They only care about chicken, and the real food is about the noodles in the big dish.

Who do you say is the body of the chicken?

Should I say yes.

The noodles must be generous and chewy, full of dipping soup, and full of taste. The spiciness of spicy seeds and the richness of chicken are all in the soup, and the soup is all in the noodles.

So if you want to have a delicious plate of chicken, you may have to work hard on the noodles.


Today's protagonist

A bowl of incense


Why is a bowl of fragrant big dish chicken worth trying? First we have to get from their homeSignature Beef Noodle SoupSpeaking.

A bowl of clear soup, served with your favorite noodles, eat it comfortably. A little sweat on his forehead wiped out the heat of the day. Of course, as Lanzhou beef noodles, the width of the noodles, the thickness of the noodles, and the finest leek leaves are all options.

If you can stand the heat, support the small copper pot and order oneSheep Scorpion Copper NoodleThe tasteful sheep scorpion and the vigorous noodles are almost enough for two or three girls to share.

But if it says summer heat,Korean cold noodlesDefinitely a great weapon. The clear and cold soup was snorted with fine cold noodles, and the dryness was swept away.

Appetizers for refreshing things, orderLiangpiIt's also good, the hot and sour sauce is matched with the crystal rice crackers, and the icing gluten and cucumber.

Going back to the beginning, the knife noodles in the big plate chicken of such a shop specializing in pasta is no problem. But there are also a variety of bowls of incenseCold dishes and skewers.

I heard that at the summer party's table, big plates of chicken and skewers are better.

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