Breakfast value | Simple fruit + yogurt can be beautiful!

A good day starts with breakfast. When soy milk fritters, bread, milk, croquettes, omelette, and toast have been eaten all over, when you can't figure out what to eat, try these healthy and delicious fruit shakes that match !!

Maple sugar walnut + chia seeds + strawberries + your favorite flavored yogurt

Fig + Blueberry + Pomegranate Seed + Strawberry

Coconut + Chocolate Cherry Bar + Yogurt

Matcha Yogurt + Spinach + Banana + Mango

Dragon Fruit + Kiwi Fruit + Strawberry

Mango + Pineapple

Blueberry + Strawberry + Cranberry

Strawberry + Fig

Blueberry + Coconut

Well, practice it tomorrow morning!

Compilation: Lina
Edit: Xiaomi

[Compiled compilation, pictures from the original, for reprint, please contact]

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