Self-cultivation and heart-warming | Dallas winter warm porridge, which one is stronger?

The weather in Dallas has changed a lot recently.

the warm weather,

Suddenly it dropped to below zero in the first two days,

I shivered and shivered when I went out.

I just want to wear more jackets.

In such winter,

Come to a bowl of fragrant, rich and densePorridge.

warm stomach, couldn't be more suitable!


Today, the team is going to take stock for you

5High-quality porridge shops around Dallas

Serves classic salty and sweet porridge.

And porridge with unique style and taste.

Just a simple bowlPorridge.

The warmest and most delicious treat in winter!

Tian Li Min Dim Sum

Limin Dim SumSince it opened in Dallas, it has received a lot of praise for its fresh ingredients and elegant environment!As an authentic Cantonese dim sum restaurant, in addition to the signature dim sum, porridge is also essential!Although there are few options, only4 types, but every taste is remarkable.

In storePreserved Egg Lean Pork Congee, Raw Scallop Porridge, Corn Scallop Huaishan Porridge, Raw Rolled Abalone Chicken Porridge, rich in material and high in nutritional value.After being carefully boiled over a slow fire, the dense and fragrant rice is warm and soft to the stomach and warm to the heart.A bowl of porridge can show the real materials and the store's intentions.Among the Cantonese dim sum restaurants, the quality of the dishes is quite excellent!

Address:18101 Preston Rd #106, Dallas, TX 75252


Business hours:Closed on Tuesday

Monday, Wednesday to Friday 11AM–3PM, 5–9PM

周六到周日 10AM–3:30PM, 5–9PM

(Photo courtesy of Chris Kim)


Charm Juk Korean Porridge

I still remember watching Korean dramas when I was a child. When the hero and heroine were sick, they would always drink a bowl of steaming hot water.Abalone porridge, which looks delicious and luxurious.Every time I see the editor, I get greedy, I always want to drink a big bowl and experience the feeling of the protagonist of a Korean drama.

Did not expect to be in DallasCarrolton, There is really a high-quality Korean-style porridge house, not only abalone porridge, but also a variety of high-quality nourishing porridge.Seafood lovers must order snow crab porridge and oyster porridge, which are delicious and delicious.Also very refreshingGinseng porridge, Recommended for those who work hard and study hard.

Another porridge with a high rate of appearance in Korean dramas-Pumpkin porridge, can also be found here.This bowl of sweet and smooth pumpkin porridge warms the spleen and energizes qi, and it is super satisfying to drink in winter!

Address:2625 Old Denton Rd Ste 302, Carrollton, TX 75007


Business hours:Closed on Tuesday

周一,周三到周六10:30AM–9PM, 4–8:45PM

周日 10:30AM–2:30PM, 4–9PM

(Photo courtesy of Jae H.)


Ruihua Roasted Meat

JS Chen's DimSum & BBQ

(Photo courtesy of Sophia N)

This is locatedPlanoIn the roast meat dim sum restaurant, there are also porridge products with real materials and good taste.The overall approach is friendly to the people. In addition to authentic Cantonese dim sum and roasted meat with golden color and endless aftertaste, it also provides 13 different types of porridge – the more distinctive ones are the large bowl of seafood porridge, preserved egg porridge, Liwan porridge…

The soft glutinous and smooth warm porridge can also neutralize the salty aroma of roast meat, which is a good match.Order a portion during morning tea to slowly wake up your sleeping stomach.

Address:240 Legacy Dr #118, Plano, TX 75023


Business hours:Monday to Thursday 11AM-9PM

周五 11AM-9:30PM;周六 10:30AM-9:30PM

Sunday 10:30AM-9PM

    porridge noodle hall   

(Photo courtesy of Roseanne L.)

When the weather is cold, I don't want to go out, but I want to drink a bowl of warm porridge, what should I do?Better to order takeout at home.There is such a boutique congee house on a takeaway platform in Dallas, and there are as many as28 typesHealthy porridge with different flavors.Whether you like salty porridge, sweet porridge, or light stomach nourishing porridge, you will not be disappointed.

Most classicPreserved Egg Lean Congee, it is worth a try, the entrance is smooth and delicious, and it warms up in a second.sweet fruit porridgeIt is one of the good choices of sweet porridge, with a sweet taste, it is suitable for appetizers before meals or desserts after meals!If possible, order a deluxe edition-Millet Sea Cucumber Porridge- It is right to drink as a tonic in winter to strengthen the stomach and nourish the body.

Address:1301 Custer Rd #450, 1301 Custer Rd, Plano, TX 75075


Business hours:11AM–2:30PM, 4–8:30PM

Closed on Tuesday

You can place an order at Panda Takeaway

(Image courtesy of Iris L.)

My Canh Restaurant

(Photo courtesy of Sophia N)

This is a company inGarlandA relatively well-known old restaurant, it specializes in Vietnamese and Cantonese-style Chinese food. Although the dishes are a bit American in general, I still found a lot of delicious porridge in the menu.

Total9 kinds of porridge, there are classic white porridge, preserved egg lean meat porridge, as well as unique style, famous in GuangdongPig red porridge, the taste is tender and thick, and there is no heavy fishy smell when drinking.And it is very nourishing for qi and blood, which is very suitable for taking good care of your body after being sick recently or after visiting your aunt!The price is very affordable, you can drink a bowl of porridge that warms and nourishes the stomach at a single-digit price. It is really delicious and cheap!

Address:4535 W Walnut St, Garland, TX 75042


Business hours:3–11PM

(Photo by Kellie K.)


How many of the above 5 warm winter porridge shops have you tried?

Those who want to stay at home can also order takeout.

Warm at home and wait for delicious food to be delivered to your door!


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