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This is a Sichuan restaurant that has been awarded one Michelin star for four consecutive years, a Chinese restaurant that New Yorkers have talked about. Sometimes people are willing to stand at the door and wait for forty minutes even if they are told to finish the meal within one hour. This time I went to know that it is worthy of the name.

The restaurant storefront is not very conspicuous, the word "allure" is written on the glass door, especially at night it is a little dark. But when I walked nearby and saw someone waiting at the door, I probably found the location of the restaurant. Pushing the door in, only to find that there are no holes.

Old Shanghai, jazz, bar counter, Sichuan cuisine, this restaurant mix and match these things you can't imagine. You may think that “four dislikes” here, and Sichuan cuisine is not so hot; but if I tell you, in addition to using this Sichuan cuisine Michelin as the pearl of the palm, the owner also drives another Shanghai cuisine. The furnishings of the old Shanghai, think about it here is New York, the tolerance for "mix and match" will be greatly increased.


The restaurant only accepts reservations for four or more people, two or three people can only wait in line. The space between the seats in the restaurant is not large. The person sitting in the middle still needs to pull the chair out. People sit in and push the chair back halfway, so as not to hinder people in the aisle. Like most restaurants, they have a lot of money. But this does not affect the style of the store and the enthusiasm of the diners.


The layout in the restaurant takes us back to Shanghai in the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, from old-fashioned lamps with warm yellow light, to Shanghai famous posters on the wall; from ceramic cups and plates printed in Chinese style, to the surroundings The same historical object decoration ... even the menu cover is made of yellowish paper, which integrates the restaurant's nostalgic classy feeling into every detail. The owner's desire to bring diners to the Republic of China is evident. It is worth mentioning that, whether it is a girl named at the door or a waiter wearing retro glasses in the store, the beautiful looks also add points to the store's impression.


The author took my friends from Los Angeles to eat. The children who were spoiled by the Great Pheasant said that it was not as good as ours, that was not as good as ours... After eating this time, I finally said This is really good.

Having said so many environmental furnishings, let's talk about eating. The dishes are served quickly, and most of them are not large. Many dishes come in small bowls and small bowls. With a spoon, the Shanghai cuisine is here.

For cold dishes, we ordered spicy buns and drool chicken, both of which are standard Sichuan dishes, sprinkled with sesame seeds and sweet and spicy. The tender and diced buns are topped with crispy and delicious nuts, which enriches the sense of layering in the mouth. The saliva chicken is also quite authentic. When you see the white and tender chicken dipped in the middle of the red oil with sesame seeds, the appetite comes immediately. Both dishes are marked with two or three small peppers on the menu, but the author and my friends think that this Sichuan cuisine is really gentle.

(Picture fromYelp

(Picture fromYelp)

For the hot dishes, we asked for sweet and sour steak, three peppers baked with chicken, camphor tea duck, mapo tofu, dried green beans, stir-fried Chinese kale.

In particular, I want to mention this sweet and sour steak, which I have loved since childhood. When I was waiting, I saw the waiter passing by with a plate of such ribs. We sat down and finished ordering cold dishes (that is, we must cool down first and then step by step), and finally asked for a small row. Sure enough, we were not disappointed at all. The taste of domestic food is sweet and sour, the meat is tender and tender, and the crispy bones make the whole ribs more chewy.

(Picture fromYelp

This chicken dish with three peppers is a dish ordered by my friend Dingding Wanwan to order. The name of this dish is so mouth-watering that it's hard for him ... it tastes great! Chicken fillet is crispy and tender inside, very flavorful. And the meat is really a lot! Meet our meat lovers ~

(Picture fromYelp

The camphor tea duck was ordered by a fellow Shanghai friend, he found it authentic and punctual, but the author felt it was so-so.Maybe I still prefer heavy taste...

(Picture fromYelp

Mapo tofu is not bad, quite satisfactory, and not too spicy. The tofu is very tender, the surrounding sauce is a bit too thick, which slightly affects the visual effect, but does not affect the taste ~

(Picture fromYelp

Dried string beans are authentic! The length of the bean curd and the hardness of the entrance are all in place. The heat is well controlled and dry without firewood.

(Picture fromYelp

The stir-fry of tang kale is also well-controlled, and the tenderness is moderate. In Da Kuai Duo Yi, eating those hard "harsh" dishes, take a bite of refreshing vegetarian dishes, hot and spicy, don't worry about getting angry.


The staple food we asked for rice and dandan noodles. The noodle noodles of dandan noodles are fragrant and spicy, and eat while hot, that is the taste!

(Picture fromYelp

I remember watching an interview with the boss Wang Yiming before. She mentioned that the menu of the city is not often changed, but every few months they will make some dishes again, using all the innovative processes, hoping to make each dish well. better. "This review has never stopped." Perhaps this is why the city was able to win Michelin again.

I have tasted the Haipai Sichuan cuisine of Qingcheng, and next time I plan to go to Qingguo to taste it. Presumably it will be an unforgettable food trip.

[Allure | Café China]

Address: 13 E 37th St, New York, NY 10016

Phone: (212) 213-2810

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