There is more than one delicious Cajun seafood in Los Angeles, but this one has "wild sauce"!

Speaking of Cajun seafood in Los Angeles, everyone may think of Boiling Crab first. But later the team found that everyone actually has their own private Cajun seafood restaurant.

For example, Oh! Crab we are talking about today is a company located in Hacieda HeightsCajun Seafoodrestaurant.

The interior design of the store is a bit American-style, but because it is located in the corner of Plaza, the location is a bit inconspicuous, so many people may miss it.

But the team will not miss any food!Last Saturday’s "tasting and tasting" event, the team took a few lucky fans to Oh! Crab, and explored the store for everyone!For this event, we invited 9 "tasters" of different ages and different regions, hoping to bring you the most comprehensive and true comments.

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overall evaluation:

Everyone agrees Oh! Crab's seafood is very fresh, especially the oysters ~ fried snacks taste very good, in short, definitely not lose other chain Cajun-style seafood shop!

Friendly reminder, the sauce in his house is spicy "Mild", "Hot" "Fire" There are three options. Everyone who thinks that can eat spicy food, remember to order "Fire" to taste good ~

We had oysters, spicy shrimps, spicy treasure crabs and long-leg crabs, green mussels, rice dumplings, crispy fried potato chips, crispy green beans and spicy bread.

Alright old rules, let ’s look first"Top Three Most Popular" Voting Results!

Second, go to TOP 3!

Iced oysters

First of all, there is iced oysters. Everyone can not help cheering when a large plate of oysters arrives. Good oysters are bright and smooth.
Fan @JJ commented: "Oysters are big, the entrance is smooth, and with lemon juice and sauce, half a dozen alone is not a problem!"
​Fan@Lucky Girl said: "From the moment it came up, my eyes said that I was not willing to leave."

Spicy Shrimp
(I like it with everything)

When eating Cajun seafood, the secret sauces of each family are of course the focus. The sauce in this restaurant is called "I like it with everything" and laughed out loud.

Oh Crab! The shrimps are very fresh. After a long time without ice, the taste of the noodles is mixed with its Mild secret sauce, which brings out the umami flavor of the shrimps. Personally, compared to Boiling Crab, their sauces are not as salty, and the sour taste of lemon is a little heavier, which makes people feel more appetite and feel more and more.

At the end of the meal, the boss lady was still a little bit eager to see everyone, so let us try the hottest "Fire" shrimp again. Not only did everyone not flinch, but they all gave thumbs up and screamed.
Fan @ 艾 芈 recalled this experience in the circle of friends, and said intently: "A bag of spicy shrimp suddenly made a table of people burn!"

But as @ 艾 芈 mentioned, the boss will help you to pour everything on the table and eat it. Halma is very heroic, but the fan @JJ reminds everyone: "Sweet shrimp is in a bag At the table, all of us dare to think that it is best to eat in a bag, not only to keep the heat of the shrimp, but also to eat with the seasoning in the bag. "

Fried squid rings

Another winner was the crispy fried squid ring. The ratio of fried powder and squid was just right. Fan Ai felt: "The fried squid ring is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, crispy on the shell, not much flour, squid is very fresh. And it ’s crunchy until it ’s cold! ”

Of course, other dishes have their own advantages, and we will comment on them.

Cajun Spicy Treasure Crab and Anchovies

The super-large original treasure crab felt so spectacular as soon as it was seen. The crab had already made a few knives before serving, and it could be peeled off with just one touch. The crab meat is fresh and firm, and the taste is very good, but Nicole personally thinks that the comprehensive sauce taste seems to cover the original umami of the treasure crab, because it feels a bit pity. Maybe ordering a lighter Lemon Pepper next time will be better.
Fan JJ also thinks that the potatoes with Jumbo Crab are good: "Skin potatoes are stewed very crisply, wrapped in sauce and eaten with real flavor"

Deep-fried green beans

Leo of the team feels that fried green beans are a good appetizer. The fried green beans are crispy, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and absolutely not greasy. After the fried green beans, they can still be green, and they can be served with sauce. Eat it ~

Crispy French Fries

Fried potato fries were also one of the most sought-after items that night. Fan JJ said: The sweet potato fries were crispy, oily but not greasy, and the potatoes were slightly sweet and full.

The team once again thanked all the fans "appraisers" who attended that day for their enthusiastic participation, and the fans who were not selectedand alsoHope to pay more attention to our future activities~ Thanks also to Oh! Crab proprietress’s warm hospitality, in addition to letting us eat more than ten dishes, she also invited us to drink beer, eating and drinking is really cool!

Address: 2020 S Hacienda Blvd, Unit F, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 | (626) 968-4678
营业时间:周一至四, 5:00pm-11:00 pm, 周五至日, 12:00pm-10:00pm

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