Happiness Tun is happy because you can eat the best boiling fish in the Bay Area here! Chengdu taste tasting recap

Before, the team was surprised that Pleasanton actually has an authentic Sichuan restaurant, and it looks so tall—

Can such a fancy restaurant really make Chengdu taste?

So the team invited a few friends to eat a large table, it turned out to be really worth a special Sichuan restaurant! Let's talk about these dishes carefully:

Green pepper avocado

When I first served it, the children's shoes that I haven't eaten felt a little strange. Avocado seemed to be on a western salad or toast, or it was made into guacamole in Mexican cuisine. So is this dish an American Chinese food? In fact, I do n’t know if you have found it. The texture of avocado is similar to the egg yolk of the preserved egg, so the inspiration for this dish is the classic cold vegetable green pepper preserved egg. The emerald green color, coupled with the wonderful and very matching taste and flavor, instantly captured the food eaters present ~

Shenzhen girl Zhiwei Dan and Tofu can not live up to the high evaluation of this dish: "I personally love avocado very much, so I love this dish. The diced Jalapeño, soy sauce should be added to the sauce, together is The flavor is very special and salty, coupled with the creamy and creamy texture of avocado, I immediately decided to order this cold dish when I come to this restaurant in the future! Some of my friends who tried it thought this dish was salty, but I thought it tasted just right After all, the avocado itself is tasteless, and you need a thicker sauce to balance the whole taste."

Chengdu Rabbit Ding

Chengdu people are famous for eating rabbit heads and rabbit meat, so do n’t complain to Chengdu people, “How can you eat rabbits ?!” But today, everyone in this rabbit is feeling too salty. Average, and not very impressive compared to other dishes. Well, poor bunny paper, it's hard.

Cold pot spicy assorted

People often ask the team where they can eat Sichuan's skewers, chickens, and other dishes. To be honest, this is a bit difficult to find, and it depends on everyone to help. For example, this dish is actually modified from Chuan Chuan. Wearing bamboo sticks is just a form, and it is particularly troublesome. Therefore, you should stop using bamboo sticks and make assorted cold dishes. The portion is not very large. The Wuhan Girl Paper Cherry Cat particularly likes the Sichuan sausage in it. The team's tea and egg sauce feels that the cold dishes are salty, but it can quickly open the taste buds, especially the cold pot spicy spicy assorted red oil is very seasoned.

Couple lungs

Everyone is familiar with this dish. Our feeling is that it is the same as that of the majority of husbands and wives, and friends who like to eat can order one.

After eating cold dishes, here are the hot dishes + hard dishes that are coming out

Hot and Sour Flowers

It turns out that hoof flowers can be eaten like this, in addition to braised pork and stewed soup! Not only the hot and sour taste is popular, but the trotters are also carefully handled, the hair is cleaned and the meat is tender and tender. Hangzhou Girl Paper Zizi especially likes the spicy taste in the sour, and does not feel fatty at all! The cherry cat specifically put forward: "The hoof flowers can make the taste not heavy and no odor, and light red is worth recommending."

Sauerkraut roasted pork blood

Friends who love pig blood, do n’t miss this dish! It may be that the pig blood that is eaten after coming to the United States is not always satisfactory, and it can easily grow old if left in hot soup for a long time. But the taste of Chengdu's pig blood is different from other pig blood-it is very tough, it won't rot when touched, and it won't grow old after a little time. Only eggs and tofu can not be disappointed. Pig blood is "tender and smooth, like pudding. It is not as astringent as pork blood used by most restaurants in the United States. In addition, the seasoned sauerkraut is not sour, as I am so afraid of sour People patronized eating pig blood until they finally saw the name and found that there was sauerkraut in the dish, so they were not afraid of the sour taste of the sauerkraut, but the slightly crispy texture balanced the softness of the pig's blood. This dish really won everyone's consensus Praise, even the international friend who attended with me (an Oboe in South Korea) said that this is his favorite tonight. "

Shabu Shabu

It looks super powerful, but it doesn't taste as good as you think, and the general impression is not very impressive. Zizi thinks that burdock is soft but not fat enough. The cherry cat likes the taste of the sauce very much, but it doesn't feel that the taste blends well, the burdock is not very tasty. The tea egg sauce felt that the seasoning was slightly inadequate. "Prickly ash peppers are slightly bitter. I don't know if it is a problem of excessive oil temperature."

Chengdu Rake Pea Soup

Although I came to eat Sichuan food, this very light-looking soup is also very popular!Just to neutralize the stimulation of a table of spicy dishes on the taste buds.The team’s tea and egg sauce tasted the creamy soup with the finely crushed sand of peas; the cherry cat, who had eaten the taste of Chengdu, called this bowl of soup a surprise, "the bean sprouts are fresh and not astringent. After eating a table of spicy Sichuan food, I came to such a bowl of soup, and I sighed that life is so beautiful and satisfying!" The weather has turned cold, and drink a pot of warm and healthy soup~

Chengdu take food

The hot food in the food circle is actually only available after the 70s, according to the boss (what's going on with this strong sense of history = =). You can eat it in Chengdu ~ But it is a bit dwarfed compared to other dishes. Everyone has no impression. Cherry Cat said that she often takes counterfeit vegetables, but according to her experience, sometimes the viscera tastes heavier.

Pocket tofu

Looks refreshing and refreshing, which may make Chili Stars a bit appetite? But under the introduction of the boss, this dish made us see the other side of Sichuan Restaurant: pocket tofu is made by mashing chicken and kneading it into Japanese jade tofu. The tea and egg sauce felt that these non-spicy dishes were very effective. The taste was mild and delicious, which complemented the Pleurotus eryngii underneath, and also allowed us to adjust the taste between the hot hard vegetables.

Boiling fish

The highlight of tonight is also Chengdu's signature dish! Everyone was boiling when they played! When the table was served, the whole pot was still boiling (unfortunately I didn't shoot / (ㄒ o ㄒ) / ~~). I used Longli fish fillets-hey, do n’t think that using fish fillets will definitely hit the street and see what everyone says ——

Cherry cat: "There is no one of the signature dishes. Basically, you can see such a pot on every table in the shop. The fish fillets are very tender, the master is willing to put oil, and the taste is very spicy. Actually it is not very Spicy, don't be scared by the layer of pepper on the surface. "

Zizi: "The visual effect is very good, the fans and bean sprouts are also good, but as a boiling fish, it can still be a little spicy." [咦 You can eat spicy food like this is really a Hangzhou girl from Jiangnan? 】

Eggs and tofu are not to be disappointed: "One end can smell the special aroma squeezed from high-temperature oil cooked high-quality peppercorns and peppers. I believe that those who have eaten good boiling fish know what a mouth-watering aroma ... … It is said that live fish ca n’t cut thick slices. Longli fish fillets can make the boiling fish taste tender and smooth at the mouth. The dish is very large, and the oil cost is very high, plus the United States There is no mention of trench oil, so the high quality of this dish can be seen and eaten. "

The tea and egg sauce of the team: "Longli fish fillets can be made tender and powerful. The noodles and bean sprouts were forgotten at first, but everyone started to salvage after eating the fish, and found that the noodles were still very tough and the bean sprouts were Very fragrant ~ "[Report everyone: this pot was finally cleaned ...]

Bean Sturgeon Oil Oatmeal

Comes as a matching vegetarian dish. According to everyone ’s response, does this dish actually exist in the whole country? Bean mackerel is a kind of canned anchovies. They are sold in Chinese supermarkets. If you do n’t want to cook, you can open a can and use it as an artifact! I do n’t know where to start with the combination of tempeh and butter wheat dishes, but Wuhan Girl Paper said that she had seen this dish in a restaurant since she was very young. Curious friends can try it, and it is easy to do it at home ~

Golden corn

It looks like no surprise, it is delicious! Corn is wrapped in a thin layer of salted egg yolk, and it has the fresh and refreshing sweetness of corn itself. If you have kids with you, you must order this dish!

Fried rice with soy sauce

Although friends with large meals have long begun to chop white rice, this fried rice is also very popular ~ The simpler the cooking, the more kung fu. This fried rice is the best example. Weige and Tofu cannot be disappointed. In fact, she only ate a spoonful of fried rice, but that spoonful surprised her: "The rice is fried very loosely, the hardness is moderate, the taste is not salty, and there is a rare pot Alas, um, so to speak of a plate of simple fried rice, but diners have a lot of demands for it, not to mention the mysterious egg fried rice in the fried rice industry, which is the entry version of soy sauce fried rice. It ’s hard. The chef who tastes Chengdu is worthy of being able to come to the United States, who is in charge of a high-level club in China.

Brown sugar

None of the food we eat at other stores in the Bay Area! One! kind! It's not the kind of rice noodles, noodles, beaten, and then pressed. This is softer. It has a grainy texture when eaten, and the outer skin is very crispy. Pour brown sugar juice, sprinkle with pea flour, only eggs and tofu can not be disappointed to eat "sticky and crispy blending, soft and hard blending, liquid and powder blending, the taste is layer after layer. Even if it is not in my memory, grandmother does The flavor of white sugar wonton, but it's enough to add a bit of deliciousness to you. "

This meal is so satisfying, oh ~

Of course, the taste of retro Chinese decoration in Chengdu is very tasteful, and the enthusiastic waiters also impressed everyone. Although the location may be a bit off, but it is close to Livermore Outlets, please stop by when you come shopping

[Taste Chengdu | China Lounge]

Address: 4220 Rosewood Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Phone: (925) 227-1312

Business hours: Monday to Friday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am – 9:30 pm (Yes! You can also eat in the afternoon, No need to get stuck in the meal)

Thanks for your friends to participate in the activities of the food team, and also wrote a hearty and sincere review!

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