Weekly new stores are rarely known | Southern California 1/5 – 1/11 New Store List

Unexpectedly, just after the holidays, El Niño gave Los Angeles a slippery disposition—On this cold and weird winter, only food can warm my body and mind.

1. Spicy Zone

[Keywords] seafood, lochi

The most important thing to do for the lo-mei is the pot of lao-lu.AncestralThe recipe of the team, who had already visited the shop, said that "the mix of hemp, spicy and sweet was just right".

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Fresh sweetFresh seafoodLong-term soak in Laolu, it is the Chinese version of Boiling Crab, veryEnjoy.

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18797 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | (626) 531-2277

2. Stew House

[Keywords] Hunan, Innovation

Little Chili is a newly opened family in Los AngelesInnovation Hunandish.

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The team made a special trip to visit the store for lunch and was ignited.Little Chili Signature Black RiceAmazing to (pointHereWatching the black rice live video, and the screaming dubbing of the homepage junior), I also got a magic drink for the first timeWatermelon green tea——It tasted like watermelon juice for the first time, and then it tasted like green tea.

18888 Labin Ct, Ste 111, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | (626) 716-7611

3. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong Korean BBQ

[Keywords] Jiang Hudong, barbecue

The famous Jiang Hudong barbecueRowland HeightsOpen a new branch, and go to Koreatown for the little friends who are convenient to the East District!

The team member F Cat recently lined up for two hours at Jiang Hudong in Koreatown, and still felt that it was delicious: "All the meat is specially cooked.WaitingExactly; the waiter shakes the mixed aluminum box like a bartender at the tableBibimbapFun and delicious. "

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No matter which branch, friends who haven't tried it, hurry and try it.

18900 E Gale Ave, Ste A, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | (626) 964-9678

4. Yoshantea Tea House

[Keywords] fresh foam, milk tea

You Shan Cha Fang is from Taiwan, named after the founder "Visiting famous teaThe aspirations of all kinds of good tea produced in the high mountains of Taiwan.

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Here's milk tea with tea leavesBrew on the spotWait for about 10 minutes, sit in the store when you have time, and look at the photos, tea sets and various teas carefully displayed by the store; call in advance to order and come to the store to pick up tea.

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30 E Duarte Rd, Arcadia, CA 91006 | (626) 254-9976

5. Bay Island Cafe 

[Keywords] Hong Kong style

Rosemead opens a new Cantonese restaurant in Causeway Bay.

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From the name to the menu is full of Hong Kong flavor, foodparityorLarge part, Curry bandit chicken with ecstasy.

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3927 Walnut Grove, Ste 115, Rosemead, CA 91770 | (626) 766-1300

Written by Shao Yi

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