Los Angeles Food Map | I heard that in San Gabriel, you can eat the whole of China

Speaking of San Gabriel, I believe that the Chinese in Los Angeles will not be unfamiliar.

You know, every corner of the place, whether it is Quantong or Hilton Plaza, or the mouth-watering Valley Avenue, there are all kinds of delicious Chinese restaurants.

The Chinese always have an indescribable kind and dependence on San Gabriel.

Today ’s Los Angeles Food Map, I want to talk to you about San Gabriel.

Lenka personally thought that there are too many delicious things here. In this city, we can completely eat a Chinese food :)

Sichuan and Hunan cuisine

Dongting Chun | Dong Ting Chun

Dongting Spring in Quantong Square is regarded as one of the oldest Hunan restaurants in Los Angeles. It has been popular for nearly ten years.

The farm's small fried meat, chilli eggplant preserved eggs, bacon (I heard that there are sealed bacon for sale!), Sour beans, wooden bucket sauce meat are all highly recommended. In addition, his family often launches new dishes with surprises.

Address: 140 W Valley Blvd, # 206-207, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 988-9165

Chongqing Spicy City | Spicy City

All kinds of classic Chongqing small fried, authentic, recommend spicy chicken, fried crispy, not very greasy.

Address: 140 W Valley Blvd, Ste 208, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 280-0186

Chilli King | Hunan Chilli King

Colleagues joked that there are only two types of Hunan cuisine in Los Angeles, which are better than the King of Chili and delicious without the King of Chili. This dish definitely makes you spicy, so I recommend amateurs to be spicy.

The must-order is the fried snail meat, the snail meat is just right, and the sour beans are very appetizing. The advantage is that it is really "taste", but the disadvantage is that there is almost one taste for everything.

Address: 534 E Valley Blvd Unit 2 & 3, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 288-7993

喜 湘 御 | Hunan Spicy Taste Restaurant

It ’s addictive to eat their Hunan cuisine, so many repeat customers here.

The signature Dong'an chicken is very tasty. Also recommended are grounded cauliflower, crispy belly and lettuce bullfrog. Bullfrogs are very tender and have plenty of lettuce.

I have eaten a simmered yellow croaker, which is recommended by the boss. It is not spicy at the entrance, but lasts for sweating and detoxifies. I heard that his house also has a "private house menu", so you can explore it.

Address: 120 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91775 | (626) 285-2966

Baiweixuan | Chuan Ren Bai Wei

A "irregular Sichuan cuisine", grilled skewers, stir-fries, duck necks...there are all in the store. Their signature is similar to the Bobo Chicken in Chengdu, and it tastes like a skewered spicy soup.I like the cabbage and hairy belly here, they taste especially delicious.

Address: 6420 N Rosemead Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91775 | (626) 286-5508

Taste small noodles | MIAN

(Picture from yelp)

As a taste girl shop in Chengdu, the quality of the taste noodles is still guaranteed. Good taste. I can taste the shop's efforts to make a bowl of noodles. The steamed beef has the shadow of Chengdu chicken hair shop, and the enamel cup is well received.

Address: 301 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 693-6888

Yunnan Garden|Yunnan Garden

(Picture from yelp)

The old Sichuan cuisine restaurant, hot Sichuan cuisine, and warm rice noodles are all specialties of the restaurant.

. In addition, the store also has a variety of authentic side dishes. There are chicken wings, duck neck, duck chin and duck head; kelp, shredded potatoes, sour beans, dried beans; couple's lung slices, pig ears, cold chicken shreds, and so on.

Address: 545 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 308-1896

North / Northeast

北京 缘 | Beijing Tasty House

An authentic Beijing restaurant, the Beijing hanging oven roast duck is its signature. After cutting the crispy skin, you can also choose to roast the remaining duck rack into duck skeleton soup for free.I especially recommend his duck soup soup. The cabbage in the soup makes the rich soup a little lighter and sweeter.In addition, the types of dishes are also very complete. They are hard dishes for guests to eat: Beijing roast duck, lamb scorpion pot, or ordinary home-cooked dishes: boiling water boiled fish, sauerkraut white meat pot, lamb biscuits...in You can be satisfied here.

Address: 172 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 573-3062

Tong Shun Ju | Beijing Restaurant

Tongshunju is a Beijing restaurant recognized by many Beijingers. The environment is comfortable and the decoration is also very Beijing-specific.

Here you can eat authentic Beijing fried liver, braised pork, stir-fried ravioli, fried noodles, as well as exquisite old Beijing dim sum, donkey roll, pea yellow and so on.

Address: 250 W Valley Blvd, Suite B2, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 570-8598

Dalian Cuisine | Tasty Noodle House

(Picture from yelp)

Available in Tianjin Pork Bun and Leek Egg Vermicelli Bun. Although it is a large bun in the north, it can also be made into a decoction. Northeast home cooking is very authentic.

Address: 827 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 284-8898

Liu Zongyuan | Happy Kitchen

(Picture from yelp)

Although it is most famous for snail flour, Tianjin Dabaozi with 15 flavors is also proud of its presence. It has a strong dough, rich fillings, and is now packed. It is a real circle fan party.

Address: 301 W Valley Blvd #111, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 284-2619

京津 我们 家 菜 | Tianjin Bistro

(Picture from yelp)

Tianjin roommates like this shop very much. The store is small and the environment is a bit miserable, but the taste is ok. The pickled cabbage is worth recommending, but the level is not stable, and the small yellow croaker is not as delicious as Shunju.

Address: 534 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 (626) | 288-9966

Tohoku Restaurant | Shen Yang Restaurant

(Picture from the network)

Tohoku Restaurant, as its name suggests, specializes in Northeast cuisine. The restaurant has a large amount of dishes, which is suitable for dinner.

Has always been fond of his family's wok meat. The authentic Shenyang pot meat is very large, cut thin enough, and fried deep enough to be crispy. Nothing else ~

Address: 137 S San Gabriel Blvd Ste A, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 292-5758

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

上海 一号 | Shanghai No 1 Seafood Village

A well decorated restaurant.

The raw fried buns are also very particular. The bottom of the white sesame seeds can taste sesame seeds at every mouthful. The black sesame embellishment and the white steamed bun skin make people appetite, which is the love of countless Shanghai people.

Also, Lenka prefersIts braised pork is sweet but not greasy.

Address: 250 W Valley Blvd, Ste M, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 800-4016 

Nanxiang Xiaolong | Shanghai Dumpling House

(Picture from yelp)

Nanxiang Xiaolong was once the love of Lenka. Nothing is happier than coming to Xiaolong in the evening.

The fresh meat xiaolong juice is stuffed and tender, and the crab powder xiaolong soup is fresh and sweet.

Address: 227 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 282-1348

Jufulou | Shanghai Restaurant 

(Picture from the network)

Fresh pickles, fried rice cakes with crab meat, and white chopped chicken are excellent. Xiaolongbao is also good.

Address: 140 W. Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 288-0991

Long Xing Ji | Long Xing Ji

(Picture from yelp)

Its Xiaolongbao is divided into sweet and non-sweet, and there are also big soup bags sucked with straws. I heard that this soup bag should bite, the skin, the meat filling, and the soup together. The taste is best blended in the mouth.

Pork ribs in Wuxi sauce is a special feature, sweet, crispy and glutinous.

Address: 140 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 307-1188

Pride in One Side | Emperor Noodles

The noodles are the most famous. The personal favorite is the old duck noodles. The soup is rich and the noodles are full of flavor. But in fact, in addition to noodles, Shanghai has a variety of special dishes, and the price is particularly affordable, the dishes are basically below 10 yuan.

Address: 800 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91775 | (626) 281-2777


Baliting Stew | Nature Pagoda

(Picture from yelp)

A restaurant that pheasant likes very much. It is a traditional Cantonese restaurant. The herbal tea stew is very authentic. I especially like his claypot rice. The sauce can be adjusted on the lid.

Address: 312 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91778|(626) 570-8333

Newport Seafood | Newport Seafood

(Picture from yelp)

Xingang Seafood is the most famous Cantonese seafood restaurant in Los Angeles. It has been recommended by many mainstream media such as LA Weekly and Pasadena Star News. It specializes in crabs and lobsters, and also has a variety of methods, such as Xingang, ginger onions, curry and so on. Seafood is now called fresh-fried, ensuring freshness and quality.

Address: 518 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 289-5998

Sanwa Roasted Meat | Sam Woo Barbecue

(Picture from yelp)

The old-fashioned Cantonese-style roast meat restaurant has delicious roasted duck, but it will get boring if you eat too much, and every time you order their barbecued pork and fried rice, the stir-fry is relatively light.

Address: 140 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 572-8418

Wuhan cuisine

Yipinxiang |TASTY DINING

Hot dry noodles should be more authentic here, although the noodles are not alkaline, the taste is really close to the local. The wok is also good, delicious and tasty, with enough ingredients.

Address: 301 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 570-1234


Baiwei Shaanxi | Shaanxi Garden

The ravioli and oil splash noodles are really delicious. From time to time, the friends around Xi'an have to take a bite to relieve the ravioli.

There are two flavors of meatloaf, personally, cumin-flavored meatloin is better than bacon.

Address: 529 E Valley Blvd Ste 178A, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 787-5555


Streetside | Street Party

(Picture from Facebook)

Taiwanese snack bars have both hot and spicy dishes, as well as incense pots and other snacks. The bowl of Mala Tang that looks red is actually not too spicy.

Address: 1039 E Valley Blvd Ste B103, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 802-5985

Yonghe Soy Milk | Yung Ho Restaurant

Yonghe's preserved egg and lean meat porridge has a smooth texture, and can taste the taste of rice grains, and the salty taste is also moderate. Although the eggs and lean meat are not visible on the surface, the ingredients are all hidden in the porridge.

The salted beancurd is slightly salty. Maybe you will eat it with churros by default. The texture of the beancurd is great. Another recommended dish is the beef kebab series. The beef with sauce is very chewy, but the kebab is slightly dry and has no crispy texture.

Address: 533 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 570-0860

Four Sea Soy Milk | Four Sea Restaurant

(Picture from yelp)

Quiche! Quiche! Quiche! Lenka loves his family's quiche, and he doesn't know what the leader is talking about 10 minutes before each morning meeting, and only the quiche in his heart ~

This table-top breakfast shop has a variety of sweet and salty breakfast options. Recommended specialties are braised egg sauerkraut rice balls. The rice in the rice ball itself is very fragrant, and the taste of sauerkraut is richer.

In addition, the fried dough sticks are soft and plump, and they feel like they are returning to China. The beef in the beef shabu kebab is also soft and tender. There are also some lo-mei, smoked sauce and pasta for everyone to take away.

Address: 708 E Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 285-8369

Xiaoluzi Clear Congee Shop | Lu's Garden

If you want something light, go to Xiao Luzi and have a porridge. Choose two or three side dishes and get a sweet potato porridge. The porridge can be renewed for free, the price is not expensive, and one is enough. For side dishes, we recommend braised pork with eggs and dried green beans.

Address:534 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 280-5883

Indian Beer House | Uncle Yu's Indian Theme Restaurant

(Picture from the network)

It's also when I came to Los Angeles that I knew there was a tabletop beer house. Best for dinner with young friends.

Taiwanese style hot stir-fried, skewered three glasses of nine-story tower, beer, and a little beer sister in a black silk skirt. Three cups of chicken and sand tea are recommended.

Address: 633 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776|(626) 287-0688

Green Zone | Green Zone

(Picture from yelp)

The main Chinese restaurant is Organic, with a variety of organic vegetables, fruits and condiments to choose from at the entrance. The store is not large, but it follows the "simplified menu" route. Choosing phobias is just a matter of making choices on the two or three page menu including appetizers, main dishes and tea. Hainan chicken is recommended, and the tea selection is quite rich. The cuisine style is somewhat biased towards Asian Fusion.

Address: 534 E Valley Blvd., San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 288-9300


Bake Feast | Yummy BBQ

Northeast barbecue with rich sauce, whether it is lamb chops or enoki mushrooms, a bite is full of gravy.

There is also a quail, a bird that is rarely eaten, with delicate meat and lower fat content.

Address: 529 E. Valley Blvd, # 108B, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | 626-537-1860

Youjia skewer | Sweethome Grill

The decoration is warm and makes people feel at home.

The lamb kebabs in the shop are selected New Zealand lamb, and on the special grill only a few minutes, the aroma is full.

In addition to the traditional skewers, the shop also invented a signature toast. When the skewers are ready, you can have a crispy bread to hungry. In addition, "Qingdao-style wild blunt" is also a proud work of the boss, and the order rate is very high ~

Address: 402 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 288-0099

Hainan Chicken Rice

Wenchang Hainanese Chicken Rice | Man Chan Cuisine

(Picture from yelp)

Tired of tea restaurant and morning tea, Hainan chicken rice is a good choice.

The smooth and tender white-cut chicken is served with a special sauce, which is full of Southeast Asian flavor. Cantonese people said: "Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy." Once set, the store will send an appetizing soup to clear the intestines and warm the stomach, and it also has the effect of controlling appetite. The rice is light but tasteful, very authentic.

Address: 301 W Valley Blvd., Unit 110, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 282-5953

Floor pot

Chinese Flavor · Ground Pot World | China Tasty

Both dishes and floor pots are impressive here, especially floor pots. The taste is authentic and full of emblem. The shop's home is a small black pot, environmentally friendly and clean. Improved small pot, grumbled with beef or chicken, the aroma immediately after opening the pot, the savory stew of the meat, with the unique cake inside, eat, the word is fragrant.

Address: 529 E Valley Blvd, #108A, San Gabriel, CA, 91776|​(626) 766-1788

Creative cuisine

Chang'an Chang'an | Chang'an Restaurant

(Picture from yelp)

Whether it is decoration style or delicate display, it is in line with my petty feelings. The new experience of eating Chinese food with red wine is elegant and cozy in fresh and romantic, which is very suitable for couples dating or friends gathering. The disadvantage is that it is a bit slow to serve. Although the color is perfect, there is still room for improvement in taste.

Address: 227 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 872-0906

rice flour

Dandan Guilin Rice Noodles |Dandan's Guilin Rice Noodle

(Picture from yelp)

Although the two stores in San Gabriel are the same owner, they always think that the restaurant in Valley is better. The beef rice noodles have a strong aroma, the flour is smooth and smooth, and there are many toppings, including beef slices and peanuts.

Address 1: 600 E. Valley Blvd., # A, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 288-1158

Address 2: 140 W. Valley Blvd., # 203, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 307-1989

About Hot Pot

There are really too many delicious hot pots in San Gabriel, whether it is the four-story pagoda of All U Can Eat in Red Bashu, or Fanfan’s love for the old stove and the world, or the light medicated Mongolian sheep, There is always one that will be your favorite.

Here is the most complete Los Angeles hot pot guidePoking me poking me.

Because the team's office is close to San Gabriel, the delicious food of San Gabriel also accompanied the team for many years.

Whenever there are new stores, we can't wait to try them out; watching the old stores get better and better, we followed happy; watching some stores closed their business badly, we followed regrets;

Mood and joy and too many good memories are here, so which one is your heart love? Everyone is welcome to leave us a message ~

Writing | Lenka
Editing | Supernye

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