Mid-Summer Special Plan: Full Raiders of the Bay Area

Mid-Summer Special Plan: Full Raiders of the Bay Area

The weather in the Bay Area has been very good recently, but the temperature has also risen sharply! The temperature at noon was like trying to hide in the refrigerator. Sweating summer, squeaking fan, cool air-conditioning wind, refreshing frozen carbonated drinks ... Oh, what's missing? Yes, how can midsummer notEating ice? Where to eat ice in the Bay Area? Let the team take you to the waves ~~

►Sno-Crave Teahouse

The food that loves to eat ice should not be unfamiliar, it is definitely a good place to eat authentic Taiwanese ice. There are several branches in the Bay Area and they are full. The taste options are very rich, and in addition to the signature ice cream, milk tea and honey toast are also quite popular.

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San Jose

Address: 2569 S King Rd Ste C5 San Jose, CA 95122


Address: 43773 Boscell Rd, Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: (510) 651-8888

Union City

Address: 1788 Decoto Rd, Union City, CA 94587

Phone: (510) 477-6708


Address: 1777 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035

Phone: (408) 956-9588


Address: 1181 Ocean Ave San Francisco, CA 94112

Phone: Phone number (415) 859-5642


Take the self-service route of Mianmian Ice, you can choose the flavor of ice (mango, chocolate, taro, coconut, vanilla and strawberry) and different toppings, and freely combine them into your favorite Mianmian, and there is also a very special avocado ice.

Address: 3005 Silver Creek Rd Ste 170, San Jose, CA 95121

Phone: (408) 809-4367

►100% Sweet Cafe

It's not just a shop that eats ice, but there are also classic green tea, taro, and red bean flavors, and the point is that you can choose to add topping. Besides desserts, there are other desserts available. It seems that the highlights are caramel pudding, puffs, tea pudding and so on.

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Address: 2512 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Phone: (415) 221-1628

Address: 205 E 4th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

Phone: (650) 777-7199

►Sweetheart Cafe

It specializes in milk tea, but there are also simple ice and shaved ice. In addition, there are a variety of snacks such as eggs, ginger and milk, and other classic Hong Kong-style snacks, as well as coconut jelly, salted chicken and other snacks can be tried.

San Francisco – Chinatown

Address: 909 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

Phone: (415) 262-9989


Address: 2523 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Phone: (510) 540-0707


Address: 315 9th St, Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: (510) 835-8136


Address: 372 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035

Phone: (408) 428-0880

►YakiniQ Cafe

Japan Town's four-star good place. The shop name is lovely and the desserts are very delicate. In fact, the ice is more like shaved ice, and there are also fruits, green tea, and red beans. Try sweet potato latte, green tea latte, and macaron. The environment is actually quite suitable for learning.

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Address: 1640 Post St, 2nd Fl, San Francisco, CA 94115

Phone: (415) 441-9291


It is also a shop specializing in eating ice cream with a full range of flavors, including even uncommon durian flavors; the topping variety is also abundant. It is recommended to add pudding boba, mochi, red beans and pudding, and be sure to add condensed milk.

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Address: 4306 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

Phone: (408) 517-8898

►L'epi D'or Bakery

It is a good bakery in itself, but you can eat it if you want to eat it. The portion is also relatively small for one person, so it is quite suitable for grocery to buy breakfast afterwards, and a cool dessert by the way.

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Address: 19675 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014


It is a small size in the ice, but the face value is very high. There is a Seasonal Menu, and highlights include Black Sesame, Vietnamese Coffee. There are often pop ups or appearances from some events ~ Because parking is not particularly convenient in the bustling area of ​​San Francisco. Can park to nearby garage.

(Picture from Yelp)

Address: 260 Divisadero St San Francisco, CA 94117

Website: http://www.powdershavedsnow.com/

►Red Hot Wok

In fact, it is a Taiwanese restaurant, but Mian Mian Bing has become a highlight of this restaurant as a major feature of Taiwan. Taiwanese food is also full of summer food, so after a meal, it's also great to have a cold ice for a summer.

Address: 10074 E Estates Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014

Phone: (408) 996-2999


Located in a plaza of a Korean supermarket, the menu is colorful and the weight is moderate. There are chocolate and red bean flavors to try, and they praise the rich milk and fresh fruit. You can also eat frozen yogurt and other desserts, right next to Paris Pate.

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Address: 3561 Camino Real, Ste 99, Santa Clara, CA 95051

 ►Vampire Penguin

The ice cream from Sacramento is innovative based on the table top, so it looks a bit different from the ice cream we usually eat. However, the taste is really good, the taste is slightly rougher than the ice, and the toppings such as cookie crumbs, fruits, and syrup are moderate and natural.

(Picture fromYelp


Address: 2575 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Phone: (510) 548-8789

San Mateo

Address: 856 N Delaware St, San Mateo, CA 94401

Phone: (650) 235-9149

►Chilly & Munch

Mountainview's most acclaimed family!The two mascots in the store represent Chilly & Munch (cold~ and crunchy~), very cute and lovely.There are also many combinations of soft ice. The "summer sunset" with fresh strawberry and mango, and the "Berry Good" with strawberry and blueberry are the best sellers.In addition, they also have a monthly special, which will add some unusual toppings, which can be regarded as adding some fun.

(Picture from Yelp)

Address: 2101 Showers Dr Mountain View, CA 94040

Phone: (650) 935-2275

 ►Meet Fresh

Although it is a place to eat taro balls and immortal grass, Mian Mian Bing is also very popular!Especially in this kind of hot summer, let’s put aside any hot drinks for a while. The melted ice particles are jumping on the tip of the tongue, and there are soft and waxy taro pearls, smooth pudding, and lingering. The red beans...In short, the taste drifts across the ocean, which is the feeling that everyone misses.

(Picture from the official website)

Address: 19449 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 120, Cupertino, CA 95014

Phone: 408.863.0277

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