Throughout December, Burger King is giving away free Whoppers!

Burger King also comes outChristmas countdown calendarLa!

Throughout December, Burger King will launch different offers every day. Burger King members can order through the app to enjoy these offers~👇

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Other Burger King deals this month:

Get free every Friday when you spend $1 or moreWhopper/original chicken sandwich

Every Wednesday, purchase a Whopper for just$ 3 USD

Every Sunday, with purchases over $5, you canFree shipping

In addition, Burger King’s popular seriesBK MeltsAlso back!

Four new flavors are available this time:

Classic Melt

Whopper Patty + Cheese + Caramelized Onions + Stacker Sauce

Bacon Melt

On the basis of classic, add crispy bacon

Shroom n'Swiss Melt

Swiss cheese + sautéed mushrooms

Cheesy Tots

The magical combination of cheese + potatoes

Don’t miss the wool that can be harvested and the limited melt~

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