10 people were affected!Disney, Walmart, Citigroup lay off workers

According to CNBC's Nov. 11 news, Disney, the nation's favorite, notified company executives that mass layoffs were about to begin.
13 industry giants have laid off employees
Due to the recession and inflation, Disney decided to freeze hiring and cut some jobs in an effort to bring its Disney+ streaming service to profitability.
However, this layoff storm isn't just affecting Disney.
According to reports, the "leadership" of all industries in the United StatesThe "leading sheep" are laying off employees one after another, including retail giant Walmart, famous bank Citi, and technology industry-related Boeing, AT&T, Oracle, Comcast, Salesforce, and more.
The number of layoffs and recruitment freezes is as high as 10!

The latest financial reports of many companies showed huge losses and had to make layoffs and freeze hiring decisions.
Last week, California's Silicon Valley experienced major layoffs.
Meta said goodbye to more than 11000 employees, and Twitter also directly left 50% of the people, but the layoffs will not stop.Many companies have to "dock their tails to survive".
Is the United States experiencing the second major shock since 2008?
Most Expensive Thanksgiving
Meanwhile, watch as Thanksgiving in the U.S. approaches.According to the latest report from Bloomberg,this Thanksgiving,
It was the most expensive Thanksgiving in the United States in nearly 20 years.

Due to bird flu, drought, and labor shortages,Food prices have risen across the board.
Parts of the U.S. currently:
Turkey is $2 per pound!Thanksgiving traditional side dishes,Prices have risen by 18%-27% 
However, Thanksgiving for the whole family cannot be better than,So the American family decided toReplacing the turkey with pizza~

Dear friends, this winter, you must be careful with your wallet.

I hope this tsunami-style recession will not make everyone's life too hard.

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