Really burning money! A $23 billion internet celebrity lost $1 million in a month?

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Friends, still remember the new landmark of Las Vegas-Internet Celebrity BallMSG-Sphere?

It cost $23 billion and took five years to complete, and was officially opened at the end of September this year.

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Sphere isThe world's largest spherical structure, the building exterior is equipped with120 million hockey puck-sized LED lights, which can be programmed to present a variety of images.

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The curved screen inside the Sphere is alsoThe world’s highest resolution wraparound LED screen.

Cross-sectional view of the entire venue

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Provided internally by SphereWith 18,600 seats, it can also accommodate 20,000 standing spectators!Each seat is equippedhigh speed internet connection,10,000 of these seats are equipped withDynamic feedback technology.


Interior seating and screen display of the venue

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The venue will also have 16.4 speaker systems, and the sound system will deliver the sound field through the floor.In addition, 4D special effects including smell and wind will be used to display virtual scenes.

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Seeing this, I wonder if any friends have the same idea as the team leader:It would be so fun to watch a concert/movie in the ball...

After Sphere was officially opened, all of this has been achieved!


Concerts, movies, F1 races

Top audio-visual feast

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9月19日到2024年2月18日期间,Famous band U2Will be stationed in Sphere to hold many live performances.

I have to say that the stage performance of the concert held here was really far ahead. I was stunned...

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The effect of moving the giant spherical screen is as follows:

With the waving flags and the slowly rising sun, it was hard to tell whether I was at a live show or in the desert...

What is certain is that whether you sit in the front row or at the top of the mountain, you will get a perfect audio-visual experience.Even if you are not a U2 fan, just sitting here and looking at the ceiling is a very satisfying experience...

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Bono, the lead singer of U2, also said that most concerts are held in stadiums, but stadiums are not places built for concerts.Sphere was born for the immersive experience of performances and movies, allowing the audience to be immersed in the scene and get the best experience.

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(ps: U2’s live show will be held until February 2th, interested friends can make arrangements!)

(Photo source: Meg Meyer / Sphere Entertainment, copyright belongs to the original author)

Oscar-nominated and Golden Lion-winning director Darren Aronofsky created the movie "Postcard from Earth" for Sphere, which is a top-notch immersive experience.

The migration from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain, from swimming fish to elephants, is much more shocking than any 4D movie in any aquarium/science and technology museum...

Suitable for both adults and children to watch~

At the recent F1 event in Las Vegas, sphere also attracted a lot of attention:

When a contestant passes by in a racing car, the sphere transformed into an emoji will stare at it with big cute eyes. Isn’t it super cute~

Redefining performance venues and creating an immersive experience that perfectly combines science fiction and art, Sphere has really done it.

If you have any plans to go to Las Vegas, you must go and experience it for yourself~

●U2 concert ticket sales:

●Movie ticket sales:


Losing $1 million in one month, CFO leaves

Sphere in trouble?

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However, according to the latest data released by sphere, it lost nearly $1 million in one month of operation. It was really a waste of money...

To make matters worse, CFO Gautam Ranji resigned before the financial report was released. . .(Grapevine: It is said that the CFO and the CEO had a big fight, so he left)

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You need to know that the construction cost of Sphere is as high as US$23 billion. Let alone making a profit, there is no hope of even recovering the capital now...

There are two main ways to make money from Sphere, one is performance ticketing, and the other is external screen advertising.It costs $45 to run an ad for one day and $65 for a week.

Xbox has advertised on sphere

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Even though advertising costs are so high, if you want to get back the money, you still have to invest $23 billion ÷ $45, which is approximately equivalent to 5111 days of advertising...

U2's performance brought a new dimension to the sphere$670 million USDtotal revenue, but stage budgets as high as$1 million.

The team leader was dumbfounded, can I still return this book...

In addition, the visual effects of the Sphere also have a negative impact on the surrounding areas.

The dazzling light not only affects the sleep of surrounding residents, but also affects the ecological environment of animals and plants, and may even cause traffic accidents.

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Another twin ball originally planned to be built in London was abandoned due to strong protests from local residents.

People in London said it would "damage human health" and cause "significant harm" to the area.

From the looks of it, it feels like Sphere’s future is really bleak…


However, don’t forget that the “dad” behind Sphere is the world’s largest gaming group—Las Vegas Sands!

In 2022, Sands Group's net income will be US$13.57 billion, and its net profit will triple compared to 2021.

The fate of the Sphere is yet to be determined.

I don’t know what everyone thinks?If you have friends who have personally experienced the audio-visual effects inside the sphere, you are welcome to share your experience~

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