The liberated area has expanded to Chino Hills, and authentic Sichuan cuisine is also available here

I have a lot of restaurants in the north and south of Dashanji Village, but either the southern cuisine is not authentic or the northern one is not addictive, or it is limited to other places near San Gabriel. Here. However, recently, "Jiefang District", a restaurant with a fusion of North and South cuisines set off a revolutionary star in Chino Hills.

This Shumen Shu Road, located in Chino Hills, can not only eat southern dishes with rice, but also the northern pies and chives box is full of fillings.

On Shumen Shu Road, northern food and southern food are more suitable for spouses ~

sour soup with beef

The most important thing to want to eat delicious sour soup and fat beef is that the soup is not sloppy. The boss said their sour soup fat beef is the chef every SundayBroiled brothIt's definitely not MSG and water.

Must taste pig hand

The chef quietly told the editors that their pigs ’hands were homemadeOld brine"It's marinated. So the pig's hands will be crystal clear and spicy.

Hot waist

Pick the best pork loin and dry chili shabu-shabu. Whether this dish is delicious or not depends on the pork loinChange knifeAnd fragrant corsageMastery. If the knife is not good, it will bring a taste. If the heat is not properly controlled, the pork loin will become old and not tasty.

Perfume rattan fish

There must be many friends wondering why she has perfume in her name? Because the boss said, "This rattan fish usesBroth,Rattan pepper,Zanthoxylum bungeanumDried chiliAfter a series of seasonings are prepared, the taste has already floated before serving. "

Beef pie

Big stuffed beef pie, be sure to suck and bite when eating, otherwise the stuffing insideOilBut it will flow to you.

Leek box

At a glance, I can think of the thin crusts that I wrapped at home.Fresh chivesMatchegg, The children in the north are crying ~

But his pastry chef went to Beijing to learn the pastry ~

In addition to those mentioned above, dishes with a high frequency of flop include: Lamb Chops, Boiled Fish, Laoganma Large Intestine, Dry Pot, Soup Pot Lamb Scorpion, Radish Pie

And new onesStone Pot BullfrogLarge intestine in stone potIt's worth trying too ~


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Shumen Shu Road | Sichuan Garden

Address: 2923 Chino Ave, Ste H4, Chino Hills, CA 91709

Business hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00am – 9:00pm|Sat – Sun: 11:00am – 10:00pm

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