Virgo's Los Angeles Tea Shop Private List

Virgo's Los Angeles Tea Shop Private List

I am a girl who loves milk tea and is very picky about it. The pursuit at this stage is to drink all the milk tea shops in Luocun. I have been having insomnia with a cup of milk tea tonight, and simply wrote my favorite Luocun milk tea shop worth visiting. (Picture from the network)

Class 302

1015 S Nogales St, Ste 125, Rowland heights, CA 91748

The quality of milk tea in class two every three years is very well-recognized, and it is also a tea with a strong taste in Luocun. The packaging is cute. If you love Hong Kong-style milk tea, love the flavor of tea. The second class in three years is worth a try. But it was too far from Rowland Heights.

Hokkaido Milk Tea Boiling Point

[Multiple branches]
Although the boiling point is characterized by the smelly pot, their Hokkaido milk tea is worth drinking. The tea taste is light, the milk taste is heavy, it is sweet, and it is very different from childhood. Sometimes I just go to the store to pack a cup of tea with milk.


Shop 131: 90012 Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA XNUMX (Yes, even Little Tokyo)
Shop 406: 91801 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA XNUMX

For a Virgo like me who is super picky about tea, milk, pearl texture, service, and even packaging, Ozero's bubble tea is the only one that can meet all the requirements.I have drunk the bubble tea from their house so many times that I have "exchanged it for 5 cups of free drinks" ^_^, and I have never failed.The pearls are cooked well every time.The milk flavor and tea flavor also work very well together.The packaging is also very thick.They especially recommend their longan milk tea. Have you ever seen a milk tea shop that uses wolfberry, longan, and red dates to make milk tea?Women's favorite!

Coco Milk Tea

1301 W Olympic Blvd, Ste 105, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Love coco, love the memories of the year. There are not many varieties of coco milk tea, but the added ingredients are also very interesting and boba jelly coconuts are available. The name is also nice to 3 buddies. But coco's coconut fruit I really feel very hard, very hard, hard, sometimes the acadia's pearls are not cooked well. The sawtelle line is always in line.

Tea Brick
501 W Garvey Ave, Ste 105, Monterey Park, CA 91754
This is a good shop buried. The team leader's recommendation, went today, had a drink, and haven't fallen asleep yet. It is very similar to the second class in three years. The tea taste is very heavy. Feel the richness of the three cups of others as his cup. And it's not sweet and greasy. Overall good.

USC boba truck

USC jefferson curb

Milk tea carts outside the USC campus have a particularly comprehensive range of milk tea. Various high-end domineering tea flavors are available, english breakfast, earl grey blabla. The taste is very teay and not greasy. It's just that time is not so easy to come across.

There is no enumeration of tea too, Boba time, Tea station, Banbantang, Cup of Joy, etc., welcome friends to add.

by I love little bo

Ramen Hot Pot Milk Tea Control.

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