What do you eat on Los Angeles Day? California cherries, peaches, sweet and salty rice dumplings, hawthorn, and childhood snacks and milk sticks to accompany you during the festival

Children's Day is here!

It's time for adults and children to revel together once a year.

After all, who is not a baby?

On such a good day, we must eat and drink well!

Set aside the weight loss plan, today I want to eat all the delicacies from the mountains and the sea!

Where can I buy the delicacies of mountains and seas?

Come to Weee!

There are sweet and juicy peaches and red cherries like agate;

Here are the bird's nest drink of "forever youth", net red Wang Hawthorn;

There are also childhood memories such as Shanghaojia, Card Card Bean and so on!

There are many more, let us take a look!


Fresh fruit series

May-June is the best season to eat cherries!FromCalifornia cherryThe skin is thick and the juice is particularly full.Each one shines with attractive luster like red agate~

because ofFreshly picked from California farms and delivered directlyTo Weee!, the freshness of cherries is ensured to the greatest extent.The flesh is thick and plump, crispy, sweet and sour~

Buy big cherries and click here ⬇️

Peach Fairy Fushou PeachIt is beautiful pink, peeled off the thin skin, it is white peach flesh as delicate as suet jade.

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

Buy peaches and poke here ⬇️

If you like soft peaches, you can leave them at room temperature for a day or two after you get them. You can eat them when they smell sweet.Take a bite and the juice of the peaches will flow down.The pulp is delicate and melts in the mouth; the peach juice in the mouth is refreshingly sweet, and there is still a touch of peach fragrance in the mouth after eating.

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

If you like crispy peaches, you must buy them and eat them now: the flesh is delicate and the aroma is so rich!Keep it in the refrigerator and eat it again. It’s cool to relieve the heat~

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

and alsoKorean peaches shipped by air from South Korea, The taste is good, the size is big, the pink is tender, sweet and juicy, and the sweet and juicy is also worth a try!

Buy Korean peach poke here ⬇️

After coming to the United States, lychees, rambutans, and bayberry have become scarce fruits.Now finally available on Weee!Fresh RambutanLa!

Under the skin like a hedgehog is milky white flesh. Weee!'s rambutan flesh is so full and the core is small; the flesh is thick, sweet and juicy, one bite is so satisfying!

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

Buy rambutan and poke here ⬇️

Explosive Taiwan Cantaloupe Weee! starting

Sweet and juicy, pure aroma

One bite will make you cry

Finally tasted the taste of melon in memory

Can eliminate edema, protect eyes and improve eyesight

Can be converted into vitamin A in the body

Although the sweetness is high, the calories are low

Most suitable for small partners who are undergoing body management!

Buy melons and poke here ⬇️


Internet celebrity food series

Douyin same styleSoaked Bird's NestLog in to Weee!

Internet celebrities are pushing, what is the origin of it that has become popular on social platforms?

Paoxiaoyan bird's nest is a no-additive, good-tasting, high-nutrition bird's nest product specially for ladies who love beauty, pregnant mothers, and children. It is committed to becoming a fast-fashioned bird's nest beverage brand.No need to stew,Brew in hot water for 60 seconds, ready to eat.

Pao Xiaoyan still holdsBRC certification, Confirmed by inspection0 pigments, 0 flavors, 0 preservatives added, Even pregnant women and children can enjoy it with peace of mind.


Adopted fromMalaysia/Indonesia's Golden Bird's Nest, The bird's nest is thick, the taste is fine, and the nutritional value is up up!

Paired with white fungus, wolfberry, red dates, and finally with rock sugar, the bird's nest soaked in 60 seconds is silky and refreshing, glutinous and sweet.It can also be eaten in the bag, and the taste is crispy; soaked in milk, the thick milky fragrance and the sweet and soft bird's nest match well!


The most worth mentioning is a pack of caloriesOnly 40 cards!Feel full and enjoy the beauty and thinness!

Buy bubble Xiaoyan and poke here ⬇️

Xiaomei Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea PopsicleIt can be regarded as an'old internet celebrity'.

The reason why it is still hot after more than a year is that it is really delicious!

I don't know what magic was applied, the frozen pearls are still soft and soft, exactly the same as those in the bubble tea shop!The popsicle has a silky texture and a rich milk flavor. The brown sugar brings beautiful tiger stripes and silk ribbons with the sweetness of the caramel fragrance. It perfectly restores a cup of mellow and sweet pearl brown sugar milk!

It is worth mentioning thatCalories are much lower than a cup of bubble tea!

Friends who lose weight can come to relieve their gluttony when they are greedy for milk tea~

Buy brown sugar milk popsicles and poke here ⬇️

I just recommended a lot of fruit snacks,

But weHow can you eat snacks without drinks?

Weee! New arrivalGood Hope Fruit Juice Sparkling WaterIt is the most popular national drink recently. It is refreshing and not sweet, delicious and healthy.

The first time I saw Haowangshui was in a hot pot restaurant.In famous hot pot chains such as Tan Yaxue, Xianhezhuang and Xiaolongkan, there is almost a bottle of Good Hope water on the table.As soon as it is placed, the table has a full sense of luxury.

Obviously you can rely on appearance, but you have to delve into taste.Unlike other juices on the market, Good Hope Water usesTraditional craftsmanship of raw fruit, Instead of blending with concentrated juice.The fruit juice produced in this way is particularly fruity.Then add fine bubbles, the taste is refreshing, sweet and sour.

This time we have registered four flavors in Weee!Wang Hawthorn, Wang Peach Blossom, Wang Xing Fu, Wang Mei Hao, Quickly poke the QR code below to buy it!

Buy Wang Hawthorn⬆️


Childhood Memories Series

Card Card Bean Prebiotic Milk Stick, The shape of the little bear is so cute!

New Zealand milk source, 0 trans fatty acids, Both adults and children can eat at ease!The entrance is crispy, but after lightly chewing, it melts in the mouth. The rich milky fragrance and light sweetness remind me of the milk flakes I loved to eat when I was a kid~

Buy a milk stick and poke here ⬇️

Brother Yu Strange Flavored Pea, So crispy and crispy!Salty and spicy, the more you chew, the more fragrant you are, and you can't help but lick your fingers after eating a pack!

Buy weird bean curd poke here ⬇️

Shanghaojia Garden Potato ChipsIt is the favorite snack when I was young.I remember often secretly carrying a bag of potato chips in my schoolbag and hiding it under the desk to eat during class. Weee! The Haojia potato chips shipped from China taste exactly the same as in the memory!Three flavors: grilled meat flavor, red stewed meat flavor, dark mustard flavor, there is nothing happier than holding a bag of potato chips and playing drama at home!

Buy Haojia Potato Chips and click here ⬇️

Zhang Yifan Taiwanese Dried Sweet Potatoes, Ruan Ruan Nuo is not very hard, but still very chewy.Every bite is the natural sweet aroma of sweet potatoes, the more you chew, the more fragrant you are. When you have a lonely mouth, come one. Low calorie is still full!

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

Buy dried sweet potatoes and click here ⬇️

Shirakiku three-color dumplings, The texture of Nuo Ruan Q bomb is very good.The white has a light rice scent, the pink has an elegant cherry blossom scent, and the green has a fresh wormwood scent. The overall taste is light, not sweet or greasy.

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

Buy three-color balls and poke here ⬇️

In addition to the three-color dumplings, there areRed Bean and Glutinous Rice DumplingJapanese soy sauce glutinous rice dumplingsIt's also worth a try~

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)


Zongzi Series

Next week will be the Dragon Boat Festival, and it will be the day to eat rice dumplings.

Every Dragon Boat Festival, I think of the days when I made rice dumplings with my family.The fragrance of zongye after boiling, and the fragrance of glutinous rice oncoming after the layers of zongye are peeled off can evoke the yearning for hometown.

Zongzi can be sweet and salty.

The salty rice dumpling party and the sweet rice dumpling party are on par,

No one can't understand who.

In Weee!, there are salty, glutinous, soft, rich and oily salty rice dumplings.

There are also delicate snow-white, sweet and elegant sweet dumplings

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

Xinghualou, Wufangzhai, Weiguan, Zhiweiguan,

SanquanThe time-honored brands are available in Weee!

Whether you are a salty dumpling party or a sweet dumpling party,

You can find the white moonlight in your heart!

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