Outrageous!New York Fashion Week catwalk turned into a zoo?Netizen: I can’t understand…

Entering September, the four major fashion weeks are starting one after another!

New York Fashion Week, be the first to attack!It brings something new every time it explodes the eyeballs.

Even though the guests at the show had already scoffed, the designers still dramatized the show, and their imagination never disappoints.

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Let’s take a look at what kind of hunting prizes there are?


The catwalk turns into a zoo

Netizen: It’s really exciting

First, let’s talk about the most memorable and hotly discussed New York Fashion Week in the past year. It is definitely the 2023 New York Autumn and Winter Show."animal world"Squeezed out of the circle!

Animal fashion party designed by designer Hillary taymour.

Every modelFeaturing ultra-realistic animal masks and prosthetics, wearing clothes made from recycled materials and sustainable fabrics.

Various masks full of animal characteristics, such as:Pig snouts, animal ears, bird pecks, headgear, and animal prosthetics...

The show turned into a zoo in minutes!

Of course, the most exciting thing is that the models do not walk the catwalk in the traditional way;Crawling, running or...jumping in front of rows of confused spectators, sniffing their noses curiously.

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It will even make a grunting or barking sound when it moves, as if it has turned into a poultry bird. Visually, it is a real animal world in front of you.

The audience present marveled at the creativity and were also shocked. Is this the first time they have seen this kind of performance art?

The model is wearing what looks like"Reptile full head prosthesis", with facial prosthetics and matching shoes painted with webbed feet, wearing a plaid green trench coat and layers of moss-colored separates.

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Another model revealedpink mouse-like nose, holding a pink and green handbag that coordinated with his mesh dress and rosy pink hair.

Another model showed off the designer's new silk leopard print strapless top and shorts on the runway.Wearing a bright green mouse face with a long white beard.

Waiting for a wave of bizarre animal awards...

Finally, designer Hailey Taymour put on her own pointy-eared prosthetic limbs and strode down the runway with a T-shirt printed with animal prints, ending the fashion show.

Despite the controversy, designer Taymour called the presentation her "dream day" and shared some up-close and personal photos of models wearing the prosthetics.

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It is said that the theme of this eye-catching catwalk show is "Please Don't eat my Friends". It is the designer's message to everyone that "every living thing on the earth is one" and it uses environmentally friendly fabrics.Special effects makeup is used to draw public attention to the issue of protecting the equality of animals and all living beings.

However, for netizens, this series of unconventional and eye-catching operations did not buy it and even found it very scary...


Netizens:How dare a designer try to make money off a model dressed as an animal.We are angry! ! ! ! ! ! !These animals deserve financial compensation and humiliating punitive damages!


Netizens:weird!Nightmare!Designers who push the envelope.I hope no one buys your product!


Netizens:I call it a freak show! ..


Netizens:OMG!The "fashion" show featured a black, trans, disabled "model" and animal prosthetics.

No, this is not a fashion show.It's a nightmare, a freak show.


What do you think of this animal world?


Horror expression + mud fight

Are there any surprises that I don’t know about?

The animal world is still lingering on, and the Hailey Taymour designer has made another big move in her recent show!

As long as Collina Strada is present, there will always be unexpected catwalks happening.For example, in the catwalk show just staged, the focus is not on what to wear?It’s the expressions of the models.

This time, the models walked the catwalk with weird smiles on their faces.

At first glance, the team leader’s hair is really standing on end, and every model is grinning and walking on the catwalk with fists in hand. At the end, the smile suddenly disappears...

Taymour described the show as: “As we smile and bear the painful reality that the world is burning and that reproductive, trans and general human rights are under threat, we call upon the power of extreme softness.”

“Recognizing the conflicts of the underrepresented, we hope to champion marginalized voices through universally feminine fashion (and dance!) as a reminder of the “power of beauty” and “girly courage.”

It sounds profound, but the expression is actually abstract.


In addition to Collina Strada, Elena Velez is also one of the brands that shocked the audience the most on the show! !

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They staged a thrilling show on the show floor"Mud Fight", in the dirt-filled runway, began stomping and spinning, leaving waves of mud beneath his feet, and the runway turned into a chaotic quagmire.

All the models were rolling in the mud wearing show clothes. The scene looked likeMud vs Zombies, shocked the audience present, and is simply the best spectacle in 2023.

Others were dragged away in the mud...

Elena Velez is said to have presented a collection full of rebelliousness and toughness.Imagine cotton garments hugging the body, then deliberately cut and ripped to reveal daring underwear.

Image source hypebeast, copyright belongs to the original author

And a couple was surprised to be kissing? !

The team leader still doesn’t understand it, but this is really explosive!


Staged countless horse-catching sessions

Netizen: It’s thrilling to watch

The most exciting part of this fashion week is that the fashion week is in progress.

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A young man makes a dramatic entrance, wearing a shower cap, swimming trunks and a plastic cape-like garment with his upper body exposed.

Due to the quirky nature of fashion week, when this uninvited guest strutted down the catwalk in what looked like a rainproof outfit, no one noticed, assuming he was one of the models.

Many people cheered for this, but a scene of catching the horse was staged. Security quickly came on stage and forcibly subdued him and quickly took him away from the stage. Only then did everyone realize that he was not a model.

The audience dropped their hands for all the applause, and there was a hint of comic embarrassment in the air.

However, his courage and self-confidence are also extraordinary. Although I don’t know how he managed to sneak in, some netizens commented that

Netizens:In fact, he and the security guard are both part of the catwalk.

Netizens:He's in pretty good shape

and also"animal protection activist"Appeared in the show again, this time they appeared in coach's show.

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The two sisters were taken away by security guards after less than 20 seconds of walking. However, everyone recognized this typhoon, their dance moves and even the color of their costumes.

Finally, Julia Fox’s New York Fashion Week street style!She is holding a Mikhael Kale body bag in her hand, which is outrageous, scary and catchy.

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After watching various scenes at New York Fashion Week, the team leader understood:Sure enough, fashion is something you can’t understand.

Netizen’s expression be like

For the just-concluded New York Fashion Week

how do you feel?


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