After eating fruits in Los Angeles for so many years, white strawberries from Japan, pineapple with pink hearts, sweet must have never tasted them

When Tuan Tuan was still in China,

The only reason to love winter,

Is to achieve strawberry freedom


And the strawberries in winter are sweeter and more fragrant!

But since 🇺🇸,

The strawberries here...the sour and not tasteless!

But once I went to a Japanese supermarket accidentally,

I found that 🇯🇵 strawberries are actually sweet and fragrant,

Although it is imported, it is not too expensive.

Very cost-effective, I have fallen in love since then~

But why are Japanese strawberries delicious?

Because Japan’s terrain is long from north to south,

The boundary is small but the climate is different,

Therefore, there is no uniform strawberry planting method.

Plus the spirit of craftsmanship,

According to the local climate, the prefectures throughout Japan

Efforts to study how to cultivate delicious strawberries.

Let's take a look now,

These "powder sweet" fruits,

How delicious is it?


  Dreamy light snow strawberry 

Speaking of Danxue strawberries,

Strawberry control should be no stranger.

Is Japan in recent years,

The very popular "white strawberries",

It's as light as gelatin, white and white.

Danxue this white strawberry,

From the strawberry variety "さがほのか",


The exterior is light pink,

The shape is round, the fruit is big and the flesh is hard,

Very sweetness and low acidity.

It tastes like Danxue at first sight,

The taste is absolutely stunning.

Rich strawberry aroma and sweetness,

It’s so friendly to people who don’t eat sour stars.

Crunchy and juicyIt's worth trying.

  Juicy Amao Strawberry 

Amou strawberry from Fukuoka,

It should be one of the most popular strawberries.

As an impeccably delicious strawberry,

The planting process is of course critical and complicated.

The entire cultivation process starts with seedling selection,

The soil, water and temperature are all carefully controlled.

And the name of King Gan "a-ma-ou" comes from

「あかい/akai (bright red)」

「まるい/marui (圆润)」

おおきい/ ōkii (big pieces)"

「うまい/umai (delicious)」

The first letter of these four words.

So justRed and juicy and delicious.

It also has a slightly sour taste,

But sweetness still prevails.

It tastes very similar to domestic strawberries,

You can't help one by one.

  Nutritious pineapple 

Dressed in pink, wearing a green crown,

Anything, whatever you want,

It is a strong ins fresh wind.

Extra Sweet Pink Heart PineappleNutrition is also 💯,

You can eat this pineapple with confidence,

BeFDA certifiedof.

It turns powder because it reduces the pineapple,

The level of an enzyme,

It retains most of the lycopene,

The pulp becomes pink.

The pink pineapple is full of vitamins,

It can also protect the cardiovascular system and improve immunity,

Nutritional value is directly proportional to taste~

  Sweet strawberry apple 

Is "Strawberry Apple" very novel?

Attractive color, excellent taste,

In European countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom,

But it is extremely popular.

Regardless of the orange-pink flesh,

AbsolutelyNatural cultivationof.

Looks sweet and sweet,

Strawberry apple with 13 degrees sugar,

butBerry flavorVery rich.

Of course, you have to buy the value and taste in the super market,

Fruits that are both double online are completely character-defying.

But the recent epidemic really cannot go out!

For the safety of my life,

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