Weekly Events Update | Southern California Region 04 / 17-04 / 26 Upcoming Events

Weekly Events Update | Southern California Region 04 / 17-04 / 26 Upcoming Events

When the rainy season has passed, the wind and sunshine in Nanga have passed, and the sun has gradually moved from laziness to passion.Take advantage of the sunny but cool days to plan your trip :) The flowering period is short, and those who have not yet enjoyed the flowers hurry up.Fresh people can also go shoppingVisit flea markets, Renaissance carnivals and art exhibitions; friends who like to read books should not miss the book fair hosted by the Los Angeles Times; food close to nature should not miss the opportunity of free open days in national parks, walk into the mountains and water , Concentrate on enjoying the sky overhead ~ In addition, of course there are major music festivals, Magic Castle market and celebrity interviews, etc. ~

Neon party

Even if it is a small team with the word "eat" at the head, but other than "eat and drink", the small team does not lag behind in terms of "play".
Since then, the team is in the spirit of being alone and not as good as the others-playing such an advertisement: This weekend, new friends and old acquaintances, the right time and the right place, the most dazzling and sexy Neon night is final before graduation Enjoy the carnival before release.Singles come and spend 419 together!

Tips: 21 admission (Photo ID with Date of Birth is required that night); ASAP – As Sexy As Possible!
Free admission by 10:30 pm in fluorescent colors

time:4/18 (Sat) | 10pm-2am

Address:333 Live, 333 Boylston St., Los Angeles, CA 90017

fare:Exclusive Coupon Code CHIHUO ($ 8 off general admission)


Artist flea market

Artists and Fleas

Artists & Fleas from New York brought a variety of exquisite handicrafts, household items, and artworks to Los Angeles~ This literary outdoor flea market will open on the third weekend of every month (1/17-1/18 ). Taking advantage of the leisure weekend, it is also a good pastime to leave the comfortable sofa and go to the flea market. Oh ~ By the way, while shopping, you can also taste the unique mobile dining car in Los Angeles without worrying about being hungry ~! Don't know where to go? For more flea market recommendations, please pokeLos Angeles Retro Amoy – Flea Market Collection

time:4/18 (Sat) – 4/19 (Sun) | 11am-5pm

Address:647 Mateo St, LA-90021



Magic Kingdom Market

Magic Castle Swap Meet

For friends who like magic, this Victorian-style building will certainly be familiar.The Magic Castle located on Hollywood Boulevard was established in 1908 and has maintained its original mystery in the form of a membership system.Many top magicians gathered here, and it is called the "Holy Land" of the magic world.. This week's Swap Meet has the opportunity to visit without membership invitation ~ Not only that, but also from April 4thTerrace to Peller TheatreA sales event of magic prop books is held.

time:4/18 (Sat) | 9am-3pm

Address:Magic Castle |7001 Franklin Ave, LA-90028

fare:$ 8 for nonmembers


Qi Baishi: China's Picasso

Qi Baishi (1864-1957) was called "Master, Picasso and People's Artist of China". These titles describe his artistic achievements without exaggeration.The Qi Baishi Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Carving Exhibition recently launched by the Baoer Museum contains Qi Baishi's different themes of painting, calligraphy, seals and wood carving works, documenting and showing Mr. Baishi’s artistic achievements from the age of 37 to 92. These more than 50 artifacts are from The hometown of Qi Baishi-Hunan, provided by Hunan Provincial Museum.


Free visit day

  1. Free on the first Sunday of every month for everyone.
  2. Every Sunday of the year, residents of Santa Ana (provided proof of residence) provide free museum tickets (except special exhibitions).

时间: Tuesday to Sunday | 10 am-4pm

location: 2002 North Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Tickets: $13 (working days) $15 (weekends)


Antelope Valley California Poppy Festival 

California Poppy Festival

This Antelope Valley is not the Antelope Valley, located in Lancaster, Los Angeles, the full name is Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.You might ask what is Poppy? Poppy is the California state flower-red poppy.The west coast, even the United States, does not have as many red poppies here, so it is listed as a protected area.Because poppy is the main raw material for making opium, it has not been seen in China.It is reported that,The Poppy Festival will be staged in Antelope Valley on April 4th and 18th, along with song and dance performances and various art shows.

Tips: For more flowers, please click'The Ultimate Guide to Los Angeles / California Top Ten Spring Festival Flowers

time:4/18-4/19 | 10am-6pm

Address:Lancaster City Park | 43011 10th St West, Lancaster, CA 93543



Los Angeles Times Book Fair

LA Times Festival of Books at USC

The LA Times Festival of Books at USC will be held on the campus of the University of Southern California on the weekend of April 4. Every year, the book fair attracts tens of thousands of visitors, and about 18 book dealers' booths are on display. Many best-selling authors will also meet book fans at that time.

Tip: It is reported that Opening hours on Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. At the intersection of Exposition Blvd and S. Figueroa St, friends who plan to participate must go to the parking space early ~

time:4/18 (Sat) -4/19 (Sun) | 10 am-6pm

地点:University of Southern California | University Park Campus, LA-90089

网站:Click Here

National Park Free Day

Free National Parks Day

You always know that there are free days, but you never plan ahead and always miss them. The team reminds you that next Sunday is another National Park Free Day! Is it time to get close to nature? List of California parks: Cabrillo, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Lassen Volcanic, Lava Beds, Muir Woods, Pinnacles, San Francisco Maritime, Sequoia-Kings Canyon, Whiskeytown, Yosemite.

time:4 / 18 (Sat)
地点:National parks!

Web page:Click Here

Avocado Festival Carnival

Avocado Festival

Fall Brook (FALLBROOK) is located about 50 miles north of San Diego, California, and is a famous hometown of avocados.This Sunday, the annual Avocado Carnival will be held here. If you are an avocado lover, you can simply take a light trip of "Say not close, say not far"~ I believe there are all kinds of things here. The avocado products will open your eyes!There will be many market activities at that time.

time:4/19 (Sunday)
地点:Fallbrook Union High School| 2234 S Stage Coach Ln, Fallbrook, CA 92028

Web page:Click Here

Coachella Music Festival 2015


The Coachella Music Festival is sweeping around. As a music lover, did you grab a ticket? This year's Coachella not only has Beyonce and hip-hop superstar drake, but also joined the rock band AC / DC. Are you still hesitating to buy? Tickets are already sold out :( What should I do?Then watch the live broadcast on Youtube, live broadcast for everyone for three days free of charge. See also the latestCoachella Interview.

Tips: Remember to bring sunscreen and digital camera ~ selfie stick, recording and professional cameras are not allowed to bring into the venue.

time: 4/17 (Fri) -4/19 (Sun)

地点:Empire Polo Club 81-800 Ave 51, Indio, CA 92201

Tickets:  $ 375 (regular) For more fares, please pokeHere

网站: Poke here

Live Interview LA Station

Live Talks LA

Live Talk lectures are always star-studded. The organizer still invites many artists, actors, scientists, etc. to bring an audio-visual feast to all the audience. Take advantageIn your free time, choose a session that interests you and expand your horizons..

time: 4/21 (Tue) -6/9 (Tue)

地点:1328 Montana Ave, LA-90026
Tickets: $ 20- $ 95

网站: Poke here  

All-you-can-drink beer festival in Los Angeles

Hops and Hops Craft Beer Fest

The pheasant, who has just entered the passion, is about to welcome the coolness of various beer festivals. This week's Hop Courage BeerFest will be held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on April 4th at 25am. Not only can you drink free of charge with tickets, but also the opportunity to try different flavors of beer, and have fun with beer experts.

Tips: Only friends over 21 years of age can drink alcohol.

time: 4/25 (Sat) | 11am

地点: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum | 3911 S Figueroa St, LA-90037

Tickets: $ 50- $ 100 detailsPlease poke here

网站: Poke here  

Hard Wyholm Fashion Show

Work of Fashion Designers Bernhard Willhelm @MOCA

The fashion exhibition of the famous Belgian German fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm will be held at the Pacific Design Center (MOCA: Pacific Design Center) of the Museum of Modern Art from now on. The works on display this time are all classic fashion art designs created by Willhelm since 1999. I like Don’t miss out on fashionistas with unique and avant-garde artistic styles.Bernhard Willhelm (Bernhard Willhelm) combines the vocabulary of "street, joke and elegance" fashion, looks crazy but sometimes extremely serious.

time:From now until 5/17 (Sun) (Tuesday to Friday 11am-5pm; Saturday to Sunday 11am-6pm)

地点:MOCA: Pacific Design Center| 8687 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069


Web page:Here  

Carlsbad Sea of ​​flowers

The most famous The Flower Field in the small town of Carlsbad, not far from Santiago, will be open to the public from March 3st. Since it is one of the top ten flower seas in the world, it always attracts people every time the flower sea opens. Go to, especially photography enthusiasts can not miss this beautiful place. In addition, the whale watching season and the cherry blossom season are also open, and follow the team's "The most American emperor spring vacation travel strategy》 《The XNUMX Best Spring Festival Routes in Los Angeles》 《The beautiful spring is infinitely beautiful on a good day-the most comprehensive collection of American spring flower viewing"Let's go on a journey!

time:From now until 5/10 (Sun) 
地点:Carlsbad | 5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Tickets:  成人12元,60岁以上长者11元,3-11岁 6元
Home:Flowers bloom in Carlsbad

San Diego Whale Watching Season

Whale & Dolphin Watching Adventure

The San Diego Whale Festival will continue from now until April next year. Many people living in cities near San Diego, and even some people come to San Diego from all over the country to watch these lovely marine life. The whale watching cruise departs every morning and afternoon. The ship's experienced captain, and professionals from the San Diego History Museum guide and explain to tourists at sea, so that visitors can understand the characteristics of the marine life while watching At the same time, understanding this knowledge is also very important for environmental protection.

time:From -4/26 (Thurs)

location : San Diego Navy Float | 970 N. Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92132

Tickets:$39.00 (MONDAY-FRIDAY) & $44.00 (SATURDAY & SUNDAY)

Home:San Diego Whale Watching Season

Ramen show

Ramen Fair at Marukai Gardena

Marukai is hosting ramen stations in full swing! Twelve ramen restaurants from multiple cities in Japan cook special soups from our Japanese restaurant in the food court of Gardena's supermarket. What are the ramen fans waiting for? ~

time:Now-4/29 (Wed) | 11 am-7pm

location : Marukai Gardena | 1740 W Artesia Blvd, Gardena, CA 90248

Home:Click Here

Renaissance carnival

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire

The Southern California's annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire will be held from April 4th to May 4th, and the event is like a large costume ball. It is reported that the Renaissance Carnival, regardless of whether it is a staff member or a tourist who comes to participate, wears Renaissance clothing, speaks English of that period, and plays popular games at that time; friends can rent clothes to choose civilians, nobles and other different Characters, play different games related to the Renaissance. What are you waiting for, enjoy this retro feast :)

time:From now-5/17(Sun) | 10am-7pm

地点:15501 E Arrow Highway, Irwindale, CA 91706

Tickets:3月27日以前购买惠,成人票价为$20,5-12岁为$13 &27日后贵$8

Home:Click Here

LACMA experimental photography creation

Lens Work: Celebrating LACMA's Experimental Photography at 50

LACMA has always been an all-encompassing institution, bringing together works of art and artists from around the world and from all ages. Photography from the first film era to today, with the development of photography technology, has provided a wider space for photography art. To celebrate 50 years of experimental photography in photography, LACMA will exhibit contemporary and large-scale innovations.

time:From now 7/04 (Sat) | 8pm

地点:Hammer Building, Level 3 | 5905 Wilshire Blvd, LA-90036

Tickets:$15 | Adults; $10 | Seniors (62) & Students with ID

Home:LACMA experimental photography creation

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