Netizens voted: Starbucks’ most popular drink, the first is...

Dear milk tea stars,

In the past, before milk tea shops blossomed everywhere,

What’s the drink everyone orders most often?

The squad leader’s favorite isFrappuccino!

Especially in the hot summer

Drink a glass of ice-cold and sweet Frappuccino

Don’t be too happy~

Let’s take stock of Starbucks today

The most popular Frappuccino flavor🥤

See if there is anything you like



Limited to summer of a certain yearToasted Marshmallow Frappuccino, I would like to call it the Frappuccino ceiling for sweet tooth lovers!

Vanilla syrup + latte coffee Frappuccino, the bottom is super sweet marshmallow cream and mocha sauce, the top of the cream is sprinkled with crispy graham cracker crumbs, and a toasted marshmallow.I hope Star Daddy will stop offering limited time products and supply them all year round!


Oprah Cinnamon Chai

The taste is a little strangeCinnamon Teh Tarik Frappuccino, seems to be very popular, and this fall there is also a limited edition Teh Tarik Latte.Friends who like cinnamon will also like the cinnamon scent of this one~

This limited flavor also participates in charity activities, and Starbucks will give back a corresponding amount to charity for every cup sold.


Chestnut Praline

Autumn and winter limitedChestnut Praline Frappuccino, a caramel + nut aroma, with crunchy pralines on top of the cream, a flavor that has a great autumn and winter atmosphere!It’s just that it’s a bit cold to drink Frappuccino in autumn and winter, so friends from the south can feel free to drink it~


pumpkin spice

A must have every autumnPumpkin flavor, the whole series, whether it is Frappuccino or latte, tastes very good in autumn ~ Of course it will be available this year, friends who want to try it should not miss it, otherwise they will have to wait another year.


Vanilla bean

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, does not contain any tea or coffee ingredients, and is a product that people who have trouble sleeping can safely choose.The taste is similar to vanilla milkshake, but compared to vanilla milkshake, Frappuccino tastes more refreshing~



Caramel Ribbon Crunch

Caramel Frappuccino, the difference between these two is whether it contains caramel crunch or not.The caramel syrup on the cream is the finishing touch. The taste of the mixture is really special. If you like it, you can ask for more!It is also a coffee-free one, so you can drink it with confidence~



Pistachio Frappuccino, you can imagine how delicious it is from the various pistachio-flavored ice creams you usually eat... The rich hazelnut chocolate sauce and chopped pistachios can be topped with the cream, and the texture is as rich as eating a dessert.


Java Chip

Chocolate Cocoa Chip Frappuccino, no chocolate lover can refuse this taste...milk is added to the base,Mocha sauce and cocoa nibs, there is also a circle of super sweet mocha sauce on top of the cream, the chocolate flavor is super rich, and I like the texture of the cocoa nibs very much!


The Tie-Dye

The Frappuccino flavor is inspired by tie-dye, a traditional Chinese hand-dyeing technique. It comes in gaudy rainbow colors. It was limited to a few years ago and is said to taste like banana. I wonder if anyone has tried it?


Matcha Crème

Nothing can go wrongMatcha Star Ice Fun, less sweet than other flavors, and has a refreshing taste that is very suitable for spring and summer.It is said that matcha can also promote smooth intercourse, so you can give it a try!


Strawberries & Crème

As cute as cupcakes from the early 90sStrawberry Cream Frappuccino, super girly~ The taste is as sweet as cupcakes, and it feels like eating a strawberry dessert.


Mocha Cookie Crumble

Sweet tooth's favoriteMocha Cookie Crumb Frappuccino, rich chocolate flavor + biscuit crumbs + chocolate sauce on top of the cream, chocolate lovers can’t miss it!

I don’t know what flavor of Frappuccino everyone likes the most?

Friends who are interested, don’t miss this season’s pumpkin flavor~

What?Are you saying the heat is too high?

I didn’t say it was zero calories, so there are no calories in ice!

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