Corruption Report | New Cantonese Cuisine “New Cooking Ideas” Not Taking the Same Path

Corruption Report | New Cantonese Cuisine “New Cooking Ideas” Not Taking the Same Path

Thanksgiving is not to buy on the Black Friday, to eat in a new restaurant is the true spirit of food. A group of friends from all over the country who like Cantonese cuisine eat together to taste the new cooking flavors of Arcadia's main new Cantonese cuisine. Unlike ordinary Cantonese tea restaurants, they have added their own ideas and creativity in many dishes. There are a lot of good points in the details, and it's no wonder that their English name is New Fusion, which means that innovation is bound to go to the end!


The newly-cooked decor is retro and sophisticated, with solid wooden tables and chairs, a dark red theme, and two card holders, which are very tasteful in a Cantonese style tea restaurant. The top beam is full of European-style stained glass lamps, which have a full atmosphere. chihuo-new-fusion-19 Although the main innovation, but whether it is decoration or utensils, there are many traditional places. This chopstick rest is a small ornament of the zodiac sign. People at different tables are different. chihuo-new-fusion-01

Beverages include drinks from traditional Cantonese tea restaurants such as frozen coriander, frozen lemon tea, and prunella. The owner himself is Cantonese, and many places have seen the greatest restoration of the characteristics of traditional Cantonese tea restaurants.

Pretzel Chicken Cartilage chihuo-new-fusion-04This dish has been well received. Its appearance is not good, but the mouth is full of surprises. The store introduced that they used the triangular brittle bone on the side of the sternum.FuzhoupiggyPraise the puff pastry wrapped with crispy bones as "crispy in the crisp".sophiaIt is also said that "the wrapped salt and pepper is just right", which means that it is not greasy at all and suitable as an appetizer and appetizer.

Crispy Burdock chihuo-new-fusion-08 chihuo-new-fusion-09 New and innovative dishes,sophiaI am impressed by the boss’s carefulness in choosing the material. I chose the tenderest part of the sirloin, with a layer of crispy skin. "After a bite, it is crispy first, and then the sirloin is soft and juicy. The taste is very good."Although I agree that the beef brisket is of good quality, the one from GuangzhouHold your plumsShe has foodiepiggyI think the disadvantage is that curry sauce needs more work.

Lobster Salad chihuo-new-fusion-03The appearance of the display is very domineering. After coming to the table, my friends took out the mobile phone in multiple angles and various directions for a while. If it's a festive banquet, this headboard is full of face. Lobster is freshly cooked,sophiaLike "Lobster meat is smooth and firm", with various fresh fruits, it has a fresh taste, but if you don't like mayonnaise, you may feel that the taste of lobster is overwhelmed.

Spicy Liquor Shabu Shabu chihuo-new-fusion-14Compared to other dishes, this dish has a flat response, but everyone agrees that if you want to eat some soup in the winter, this slightly spicy fan wonton is also warming up.

Braised duck pot with salted lemon chihuo-new-fusion-07CantoneseArondightI find this modest traditional dish authentic, butpiggyShe thinks that the lemon flavor is not particularly prominent after the salty lemon is added to the dish. The duck meat is not very colorful, but it is also quite homely. powder."

poached fillet chihuo-new-fusion-05In Cantonese restaurants, in fact, there is no great expectation for Sichuan cuisine, but this classic boiled fish fillet is unexpected.PlumThe girl feels that she can actually eat such delicious boiled fish in the Cantonese restaurant.sophiaIt is believed that the dish is “appropriate” in the bottom material, and the umami flavor of the fish fillet itself is not buried by the flavor of pepper.

Drum Oil King Prawns chihuo-new-fusion-11This signature dish is powerful again ~ After the special treatment of soy sauce, there is an extra layer of thick oil and red sauce mixed with the sweetness of the thick oil and red sauce, which comes from Jiangsu and Zhejiang.sophiaActually tasted hometown.

Taro braised duck chihuo-new-fusion-13 The taro is cooked very badly and is suitable for winter dishes.Two Cantonese foodies were full of praise for this dish. Mei Cai said, "The moment I enter it is simply touching."ArondightSaid "A very amazing dish. The oil duck is shipped from North Carolina. It is very delicious. The taro is bad enough and the taste is relatively light. It goes well with the oil duck."

Fried pork with dried meat floss chihuo-new-fusion-10 After a pile of hard vegetables, the green beans looked at Meng Meng Da.

Pork Chop with Lemongrass chihuo-new-fusion-12The meat is tender and juicy, the pork chops are also of the right thickness, and the frying is just right. Eat uppiggyThe most delicious one during this trip, "the oily pork chop with lemongrass smell".

Cowboy bone chihuo-new-fusion-06It is also a signature dish recommended by the shop. Cowboy bone is a classic dish in the Cantonese style tea restaurant. According to the boss, they tried the Luocheng supermarket to find the source, and it took a lot of thought to select the materials.piggySaid this cowboy flesh is very tender, the taste is very positive, and the rice is just right.

Ginkgo Taro Puree chihuo-new-fusion-16This shop's evaluation of ginkgo taro purely reduced the sweetness. It has some polarities.sophiaI like this dish very much. "The mashed taro is pressed and waxy, like the texture of ice cream. The store deliberately didn't add too much sugar, which is more suitable for the tastes of the public."piggyIt is strongly recommended that taro puree must be paired with lard to set off the aroma of taro puree.

Hong Kong style egg chihuo-new-fusion-15 All the eggs were eaten from the streets of Cantonese and Hong Kong.PlumThe girl remembered "After school staying in the cold wind, just waiting for the fragrant egg waffles to be out of the pot."Both from CantoneseArondightIt must be remembered that this dish is perfect when served with a small paper bag ~ The white rice delivered is specially steamed by the store so that the rice tastes better (the treatment of rice is very rare in Los Angeles) . In the cooking method, they all incorporate their own original ideas, and at the same time they can adhere to the culinary tradition and carefully select the materials. chihuo-new-fusion-18

There are 4-6 people card seats in the store. The picture shows a small private room that can accommodate 8-14 people, and a large private room that can accommodate 30 people. It is suitable for friends and family dinners or the company's annual tail. If you want to eat healthy Cantonese food, but do not want to take the ordinary road food friends, you can come to try new cooking!  

New Cooking Ideas: 10% off Monday to Friday, afternoon tea set (fragrant fried dragon fish; fried pork with assorted mushrooms; fried chicken chop with a glass of drink) only $ 6.95 ~

New fusion
Address: 1227 S Baldwin ave, Arcadia, CA 91007
Business hours: 11am – 11pm (mon – sun)
Business Tel: (626) 566-8319  

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