A bowl of noodles

town! shop! Cattle! Huh! king!

A signature face of a KINGFU MASTER!

I ate this signature noodle in a small shop next to UCI school and was calmed down by his giant DIAO name. That night, when I got home, I had a more DIAO dream. Throughout the book, it comes with "Goku" as background music, as well as strange Jinghu, drums, and cymbals. The dream started like this. I was sitting on the top of Mingsha Mountain next to Crescent Spring with my back, watching the businessmen of all countries on the Yangguan Road. Ling Ye's desert, the yellow sand, and the distant sand, the elder brother and his masters passed the Dunhuang Villa. Somehow they sat down beside me and started chatting with me.

Although I know him, I'm still nervous about his appearance. I told him about it and told him that I actually know you. I live in Irvine and there is a noodle shop near my home. The boss will use your appearance as a signboard.

Hearing this news, he folded his hands and looked up at the sky 45 ° uncontrollably, saying "Amitabha, how can I be so popular!"

The sun started to rise, and it was very dry in the desert. I had long expected that I would pass him a cup of "lime green tea" and let him cool down. I've seen his fashion look hot. He opened the lid and drank it without using a straw at all. He also asked me where I bought it. I told him I bought it in the noodle shop near my home.

Then, his two younger brothers stared at the other two cold drinks in my bag. Only then did I realize that they were side by side. I was so hospitable that I would definitely share it with them. I could tell at a glance that his fat brother was a small love, so I gave him "Red Bean Ice". I didn't expect that Fat Master was also a foodie, and once I drank it, it was made from fresh milk. I thought it was worth talking about?

I handed him a glass of "caramel milk ice" to my bearded brother. I originally drank it because the sweetness of caramel is very suitable for me. I have BOBA in it.

We turned around and sat in a row facing Crescent Spring and Shahai. The fat brother began to brag about the past pink stories. Talking about it, I also remembered my ex-girlfriend who was studying in Xitian. I do n’t know when I started to slowly forget her face. I just remember she was a Hunan girl, Aquarius. She was very smart when she was a kid. She went there that year. We went to Los Angeles to learn, and we parted, and I still remember the taste she took me to eat. The master patted me on the shoulder and said, "Let's try it again?" I returned to KINGFU MASTER with his somersault cloud.

I ordered the "Hunan brine". It's really fun, especially the secret spicy pickles, which are equipped with dried radish, beef, stewed eggs, peanuts, and green onions.

I can't help but sigh and let the dust disappear, I may not miss her, but the memories.

The big brother ordered "Zhongdian braised sirloin king". He said that the name DIAO was originally a visit to a friend's house with big nostrils to eat beef noodles. Now let's preheat a bowl. Sure enough it deserves the evaluation of three peaches.

At first glance, the fat brother was edible, so I came for two, a bowl of "dandan noodles" and a bowl of "gold medal fresh soup lamb noodles". Seeing the two bowls of noodles just come on, I mixed the chubby chopsticks, and the six-colored dandan noodles became delicious. A mouthful of fresh lamb soup with fungus tofu, a dandan noodle, and a piece of lamb tripe. Happy. Three mouthfuls, two bowls of noodles are done.

Brother Bearded eats "grilled skewers", with his tough guy style, it really tastes good. He twirled his body with the background music while eating, and nodded on the beat to see how he was intoxicated with the lamb skewers. I don't need to ask the taste.

Brother, see someone eating Xiaolongbao at the table next to you. He closed his eyes leisurely, supported his forehead with one hand, raised his head again at 45 °, and dismissed his soul, sayingI had encountered eight friends from Putuo Mountain where I had worked before, and brought their famous gourmet "Xiao Long Bao". His time was the most rebellious, but he was not guilty because of this experience Began to mature. I immediately responded, okay, almost, the order is all right, don't you just want to eat, and wrote me such a long story!

When I was young, I would imagine that I was the protagonist in various cartoons, special movies, and martial arts TV series. With a variety of martial arts, deep internal strength, special equipment, countless nobles help. Grow up, forget the wonderful, forget the dream. We are always protagonists, even if you don't believe in yourself. How do you know that romantic marriage and wonderful journey will not start from this bowl of noodles?

The boss said that he would soon start doing night market snacks in front of the noodle shop. I'm still looking forward to it, because there are not many places to eat near UCI, so close to school, if there is a night market and supper, I can finally live a college life!

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Kingfu Master
Address: 18040 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92612
Opening hours: 11:00 am-09:00pm

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