Searching everywhere, this lamb is the best taste bud

Xiaoxian has been a little bit latelyLost, Came out of Chaoyang, and waited until Wanjia lightsTirednessCome back home. There doesn't seem to be too much sadness, it just can't lift the spirit, and it's a bit different from the fairyland that is so beautiful.

Thoughts and thoughts, in order to survive the ascension and fly to God, raise upsoulStill necessary. At a glance, thisEverywhereTo say that warming up the deficiency, tonifying the qi, and appetizing fitness,Lamboptimal.

I heard there is a home on earthRestaurantsThe mutton is very famous, and Xiaoxian shuttled here immediately to find out, and also to comfort the busy timeIgnore itStomach.

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Pretend to end and talk well. Hi everyone i am fromnortheastYin Cheng Ouba, just joined the team, please give us a lot of advice ~

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Having said so much, I actually want to eat mutton (yòu). I had a few meals before and it was not pleasant. I heard from friends that I am in Monterey Park.Mother LiangYes, it's delicious and not greasy. Checked the location, watched just half an hour before the door closed, and immediately went out with the car key. That's right, that's how every minute counts.

Compared to the noodle restaurant that always hides in the corner, Mother Liang is definitely easy to find and parking is easy. Although the shop is closed with only half an hour left, the boss is still veryenthusiasmLocal hospitality, there are also a lot of diners in the shop, many people have ordered take-out.

Choose severe phobias and get tangled when you get the menu, ah, thisLamb Stewed NoodlesMust be a signboard! But thisBig plate chickenI really want to eat (。 ・ ω ・). and alsoLiangpiIt looks good too ... the order lasted for a long time, so I finally decided, when I looked up, I saw that there was stillcold dishDisplay cabinet. I have to say that Mother Liang has a lot of options, and no matter how many friends you have, the requirements are met.

[Yak tripe]

I've only eaten the spicy belly in Chongqing before, thisCentral PlainsIt's the first time for Yak tripe. The tenderloin of the tripe is not hardened, the soup is delicious,CuminAromaSpicy oilIt's fragrant enough. Picking up a tripe, gently turning around in this red oil, and entering the soup with the soup, it is really an excellent appetizer.

[Garlic mutton]

Although the garlic white meat in Sichuan cuisine is well-known, it has a bit spicy taste. From this point of view, the garlic lamb is much more friendly, the same is the aroma of garlic and soy sauce.Sesame oilInstead of spicy oil, it also adds a unique flavor to mutton. The choice of lamb meat is also enough,FatThe proportion is just right, not thin hair and oily greasy mouth. Just pay attention to eat it while it's hot. After all, the cold lamb is easy to condense fat and affect the taste.

[Dried stir-fried meat noodles]

Muscle, which is more commonly used by northerners, is the tendon of the animal, which is where the muscle and bone are connected. As a Northeast Silver, which is not grown up three small barbecues a day ~ but I actually love more meat tendons than skewers, so I have an inexplicable impression of meat tendons. The muscles are delicious, not easy to make, and want to make soft and rotteneffort. This bowl of gluten noodles is really good. The main ingredients of tendonCollagenFibrinOh, after eating this bowl of noodles,youngA few years old, it sounds a bit profitable.

[Tonic Lamb Stew Noodles]

In the end, the protagonist with the highest attendance rate, a bowlMilky whiteLamb noodle soup with soup base. The noodles are handmade wide noodlesUniform, Full-bodied, smooth outside and tough inside. MixedGlass fans, An extra taste. The side dishes are big and sweetLamb sliceCrispyFungus, Taste clear but not vegetarianDry silkAnd even added some rareDaylily.parsley,Wolfberry,quail eggsIt's also the finishing touch, everything is just right in this bowl of noodles.

After eating here, Ouba really can't eat. Mother Liang is not expensive, and the amount of each side dish is really affordable. Finally, conscience recommendsSoy milkOh! Babies who like sweet soy milk will love it very much, even if they usually only drink unsweetened Ouba. After all, eating a lot of meat is still a bit greasy, soy milk is very tired and clear. Few restaurants offer soy milk ~

In addition to the ones that Europa tried today, there are many moresignOh!

[Meat pinch]

According to babies who have eaten, Ms. Liang ’s meat is stubborncrunchyYes, it ’s just the fat and thin mix, the meat is absorbed in the middleSoupTake a soft bite, and the aroma of the meat melts between the lips and teeth~~ The meat sandwich is very pressed, and you are basically full after eating one...

[Hemp sauce cold skin child]

LiangpierTextureYes, enoughelasticity,HaveHemp sauceAnd his special oilHot pepperWrapped. A Shaanxi friend said that it tasted exactly the same as his grandma's, and was very authentic. The boss said that he can sell many copies every day!

[Taste of Lamb's Soup]

This mutton soup, loved ones love thisSmellChildren, the more savory the more delicious; those who do not love may smell and avoid it. However, the taste of the sheep's miscellaneous soup of Liang Liang's family is not heavy. It is a balance for everyone, and those who dare not try it may wish to try it. Picked up from the soupFanBut also brazenlyHot airWhat ~~

[Claypot stewed mutton]

Finally, I recommend this lamb stew in a crock pot, which is also a signboard.signThe.crockIt is the folk soup technique that has become popular in the people and has a long history. Takes a long time when makingRestrain, The longer the time, the more supplemented, followed by fungus, Shanghai green and shiitake mushrooms, thick meat soup, meat and vegetables will not feel too tired. Make a canSupperOrdinnerAll can comfort the exhausted body and mind for a day.


The last team came to deliverwelfare~ The boss wife and I are suo, in celebration of the opening of Arcadia's new branch Yu Xiangyuan,3.16 – 3.31 As long as you eat 100 dollars at Monterey Park branch, you will get a 50 dollars voucher!! Voucher onlyArcadiaBranchTang eatUse it. Hurry up and drag your friends together to get tickets together!

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Written | Yin Cheng Ouba

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