There is no need to isolate, these people in the United States and the surrounding areas have few beautiful places, and it is worth a ticket to getaway! Travel safety tips included

This year because of the epidemic, I have been staying at home and staying at home. This is not comingThanksgiving holiday, Christmas holidays are just around the corner.

I believe that everyone is already in a mood that can’t bear to go out.Travel destinationAnd attachSafe travel strategy and local epidemic situation, For the reference of the friends who want to go out during the small holiday.

⚠️: Don’t forget to protect yourself while traveling!


Go to alaskaLook at the auroraRight!Alaska is in the United States, so there is no need to worry about visas and border issues.No currency exchange, convenient to travel.infectionof peopleLow, During the new crown periodRelatively safe tourist attractions.


New crown measures

Alaska has no lockdown measures for the time being.But before entering Alaska you needConduct a new crown test, And fill in the form to explain the purpose of the trip and the isolation plan.


Epidemic situation

Alaska's current number of new crowns is closeXNUMX people, And is gradually rising.The government recommends that during Alaska, it’s bestNew crown test every 5-14 daysAnd pay attentionSocial distancing!


travelling guideline

Alaska is close to the Arctic Circle, yesSee the aurora and glaciersGreat place.Alaska is very cold. If you want to watch the aurora indoors comfortably, choosing a good hotel is very important.

Xiaobian recommendedAURORA VILLA, As AlaskaFamous local internet celebrities check inIn the hotel, each room has a panoramic floor-to-ceiling bed with a very wide view,Lying in bed and watching the aurora.

The interior design of the hotel is simple, light and luxurious, and also offersBulgari Care Set,HaveFree breakfast, Coffee, WIFI and free parking.Romantic and elegant environment, comfortable and high-end rooms, especially suitable for taking a girlfriendRomantic aurora date.

It’s also worth mentioning that although Alaska is cold, the internal temperature of AURORA VILLA has been maintained at24 degrees Celcius.Come to the hotel to check in, remember to bring summer clothes and take a few photosOff-season internet celebrity blockbuster.

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AURORA VILLA Aurora Hotel's new crown defense measures are also very complete.Alaska asThe best provinces and cities controlled by the new crown, There areStrict entry requirements, Can be described as Thanksgiving this yearsafestThe place to go.

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BeAzure caribbean seaSurrounded by small islands with gourmet food, beaches and sunshine, it is a great place for vacation.

If you live in the hotel zone, just walk out of the hotelGolden sand and sapphire sea, A few hours’ drive is a wild adventure area to explore the mysteriousMayan ruins.

Due to the new crown, the border between the United States and Mexico is temporarily closed, but it can still beEnter by planeMexico.


New crown measures

Mexico does not implement a quarantine policy. International students only need to hold validF1 visaCan freely enter and exit Mexico.But it’s best to ask the school to sign it before leavingtravel signature.

Before entering MexicoNo need to do a new crown test, But at the airport may beSpot check body temperature.


Epidemic situation

Mexico's number of coronavirus infectionsOver a million, The local security also appearedNo small problem.

(Source: Wikipedia and JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data.)

Cancun is located in Quintana Roo state, Mexico. The advice given by the US government is【Exercise increased caution due to crime】.

To ensure personal safety, the following points are recommended.


Go to localBars, casinos, nightclubsNeed to pay attention to safety.

Best not to go! ! !

夜晚Don't travel alone, It is best not to travel.

Don't take the path.


Don’t carry valuables with you,

Be very careful when you go to the bank to withdraw money.


Let family and friends know your location and travel plans.

With family and friendsKeep in touch.

SuggestedSmart Traveler Enrollment 

Program (STEP)register account,

Can always receive danger reminders,

In case of an accident, the police can even find your location.


travelling guideline

Cancun is most famous for its sea view and beach.The hotel recommends choosing the beach sideHotel Zone.Also strongly recommendedAll inclusive hotel! Wifi, food, activities, beach services, etc. are all inclusive. You can lie on the beach and ask the waiter to deliver something for yourself.

If you are staying at an All inclusive hotel, the hotel willBring your own private beach.Not only the facilities are complete, but the safety is also well protected.Cancun also has a variety of water sports, paragliding, Flyboard, diving, andSwimming with dolphins.

Another thing worth mentioning is Cancun’sMayan ruins Chichen Itza and Tulum, Diverse architectural styles, ancient ruins, all show thisMysterious ancient civilization.


Speaking of Brazil, what emerges isWhite sand beach.Dense tropical rainforest.Spectacular waterfallColorful flora and fauna.Toucan, howler monkey, pink dolphin, macaw. .These animals that can only be seen in the zoo can be seen in Brazil.

(Photo by sergio souza on Unsplash)

Like Mexico, due to the outbreak of the new crown, Brazil cannot be entered by land or water.Can only be reached by plane.


New crown measures

Before entering Brazil andNo need for new crown test, But you will need to take your body temperature at the airport.After entering BrazilNo mandatory isolationHowever, the government still calls on symptomatic travelers to self-isolate for 15 days.


Epidemic situation

Brazil is currently in theLevel 4 Travel Advisory (Do Not Travel)status.The number of new crown infections hasAlmost six million, And there is no sign of improvement.

(Source: Wikipedia)

In addition, due to the new crown, Brazil's public security has been affected to a certain extent.Crime rate is increasing, Passengers entering Brazil must pay attention,Not alone.Do not take the pathAndDo not reveal the rich.


travelling guideline

Iguazu FallsIt is a world famous waterfall landscape.full275 waterfallsSmashed down from the cliffs, the deafening sound of water, and the oncoming moist water vapor, I had to sighNatural wonder.

(Picture from Wikipedia, author Enaldo Valadares)
Rio de JaneiroIt is also a must-visit Brazilian seaport.StandingStatue of Jesus on the top of the mountainIt is an iconic landscape as famous as the Statue of Liberty in the United States. The 2016 Summer Olympics were held in Rio de Janeiro!

(Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash)
And if you love nature, you must not miss itIlha GrandeThis small island. Ilha Grande is near Rio and it is very convenient to come and go.It has BrazilThe best preserved tropical rainforest and white beach, Walking in the tropical rainforest, the eyes are full of rich emerald green, if you are lucky, you may even encounter a macaw.

(Photo by Ferran Feixas on Unsplash)

Out of the rain forest, step onFine beachOn, watchingBlue seaBasking in the sun.There is no noise of the city, no noise of vehicles, it can let you forget all the pressure and troubles, calm down and enjoy lifeUtopia.


Fudge, grilled meat, dumplings, crepes and pizza. .Turkey isGourmet enthusiastHeaven.

(Photo by Ataberk Güler on Unsplash)

If you go to Turkey, you must go to beautiful Istanbul.AsThe three empires of ancient Rome, Byzantium and OttomanThe capital of Istanbul, Istanbul combines the culture and architectural styles of the three major civilizations. Walking on the streets of Istanbul, you can see everywhereHistorical relics,as well asThe fusion and collision of different civilizations.

(Photo by Anna on Unsplash)


New crown measures

Turkey has not closed its borders, tourists canFree access.Enter Turkey tooNo need for new crown test, But will be checked at the airport for symptoms of new crown andTest body temperature.If foundHave cold symptomsIf you do, you will be sent to the local hospitalMandatory test.


Enter Turkey andNo need to isolate, But if the same planeNew crown patient found, Airplane passengers will be askedIsolate for 14 days.

Currently Turkey hasClosed dine-inIf you want to try Turkish cuisine, you can only take it out.

TurkishShopping malls, supermarkets, barber shopsonly inTen in the morning to ten in the eveningOpen the door.Entertainment facilities such as theaters, cafes, tea houses, etc.All关闭.


Turkey has also set a strictcurfew policy.65 years old and aboveOnly10 o'clock to XNUMX o'clock in the afternoonBefore you can go out,Under 20'S youth can only be1 to 4 pmGo out.


Epidemic situation

The epidemic situation in Turkey is still under control.So far43 million peopleInfected with the new crown.But recently the number of new crown infections has risen sharply.The possibility of a second outbreak.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Turkey is currently inLevel 3 Travel Advisory (Reconsider Travel)Status, but
Due toTerrorist change,American governmentIt is strongly recommended to stay away.

highly recommended

Do not travel to:

Sirnak province, Hakkari province, and any area within six miles (ten kilometers) of the Syrian border due to terrorism. (Level 4)


travelling guideline

EphesusIt is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the Mediterranean.The cultures of Greece and Ancient Rome collide here, forming a unique architectural system.among themCuretes WayThe most prestigious.inWhite marble corridorWalking on the road, although the buildings on the roadside were dilapidated, they were once the residences of nobles.Baths, memorial halls, shops, once bustling commercial streets, now only the remains of luminous marble.

(Photo by bugra karacam on Unsplash)
CappadociaHas a very uniqueHoneycomb landform, Come to Cappadocia, you must rememberRide in a hot air balloon, The superb workmanship overlooking nature from a height.

(Photo by Mar Cerdeira on Unsplash)
PamukkaleAlso known asPamukkale, Has a tightly covered white calciteTerraced structure, Looks like from a distanceSwarms of cotton, And likeSnowy.The terraces haveNatural hot spring.There is nothing more relaxing and cozy to enjoy the beautiful scenery while soaking in the hot springs.

(Photo by T. Selin Erkan on Unsplash)

Finally, I summarized a few tips for everyone


Be sure before travelingDo research!

Confirm whether a visa is required, whether to do a new crown test,

And how long the isolation period is.

And pay attention to the government’s travel safety recommendations for each country


Due to the unemployment and debt caused by the new crown,

Crime rates in many countries have skyrocketed.

Need to travelPay attention to personal safety.

at nightDon't go out alone.

Do not take the path.Do not reveal the rich.

WornThe simpler the better.


You can go before travelinglonely planetFind a guide.

Need attention when booking a hotelSurroundingsAndDegree of safety.

Some countries are divided intoTourist AreaResidential area.

Please stay saferTourist Area.

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