I have always been prejudiced against Japanese skewers, and I always feel that they are expensive and insufficient. It is better to go to a Chinese skewer shop if you want to eat kebabs. But this time I went to Xinzhuan Group, and the food was very satisfying. The skewer of the new writing group turned out to be no worse than his ramen! Of course, I also paid a lot of money for XD and later talked to Japanese friends about this shop. He was surprised how we could eat so much without drinking, and he explained that the Japanese treat skewers. In fact, it's just the wine. Haha!

The new group heard that it was the main store, and that was the second and third store opened from here, so some people called Shin-Sen-Gumi Original and went in and found that the store was so small. After sitting, there was a deafening roar in my ear! Wow, one after another, I started to feel quite lively and novel. It didn't take long before I began to feel that the speech was too tired. Usually, half of my voice was drowned by a roar. . .

Healthy and fresh salad ~


First come to yakitori's list. We ordered beef tongue, chicken wings, pork belly, chicken meatballs. . .
American Kobe beef finger meat

Pork Belly-This one has a better taste than the "kobe beef" above.

Bacon wrapped asparagus

Chicken wings-grilled at the right time.

This Chicken Meatball is recommended by a la carte brother. Quite satiety.

Lamb chops. The size is relatively small, every bite is delicious! But soon it was gone. . .

Beef tongue. The Q bomb is chewy, and the beef tongue ramen that I ate the previous two days is totally two extremes! Beef tongue is an ingredient with unlimited potential XD

Ramen with soy sauce base. It is relatively light and harmonious with skewers.

Roast Duck. Good to eat with ramen: P

Yakitori can order multiple rounds. I finished the second round in the first round. (The menu reminds me of how to order morning tea)

shrimp. Friends eat, I don't know how.

Small sausage. This is more ordinary ~

Chicken Thigh and green onion. Thigh has always thought that it is impossible to do well, but the result is unexpectedly delicious, not how tender, but the firmness of the meat condenses the flavor into the essence.

The final green tea cheesecake was, to my disappointment, the taste of green tea and cheese was not pure. So we went to the bakery store next door to buy dessert.

All in all, the new skewer has a good taste, so I recommend it to everyone. Lunch is special, dinner is a little bit expensive, and about $ 30-40 / person without drinking; if you drink, it is really difficult to estimate ~
Menu attached:

Address 18517 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90247

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