Having eaten so many Hunan dishes, I almost missed the dried lettuce and cucumber peels flying from China

A team has recently arrivedMr. Shu Jing, Claiming to be able to sing from the popular songs of the 60s to TF boys. In order to get a glimpse of the master's demeanor: the squad was waiting for someone, and came to the equipment speciallyHall KTVOfHua Shi Yuan, Prepare to have lunch by the way.

When we arrived at Huashiyuan, it was the end of lunch time: in order not to delay the rest of the restaurant's kitchen, I immediately entered the state after sitting down: Mr. Tree Spirit prepares for the stage, and the others order food.Follow the team’s usual ordering style-no meat and no joy: Hunan flavor back-boiled meat.Spicy Chicken Wings, And three new Hunan specialties (selling a pass). There are also must-eatKebab! Kebab! Kebab!

As soon as the tree spirit "Fairy Voice" opened, everyone unanimously decided to focus on the central idea of ​​"eating well, overriding everything" for the sake of their lives.

Fortunately, Mr. Shu Jing's 60s songs haven't been sung, and the dishes are already on. I dare not comment on the singing of Shu Jing, let’s talk about the dry (noon) goods (meal) first:

At the 626 night market that just ended, everyone tasted the lamb skewers in the villages of Southern California. As a northerner, I usually love to make a skewer: I have to order a skewer when I go out to eat. After eating the skewer in Huashiyuan, I feel that other villages need to work harder. In one sentence:Fat and leanThe amount is sufficient. A little regret is that the taste is a bit salty, and students with a light taste can ask for less salt when ordering.

After answering the phone, I returned to the dinner table and found that only the scallion meat was left on the Xiangwei Huiguo pork. According to the witness at the crime scene, Xiao 16 stated: "I can’t stop after eating a bite. There are all kinds of Huiguo pork, but it’s delicious. Easy. andThe meat is thinly sliced.Very fragrant and delicious.Ah, I just love it too much, and the amount is a little low. "In short, I feel that everyone is still full of love for this dish. I will look at the picture before I eat the meat."

Did not eat the twice-cooked pork, try looking at the refreshing lettuce dish. Lettuce dishes have a little sweetness, which not only brings hope to children who don’t like to eat vegetables, but also the Northern Hans can easily accept.The bacon taste is also very special. I haven't eaten bacon before, so this is the first time I have eaten this kind of Hunan bacon. It is also a special experience. The bacon is still salty. It is recommended to eat it with lettuce. Xiao Biao personally recommend everyone to try this dish, its evaluation in the team is still quite high.

Same specialsFried minced pork with dried beansDried sweet lettuce grabbed the limelight and spent a meal while being left out and ignored.

Compared to dried beans, there is a special dish:Fried Chicken Gizzard with Cucumber Peel. One of the most divergent dishes in the team: cucumber skin has a unique taste, sweet and sour taste, and has won unanimous praise. Chicken gizzards and cucumber skin have a similar taste, but the disadvantage is that the chicken gizzards are slightly dry. [Another point of view is that the chicken gizzards are thin because they are thin, so they are fragrant, but they are also easier to dry.]

I inquired with the store that I knew the cucumber peel and the dried lettuce before. The bacon came from the rural area of ​​Hunan. I came to the United States by air a few miles away. It should be eaten only by the Huashi Garden, except for one inside the team. Macao classmates said that apart from "do not understand", other people silently praised the taste of these special dishes.

Our experience of exploring the store for your reference, thank you for watching.                     

Finally, I attached a song by Shu Jing.

Huashi Garden

Address: 19240 E, Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone: (626) 965-9193

营业时间:周一到周日无休 11:00AM—3:00PM;5:00PM—12:00AM

After 9:30pm, it is supper time, the kitchen is closed without cooking, the main barbecue

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