Is it rumored on the Internet that Apple "insults China"? The truth turns out to be...

Recently, many media said: Apple is in trouble!
The specific reason is that recently, on the Apple Watch purchase page on Apple's official website, a picture of a Specialist expert helping you one-on-one to purchase a customer service online has caused dissatisfaction among many Chinese netizens, especially the character in the picture has "braids" , many netizens said, "This braid really makes me feel full of malice."

 Apple "braid" customer service pictures.Image source: Screenshot from Apple’s official website

Some netizens believe that this image and the "braids" are suggestive of the Qing Dynasty and are insulting.

However, other netizens said that this was not a hidden irony. The person in the photo was a female employee of Apple in California.
This employee is likely Native American based on his appearance.Right nowamerican indian.
So, the question is, let us educate the public about American Indians.
American Indian, iconic features: dark yellow skin + braids
I believe that many Chinese in the United States have seen American Indians in the United States, especially in casinos. They live in various states in the United States and still retain their tribal systems.Each tribe has its own unique culture and traditions.Major tribes include:
  1. Navajo: Mainly found in present-day Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

  2. Sioux: Found in today's South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

  3. Cherokee: Originally distributed in the southeastern United States, they were later forced to immigrate to today's Oklahoma.

  4. Iroquois: Mainly found in New York and Pennsylvania.

  5. Nez Perce: Found in present-day Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

For historical reasons, in some places in the United StatesAboriginal people enjoy certain privileges.

for example: 

High degree of autonomy:Many tribes enjoy some form of tribal sovereignty over the lands on which they reside.This means they have the right to make their own laws and regulations on their reservation, and have their own government agencies, independent of the federal government.

Tax incentives: In some states, Native people may not have to pay state taxes when purchasing goods on reservations.

Gambling and Gaming: In some states, Native tribes are allowed to operate casinos on their lands, even if state law prohibits such activities.

Specific funds: To remedy past unfair treatment of Native peoples, the U.S. government provides tribes with specific funding and resources for education, health, housing and other support.

Education and Scholarships: Aboriginal students may be eligible for specific scholarships and financial support.

Health Care: The Indian Health Service (IHS) is a government agency that provides health care services to Aboriginal people.

Cultural and religious protection: Certain laws and regulations are designed to protect Aboriginal cultural and religious rights, such as visiting sacred lands or using the feathers of certain birds for religious rituals.

hunting and fishing rights: Under treaties with the U.S. government, certain tribes had special hunting and fishing rights at specific times and places.

However, it is also important to note that despite these privileges, many Aboriginal communities still face challenges such as poverty, health issues, educational disparities and economic development constraints.The existence of these rights and privileges is largely to respect the sovereignty of indigenous peoples and to compensate for the unfair treatment of them in history.

Besides.The appearance of the aborigines is actually very typical:

color: Mostly khaki or russet.

hair:Usually straight black hair.weave plaits.

Five senses:Broad cheeks, high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes.

Although their appearance has continued to change through historical changes, their skin color and hair have basically remained the same.


Their ancestors may indeed have Asian ancestry

So, why do netizens misunderstand it?

Maybe they do look Asian.However, in the geographical and archaeological history of the United States, scientists also have this question.

According to some academic studies, some scientists believe thatThe ancestors of early Native Americans migrated from Asia to the Americas via the Bering Strait land bridge (now the border between China, Russia, and Canada and the United States) during the Ice Age.

At that time, the land was connected, and the Bering Strait became a migration corridor.But this migration occurred thousands of years ago, long before the establishment of modern nations in Asia.

According to scientific research, the Bering Strait Land Bridge existed between 1.5 and 2.5 years ago. Due to the drop in sea levels caused by the Ice Age, a piece of land appeared between Siberia (the Asian part) and Alaska (the North American part), known as Beringia. Strait land bridge.

Therefore, during the hunting era of human ancestors, they migrated from the Asian continent and gradually entered the American continent.Among them, it is most likely to hunt prey. (Because animals naturally migrate)After countless migrations, the United StatesThere was a group of the earliest aboriginal people on the continent. After the changes of the times, there were American Indians.

Anyway, I hope that today’s science popularization by the team leader can explain to everyone why Apple’s employee notes are related to the Asian “Wan Wan Lei Qing”

Maybe always hold it highDiversity and LGBTQ Apple,

original intention,

It's just that we are proud to have Aboriginal employees.

However, it was misinterpreted as insulting China.

At present, the customer service staff picture is still the official global photo.The same photo is used not only on websites in mainland China, but also on Apple’s official websites in the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

 Comparison between Apple’s China official website and the US official website.Screenshot of Apple’s official website
Some netizens couldn’t help but say:
I hope that next time, some impulsive netizens will understand the history and culture of other countries before speaking.

Part of the information in this article comes from ChatGPT

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