What kind of experience is it like to vote in the United States on election day?

Today is November 11rd U.S. election day!As a Chinese in the United States, although I do not like politics, it is also very important to participate in the vote. So what is the experience of voting in the United States this year?

Guoguo recorded the whole process of voting by family members in Los Angeles today!Let's take a look 👇

Voting method

1⃣️. Live voting
Each city will have a fixed on-site voting point, and you can walk in to vote directly before November 11rd, without making an appointment.
2⃣️. Mail ballot
Each city has an election office (Election Office) in the police station, municipal government, etc., which are more distributed.You need to fill in the registration to vote online, and then you will receive a paper ballot in the mail. After you choose, you can mail it out before October 10th.

Since we missed the date of mailing the ballot, we chose to vote on site, Found the nearest polling place nearby on the official website of the government, and drove there.

The voting place at the scene was in a very inconspicuous Plaza, but the American flag was hung at the door, and the slogan "Vote Here" was posted, and there were two staff members who were easy to find when driving in.

There are also multilingual signs on the groundSignal to vote here.

The staff at the gate told us that after entering the building, just follow the instructions and keep walking inside.After walking straight for a while, I saw a lobby where a staff member A at the front desk was waving a small flag at us to signal us to register here.

We said that we did not register online in advance, so staff A led us to another table inside and handed it to staff B, indicating that we should register here first.

Staff B asked the family membersID requestedAnd gave himA pink form envelope fills in personal information and preferred party(Note: You only need to check the party here, not any candidate. That is to say, even if you choose "Democrat" here, you can still vote for the Republican candidate.)

After completing the form, Staff B led us to the voting machine area next to it (much like the written examination area of ​​DMV).

And gave us a white ballot paper of A4 size, first insert the ballot into the right side of the voting machine to scan, select the language (traditional Chinese), and then follow the instructions of the machine to start.

Unlike imagined, it’s not that you choose parties and candidates as soon as you come up.Will list some recent new proposals and state bills in California, You need to choose to approve or reject, or you can choose to skip.

After electing more than XNUMX state bills, finally came to the national elections. In addition to the two major parties, the Democratic and Republican parties, there are also many smaller parties such as the Greens and Liberals, and there are also self-filled candidates.

After the voting was finished, another staff member C asked and instructed us to click to finish voting, and then disinfect the voting machine.Then take us to a table near the exit, hereTurn in the white ballot and the pink envelopeFor staff D.

After the submission, the voting process is complete. The staff also sent a small sticker of "I Voted". I heard that today, with the sticker, you can get discounts at some chain restaurants such as McDonald's.

Not many people came to vote today,We are the only Asian.There are about a dozen staff present in the entire voting hall. The voting processOn average, every four staff members serve one voter, which can be said to be very positive.And the staff encourages everyone to take a group photo with a strong sense of ceremony.

When I was out, I interviewed my family members what they felt about the first vote. The family members said: "The people are the masters!"

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