Promotion | Mother's Day Gifts Guide-If Your Mom Is A Foodie

Promotion | Mother's Day Gifts Guide-If Your Mom Is A Foodie

Just do the math and Mother's Day is here.If you are lucky, you will be accompanied by your mother. Would you like to prepare a surprise?Like all women, is it to send cosmetics, shoes, bags, or jewelry and flowers? ——It's time for some creativity!If your mother usually likes to go shopping in the supermarket, she is also a good cook, pays attention to health and health-don't pay attention?Help her start now!Let the foodie mother be happy, the team will teach you great tricks~

Free range chicken eggs

The variety of eggs in the supermarket, at first glanceCage Free, Free Range seems quite ecological, in fact, there are still various problems in the living environment. As in China,The healthiest chickens are those who are bathed in the sun and spend a considerable part of their time walking on the grass."Pasture Raised"Free-rangeChickens and chickens. Such raw eggs cost $ 8- $ 10 a dozen in the supermarket.Pasture RaisedEggs only cost $6/dozen-you can save money if you pick something good, and your mother will definitely boast that you can manage your money!


Raw Milk

What is Raw Milk? Raw milk refers to milk that has not been processed by methods such as pasteurization. The initial temperature is similar to that of livestock.Only four companies in California have licenses to sell raw milk, all of which are produced in strict accordance with sanitary regulationsRaw milk. It retains more protein, probiotics and enzymes, has a richer milk flavor and is better for digestion. Let your mother try the most authentic fresh milk and feel your strong affection from the sweetness.


Handmade Spinach / Kale Noodle

Honey Badger Hand-made Flour Noodles stalls every Sunday at Alhambra's Farmers Market, selling its well-known handmade vegetable noodles. You can buy it online without leaving home now. Knead the spinach juice and kale juice into the noodles. In addition to being healthy, the taste is more delicate with vegetables, and the green plate looks particularly eye-catching. After you buy it, why not cook for yourself and help my mother get a bowl of fragrant noodles!

Organic Fruits and Vegetables Gift Box

Watery apples, blueberries, peaches, fresh broccoli, cucumbers, bell peppers...delivered directly from the farm. During the four-week subscription period, seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables will be combined and delivered to home every week.Give mother such a service so that she can receive the healthiest ingredients without leaving home.


Organic Snack Gift Box

Like fruits and vegetables, the regular delivery for four weeks will bring you health and deliciousness and surprises at the same time-organic nuts, special rice cakes that meet Asian tastes, and sweet dried fruits made from organic fruits...every time Different combinations, organic light food, don’t worry about being unhealthy or getting fat.If you are a foodie mother, she should make her life more delicious and happy!


Organic beef and mutton from the ranch

Industrialization is the trend today,In the United States where meat is cheaper than vegetables, the use of hormones is indispensable for meat breeding. Let your family eat healthy and comfortable, start by buying organic ingredients! Grubmarket's Meat Box meat gift package, all meat is grown without any artificially added health conditions such as antibiotics, hormones, ripening agents and so on.


International Gold Award for Olive Oil

Known as "liquid gold" in the West, "地中海honeydew",The wonderful use of olive oilIn fact, there is no need for the team to repeat it-it is directly cold pressed from fresh olive fruits, retaining natural nutrients.It is considered to be the most suitable fat for human nutrition among the fats found so far.It can be health care, beauty, and cooking!Foodies, don’t you prepare a bottle for your mother?The Brigantino olive oil located in the Bay Area has won the International Olive Oil Gold Award.

The above gifts are selected from California's first online organic freshness platform Grubmarket, advocating a healthy, organic, Farm to table lifestyle, and provide intimate and convenient home delivery, eliminating the trouble of picking you. For the products selected above, click on the title to go directly to the purchase page. There are also many fresh, snacks, seasonings and other products, you can also log in directlygrubmarket websiteShop.

Now GrubMarket has launched the Mother's Day Special Gift Box. The price is $ 15, $ 30, $ 50. There are three options: flowers, gift cards, organic snacks, fresh fruits, and farm honey. . . Everything! Details please pokeGrubmarket Deals

When you buy now, remember to enter the discount code: [formom], you can enjoy 50% off when you spend $ 3 or more! Automatically enter the Grubmarket Mother's Day special raffle, randomly select XNUMX filial food items and send them to our Grubbox gift box!


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