Inventory of discounts on major take-out platforms in multiple villages, how can Zhuangjia eat the cheapest?

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With the spread of the third wave of the epidemic, dine-in food was shut down again...


During the lockdown period in Ontario, if you want to improve food, you can only count onMajor takeaway platforms.

So the question is, how can I get it in Toronto?Cheap and suitableWhere's the takeaway?


Based on the editorial department’s many years of experience in ordering food, a principle was finally concluded:ratio!

Don't miss every opportunity to stalk the wool, and choose an optimal solution for each meal.

After going through the major take-out platforms, we have carefully summarized the latest and most comprehensive discount information for everyone. Every meal of the house should also be eaten (the following rankings are in no order)

Local takeaway platform


Uber Eats

As a world-class food delivery platform, UberEats' status needless to say.After the epidemic, a large number of Chinese restaurants have settled in. Although they are platforms for foreigners, they also provide Chinese interfaces.BothLow freight + fast speed + wide distribution areaAnd other advantages, it is the first choice for many people to order takeaway, and the after-sales service is very good, showing the tycoon style.

Uber Eats: What should I do if I deliver the wrong food to the customer?Of course it is a full refund!


At present, the first single of the newcomer is reduced by 30 dollars.

Recommend a friend, you and your friend get $10 together.


UberEats also often emails customers30%off, 50%off, or even 50$off discount codes, Some people often share UberEats limited-time discount codes on Xiaohongshu, which are generallyFull discount, The degree of freedom is very high, you can order what you want to eat.

It should be noted that most of its discount codes areTargeted at specific groups of people, The discount code given to others may not be able to use your account.

In addition to full-time discounts, different stores often haveBuy one get one free, free shipping, and full discount activities, You can check it in the APP.

Not only that, UberEats alsoMembership System (Superfood Pass), 9.99 per month, you can enjoyZero shipping + XNUMX% off per orderOffers.It is very suitable for people who order takeout every day.



Jollibee's exclusive takeaway platform, The range of cooperative businesses is extremely wide, evenPetPetsmartBoth have exclusive cooperation with Doordash and can be delivered to home in one day.

The first two singles for newcomersXNUMX% discount, The first month can stillFree zero shipping service.

Like UberEats, Doordash is also implementedFree shipping for members, You only need to pay 9.99 Canadian dollars a month and you don’t have to pay for shipping.

In addition to newcomer discounts, there are also different storesRespective full reduction/discount, You need to discover it yourself.


Skip The Dishes

Local orders that meet the minimum consumptionZero shipping, The event ends on 4.30.

Recommend a new user,$5 discount for two people.

With SKIPREWARDS function, according to different levels, you can get 5 or 10 points for every dollar spent.You can redeem coupons based on points.

Chinese takeaway platform

Compared with English platforms, Chinese platforms generally rarely have coupon codes for full-time discounts. Instead, different activities are developed according to the conditions of different businesses.

Frequent activities, diverse styles,Time is also very flexible, Searching the same restaurant on various platforms will often lead to unexpected gains!

Not only that, the Chinese platforms basically have their own official accounts and Xiaohongshu accounts, and you can get them by following their accounts.First-hand offers, And often organize activities to post the Moments of Friends/Xiaohongshu and get coupons!


Rice ball takeaway

Toronto’s veteran takeaway platform has many exclusive restaurants, and there are many thieves in daily activities, most of which areStorewide discount/one-yuan dishMainly, usually listed in the event poster on the homepage.


One of our favorite onigiri is that you canOrder directly with WeChat official account, It is equivalent to one less APP, how much things are saved!


Newcomer$25 coupon gift pack, Invite new people to share$10 coupon.

There are points for daily tasks, and you can redeem rice ball coupons if you save enough points.

Recently many businesses have postedNo markup tag, The price is much cheaper than before.Make another discount on this basis, but it's a real deal of wool!

In the past few days, the rice ball has a $1 milk tea ➕ a huge full discount event, poke the blue character directly to the team’s previous evaluation to see the details 👇

$20 off $16 or more, you can drink milk tea with one dollar! 300+ restaurants in Toronto offer benefits!



Little Red Car Takeaway

It is also a veteran platform that has been active in Toronto for many years. Since its acquisition, it can be described as rich and powerful, and the activities have been very strong. At first glance, it is a bloody!

New user first orderSave 16 dollars for full 15 dollars, Invite new people to join new peopleCoupon for $15(Three coupons for five dollars per person).

There are currently many restaurants participating5km 0 freightactivity.




It only entered the new platform in Toronto last year, focusing on Asian cuisine. Compared with other Chinese platforms, Chowbus not only has an advantage in freight calculation, but also has options.Pinyin, At the same time, many restaurants only charge one shipping fee!


现在The first five orders placed by a new user, the order is 0 shipping(Deadline on 4.30).


New users get a discount of $20 and invite friends to enjoy a discount of $8.

Click to open the homepage, now there isLimited time one yuan dish, And membersFree single productcan choose.

Membership of 9.99$ a month, not only can enjoyFree shipping over 15$Offer to shopPick upAs long as9 off.


Panda takeaway

It is also the platform that entered Toronto last year. Because it is a relatively new platform, the activities are also very strong.There are many restaurants north of Toronto,Advantages in long-distance distribution.

Newcomers will get a $38 red envelope, and invite friends to get a $10 red envelope.



Many stores have recently launched20-15 full, and then full discount, The strength is super strong, and you can also mention it!






It is another old food delivery platform that we have used for many years. Although it is a Chinese platform, because its English interface is very good, many locals are also using it.

New users get a discount of $20 and invite friends to enjoy a discount of $8.


In addition to the in-depth discounts recommended on the homepage, many merchants have recently participatedFree shipping for eight kilometersactivity.



Lazy order

Downtown’s well-known Chinese delivery platform not only charges $3 per order for tips, but the shipping costs are also relatively cheap.

Not only that, join the Lazy Member,Only $9.99 per month ($4.99 in the first month), no tipping anymore!


For those who order food every day, the lazy free tip system really saves a lot of money!

When you place an order for the first time, you can also enjoy discounts and benefits at designated merchants.

This is the summary of the discounts of Toronto's mainstream food delivery platforms. Generally speaking, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The same batch of merchants often conduct completely different discount activities on different platforms.

In this way, if you hold multiple takeaway apps on your phone at the same time, you can get the most suitable price through comparison.

I wish everyone can order delicious and cheap takeaways every time!

The picture comes from various takeaway platform apps

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