16 must-eat roast meat shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, which one do you like the most?

Most roasted meat shops have some common characteristics: the shop is very small, can’t turn around, and there are years of greasy dirt everywhere; the boss and the guys have sloppy hands and feet, and they may scare the children when they chop meat. But because of the shop Mostly authentic Cantonese.burnThe taste of wax is authentic, the portion is generous, and the price is particularly affordable, A dozen dollars can be eaten up, and most stores support food delivery.

Therefore, in front of the dazzling array of roast duck, barbecued pork, and crispy roasted pork, the slight deficiency has become aOnly belongs to the roast shopDelicious impression.San Francisco Bay AreaZhizheng's cutting shop (roasting meat shop),Which one do you like the most?

*Note: The store address, telephone number, and business information are all from Google Map and Yelp. Please consult the store for the specific business hours and opening conditions during SIP, and the store announcement shall prevail.

Cheung Hing Roasted Meat Shop | Cheung Hing

San FranciscoThe renowned Hong Kong-style roast meat, Has been rated as one of the XNUMX Chinese restaurants in the United States by the National Chinese Food Association.I often have to line up, but even foreigners know that hereThe roast duck is very punctual.Buying half a roast duck and a barbecued pork to take home, and cooking a pot of rice, is simply a luxurious meal in ordinary days.I saw netizens say that his house occasionally tastes slightly salty, but the quality is cheap and very affordable, for your reference~

Image source Yelp@Ann S.

🚗Address: 40 42nd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

☎️ Tel: (650) 572-7989

🚗Address: South, 333 Grand Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080

☎️Phone: (650) 872-1638

🚗Address: 245 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030

☎️Phone: (650) 652-3938

🚗Address: 323 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

☎️ Tel: (415) 752-4259

🚗Address: 2339 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122

☎️ Tel: (415) 665-3271

Lin Heshun Roasted Noodle Home | Lam Hoa Thuan

This is a Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurant that combines Vietnamese cuisine, but roast meat is what the team members must buy every time they go to sunset. The test is very positive~ His family has roast meat, fried noodles and other Hong Kong characteristics to fill their stomachs. .Maybe for most foodies, hereHalf-fat and half-lean barbecued pork, And the roast duck with oily skin is the guarantee of delicious roast meat! (In fact, the first time I was attracted by the crowd at the door)

Image source Google

The meat wrapped in fatty oil will not dry out and harden easily, and the juicy mouth full of meaty fragrance is too satisfying.Have a refreshing cup when you are fullSpecial drinksFreshly ground soy milk, don’t get too tired!During the epidemic period, you must pay attention to protection when queuing to buy. Friendly reminders to the friends of the South Bay and East Bay, San Francisco is like winter at sunset, remember to bring a jacket.

Image source Yelp@jonathan h.

🚗Address: 2337 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

☎️ Tel: (415) 661-1688

明 记 | Ming Kee

Compared with other stores in San Francisco, the store is cleaner, and the price is slightly more expensive than other stores, but soy sauce chicken, imperial concubine chicken and barbecued pork are allVery soft and tender, Roast duckFat and thin, Praise again and again.Hot dishes such as roast duck are always sold out early, so remember to go early.The sign of his shop is not very conspicuous, there is a bakery shop next door, you can try it by the way!

Image source Yelp@Joshua C.

🚗Address: 1548 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

☎️ Tel: (415) 337-8198

金牌 烧烧 | New Gold Medal Restaurant

The young lady who has worked in Auckland for a few years recommended it with love, saying that his barbecued pork, roast duck and crispy roast pork are allAuthentic and delicious.Whether it's roasted meat rice or his family's egg-boiled rice, etc., they are huge and very real.The store is easy to find, but you must see the no-stop signs and pay attention to safety when parking in Auckland Chinatown.

Image source Yelp@Ann S.

🚗Address: 389 8th St, Oakland, CA 94607

☎️ Tel: (510) 465-1940

金 阁 | Gum Kuo Restaurant

Yelp’s four-star Cantonese roast meat and morning tea shops have two shops in Oakland and Dublin respectively, especially recommended hereRich raw porridge, It’s not too comfortable to drink a bowl of porridge in cold weather.(Huh? It seems a bit off topic?) This is also the little sister who tested the delicious food and gave us An Lida someday to go to the East Bay to check in.

Picture source Yelp, the author sees the watermark

🚗Address: 3720 Fallon Rd, Dublin, CA 94568

☎️ Tel: (925) 999-8627

🚗Address: 388 9th St STE 182, Oakland, CA 94607

☎️ Tel: (510) 268-1288

Lingnan Restaurant|R&G Lounge

The time-honored Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown in San Francisco, before SIP is always crowded with diners who come here, the dishes are exquisite, and the evaluation may be different, but it still can't stop the bustling fans of this store.The taste of the dishes has been slowly adjustedTake care ofThe tastes of Chinese and Western and new and old immigrants, in fact, in addition to the big fire siu-mei platter and salt and pepper crab, his Cantonese-style systemPeking duck is also widely acclaimed.

Picture source Yelp@I-Ling H.

🚗Address: 631 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108

☎️ Tel: (415) 982-7877

Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant|Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant

Every time I pass by this roasting restaurant, the attractive roast goose in the window provokes peopleSaliva dc.In addition to roasting meat, congee, noodles and rice are also readily available.

Image source Google@Tim Chen

🚗Address: 2191 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

☎️ Tel: (415) 731-9948

Jinling Roasted Meat | Clement BBQ Restaurant

Two connected storefronts that combine roast meat, takeaway dim sum and restaurants,CheapThe most popular is the combination of siu mei and dim sum:Barbecued pork

Image source Yelp@Cainen G.

🚗Address: 617 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

☎️ Tel: (415) 666-3328

Yonghui Roasted Noodle Home | Win's Restaurant

One of Yonghui’s most famous dishes is a chunk of crispy roast duck covered with wonton noodles.Egg noodles refreshing, Wonton full of spring teeth, on roast duckDuck Oil and Noodle Soup, It is best to add a few kale stalks.The dry noodles and fried noodles (yellow on both sides) are also worth trying.

Image source Yelp@Jeff W.

🚗Address: 3040 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116

☎️ Tel: (415) 759-1818

Wen Tsai Kee Roasted Tea Restaurant | Yee's Restaurant

Located near the main roads of Chinatown, Columbus Ave and Broadway, it is a shop frequented by old immigrants from San Francisco.In the windowTempting roast gooseChar siuand alsoUnique roasted big squid, Is the classic Chinatown scenery in the eyes of tourists.The dishes are not limited to roast meat, you can eat traditional Cantonese + American Chinese home cooking.

Image source Yelp@Porsche C.
🚗Address: 1131 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133
☎️ Tel: (415) 576-1818

Taihu Roasted Wonton Noodle Home | Tai Wu BBQ

Yelp is called Mr. Fong/Tai Wu BBQ and Noodles.Although the main dish is roast meat, other dishesMany choices: Soy sauce chicken, dry boiled chicken wings, fire duck with hand-pulled noodles, cured duck claypot rice...

Image source Yelp@Catherine H.

🚗Address: 950 King Dr #101, Daly City, CA 94015
☎️ Tel: (415) 666-3328

Sanwa Roast Shop | Dragon BBQ Express

An old-fashioned shop that specializes in roast meat and cooked food for takeaway,Very authentic taste, Cheap and convenient.It is still rare to find a restaurant of this style in Dongwan.

Image source Google@David Chen

🚗Address: 39486 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538

☎️ Tel: (510) 739-1868

Lingnan Food Square | Hong Kong Chef

The environment is very good, the store is bright and clean Cantonese restaurant, seafood, clay pot and other classic Cantonese dishes are well done.AddedThe roasted meat dishes or staples are also very flavorful.

Image source Yelp@Annie Y.

🚗Address: 46356 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539

☎️ Tel: (510) 573-4066

In addition to the above delicious roast meat shops,
And these shops recommended by everyone:
Chaozhou Han Kee Roast Seafood Restaurant | Han Kee 2, 
Address:2017 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA
Kinta Kuey Teow Roast Meat | Kim Tar,
Address:1698 Hostetter Rd, San Jose, CA
Porridge King | Porridge King,
Address:55 Skyline Plaza, Daly City, CA 
(The congee king used to be the cafeteria where I lived for a short time. His congee was more punctual than roast meat, and fried noodles used to be my carbon water heaven. Remember to try it!)
Etc., etc……
There are too many roasting shops in the Bay Area
An article is difficult to write completely,
If you have your favorite shop downstairs
Also welcome to leave a message to shareOh!
*Note: The store address, telephone number, and business information are all from Google Map and Yelp. Please consult the store for the specific business hours and opening conditions during SIP, and the store announcement shall prevail.

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