was arrested.The culprits taped her mouth shut and put her in the bathtub.
Source: wangyi
In the end, the robbers robbed all Kardashian was carryingJewelry worth nearly 1000 million euros!Among them was the big diamond ring worth 400 million euros that she had been showing off on ins at the time.
The incident caused a global sensation and sparked widespread discussion about celebrity safety.
Finally, these things also remind tourists to take good care of their belongings during travel.
Especially in crowded public places and tourist attractions, you must be more vigilant to protect your life and property, and prevent unnecessary losses~
  No glass on the west coast, no tires on the east coast 

Joey Yung's car was smashed, which aroused widespread social concern.


However, the incident also extended to the issue of vehicles being looted and vandalized.
A netizen commented jokingly on the incident:"There's no glass on the west coast, no tires on the east coast!"

(Source: carrer, copyright belongs to the original author)

Vehicle thefts and stolen tires are reported to be a frequent occurrence in the East Shore area of ​​New York City.
Some netizens said that vehicles parked on the side of the road in New York are easy to be targeted by thieves.
They even joked:Who knows!The car parked on the street, the tires were stolen in a blink of an eye!
In one incident last month, tires were stolen from a Honda station wagon parked on the side of the road in Flushing-King.
The thief even thoughtfully put something under the car to support the body...

(Source: Xiaohongshu, copyright belongs to the original author)

Similar situations have also occurred in other places in Flushing. Netizens have said that since the epidemic, these areas have been suffering from zero-yuan purchases.
Thieves seem to be more inclined to focus on Japanese car tires, such as brands such as Honda and Toyota.
According to reports from netizens, after a thief steals your tires, he sells them to others, and then steals others to sell them to you!

(Source: carrer, copyright belongs to the original author)

Even more unfortunately,If thieves find valuables in the car, they will even break the window and cause more damage.
The issue of vehicles being mugged and vandalized has drawn attention, with many advising owners to choose to park in safer areas or use anti-theft devices to protect their vehicles.
At the same time, the police also need to take more measures to combat these crimes and protect the property and safety of citizens.

Please don't leave any belongings in the car.

Including bags and coats, even shopping bags!


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