Costco's New Year's Guide to Buying Wine! This time I will not choose the wrong one again!

Approaching the Spring Festival,
Hang out with friends and family at home
why not have a drink

Red wine is a good home item with its own atmosphere
(Light drinking can also relax and help sleep~)
It is still necessary to prepare some wine at home

CostcoGreat place to buy wine
Not only is the price cheaper than the retailer30% lowerabout
and provides a lot ofHigh quality and excellent priceWine
(Prices vary from place to place, please refer to the local store)

如果You can buy wine without a Costco member🌟
(Available at most stores in most states,
Go to the counter and tell you to buy wine,
You will get a temporary membership card to buy wine)

There are two things to look out for when buying wine
the first istype of grape, decided this wineOne direction of general taste

For example, Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir), Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon), and Chardonnay (Chardonnay) are all common grape varieties.Fullness, fruity, sweet and souretc. will vary.
The second is to look at the region or winery
If you are more uncertain, choose some well-known old wineries, it will be less likely to make mistakes.For example, Bordeaux (Bordeaux) and Burgundy (Burgundy) are often referred to as production areas.But the winemakers of each winery also have their own differences.styleBrewing process, It takes a long learning process to master these in detail.



So this article will directly recommend 10 Costco wines worth buying.



2018 Kirkland Signature Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon $19.99


Kirkland isCostco's own brand, and has cooperated with many large wine merchants. For example, Kirkland's vodka is produced from the same production line as Grey Goose, but the price is much cheaper.

So Kirkland is a comparisonAffordable, the quality is not bad line.This Cabernet Sauvignon wine,full-bodied.Fine texture, with a fruity aroma and some spice aromas, the layers are relatively rich.



2014 COVALLI BAROLO $14.99


This bottle of wine isProduced by famous Italian wine merchantsYes, as long as 15 knives,Very cost-effective.Relatively sour, relatively dry, with heavy cherry and spice aromas.



2018 Di Arie Break Away Zinfandel $12.99


This bottle is from Sierra Foothill near California, and the texture and flavor are relatively strong for this price.withslight earthy taste.Blueberry Cherry, and a slight spicy aroma,more layers.



2017 Joseph Phelps Freestone Pinot Noir Sonoma $33.99


Joseph Phelps isCalifornia famous producing area One of Napatop winery, their high-end red wines are usually200 knivesabout.The bottle also sells for around $60 on the outside, half the price at Costco.

This bottle isPinot Noir.Full taste.Rich levels, with a light berry aroma and a smooth taste.Slightly more expensive than the previously recommended wines, but definitelyvery worth buyingOne of the wines, there is a slightly special occasion, it is more suitable to drink it out.



2018 Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz $25.99


Penfold isAustralia's famous wine merchant, the Bin series is a very famous and well-received series of his family.This wine has been given high marks in several famous wine reviews, withQuality beyond this price.Relatively strong berry aroma, with some vanilla and other spice aromas.



2016 Jim Barry Lodge Hill Shiraz $13.99


This is a Shiraz wine made from Shiraz grapes澳大利亚.of this wineryThe quality is relatively stable, there is little difference from year to year, and the quality is good.This wine isCrimson, with light fruity, plum aromas, with a dash ofpepper smell, slightly sour, slightly dry.



2013 Casa de Santar Reserva Red Blend Portugal $13.99


First of all, the bottle design of this wine is more beautiful, andReceived high scores from many wine reviews, is a blend dominated by Portuguese Touriga Nacional.

Dark in color, with a spicy cherry flavor, with a hint ofThe aroma of dark chocolate, The taste is very full, dry, and the aftertaste is long-lasting.In this price range, it can be said to be very capable.



2018 Ridge Three Valleys Sonoma Red Wine $19.99


The wines produced by famous American wine merchants are mainly made ofZinfandel, and several other grapes.Creates a very subtle and light taste.With floral, plum, blueberry aromas.overallSmooth and easy to eat.Great for beginners, the price is also very high.



2016 Pagodes de Cos St Estephe Bordeaux $48.99


one of the Bordeaux regionvery famous winery, the general price of wine is between 200-300 knives.This wine is the second wine of this winery, and its quality is still higher than that of many small wineries in the world.

UsingCabernet Sauvignon, a blend of Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc,The proportions are very clever,madeIntense raspberry and plum aroma, The wine is very shiny, full-bodied and lasting aftertaste.



2011 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 $54.99


This is the most expensive wine in this recommendation, but definitelyValue for money, many tasters have given super high ratings.and thisThe winery is also very particular about, When the year is not good, it simply does not produce in that year.

The 2011 grapes were of very good quality and this wine wasRuby red.Scent,HaveCherry and plum aroma, the overall slightly sour, very energetic feeling,Long aftertaste.It is a very good red wine for most average wine tasters. 



If the wine you want to buy appears in either of these two situations
hurry up
1. There is a yellow color on the pricediscount label

2. There is an asterisk in the upper right corner of the price tag (representing yesClearance price

If this Costco wine selection guide is useful
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